I Love Watermelon, Summer

Summer without watermelon, then I think, would like a winter without snow, the Spring Festival in the same lonely without the firecrackers.
Watermelon is the king of summer fruit, which fruit as it did not contain such a high proportion of natural nutrition juice, and flesh, melons, pumpkin has a certain nutrition and efficacy, the saying goes: “Hot day half a melon , agents do not grasp. “summer, eat a few pieces of watermelon, (iced over the better) cool and sweet, thirst-quenching summer heat, a few relative benefit does not have Yoshiya.
One summer, watermelon will be day visit. Heavy watermelon, like potbellied wise man, alternating shades of green elements, is to fill the gap in general Tian Ran and open-minded, but also makes clear the cool romantic; the scholars to express one’s mind like a straight, dark green skin lines on the pattern, when sudden inspiration to write freely under the terms of the ink stick tenderness of mind, full of poetry and Painting.
Chigua when encountered ripe melon, knife and drop new to the “Green Yao skin”, it will “click” sound split into two halves, bare a “thousand points the red cherry, a mass of yellow crystals “The flesh, or” crystal ball with green smoke, red flame emerald cage with cold. ” Makes all sorts of surprises, watering for a snatch.
I like to embrace half a melon with a spoon to dig the food. I thin holding watermelon half, it’s not known is not a bit funny? Or a fraction of pride? In short, the time, I completely forgot what the lady image, with one hand and a half asked half picked up half a melon, one hand holding the spoon like a full-powered excavator operation, fast and powerful to destroy the flesh is Center, scoop a moist red flesh could not wait to get to the mouth. Among the most full of sugar, taste “sweet fight honey ice cold war”, and no hybrid seeds, and taste nothing to lose, bites, the most comfortable. A few pieces of watermelon entry: “In addition to fireworks Dayton swallow air, snow and ice into the tooth will be sound.” Great “cold wind into the bone skirts” of fun. Be excavated to be a clean heart, had to “attack” around the site, began to experience the seeds hard, they like the small group of spies lurking in the flesh in that you can no longer arbitrary, hearty enjoyment. Worry if you swallow goes only to seeds, so had to settle down, under the temper-resistant, slow speed, carefully to taste. This process of change is like driving up the highway from the flat into the bustling city, crowded streets. Perhaps, the presence of seeds is warning Chigua impetuous and greedy people can not guide people to eat slowly, and makes a gradual shift from the hot product in the return to calm agitation, and will not lose their fighting spirit in the wanton pleasures, the unscrupulousness in disoriented. In fact, there are seedless watermelon, but I preferred to choose an ordinary watermelon with seeds, this choice is the human “nature” and “cognitive” conflict between the embodiment of “nature,” seeking an easy freedom, “cognitive” Tell themselves to be bound, continue to struggle. When the mouth and tongue through and seeds of the “combat” to harvest the pure flesh, there will be a “labor and have received” the full and happy.
Been removed out of the seeds, if large and full solid particles, drying her mother would look at them, as a snack to eat. The rest of the melons, if not thin, you can cook as good raw materials, such as the watermelon with the rind to be a cup, a pickled kimchi, pork, soup, tea or something. The simplest is to stir melons: the residual flesh addition to the net, hard skin trimmed away, leaving the endothelium-clear light green, then cut into thin slices, add a little salt, stir, taste sweet and sour, Fresh and elegant; if fried with hot fried a few Hongganjiao before, becomes a salty spicy sweet and sour – the taste rich layers of the “classic Sichuan!” The effect of heat and is said to melons more than flesh.
No wonder who Wen Tianxiang Poem said watermelon is “The Wild Yuping,” watermelon really “Aquarius”, is a treasure bottle, the bottle is hidden in endless nectar it! Because watermelon, summer, no matter how blazing sun, how busy the world, so I can calm and quiet to dignity and happiness ahead.