Warm Towels

The advent of winter, sitting next to your computer, play computer while knitting scarves, is one such good fun plus hard-working integration? Roommate has a lot in learning to knit scarves, Oh, I did not delay action, although I am also a Taidalielie, forgetful of the girl, wool work, or inappropriate me, I think I am learning only to the effort must also be to learn. However, I was in my heart to learn to resist the knitting scarves, and even send scarf. Scarves to give each other a lifetime around the opposite sex is, Love Forever.
When I was a child, the family had a long yellow scarf, as I feel it should be 80 years of the most popular style is the father and mother have sentimental souvenirs now!
With age growing up, I know, had the face of the scarf is wrong, remember the small, cold winter, because the piece of yellow scarf, I have enough capital to renowned.
Parents casual chat, I finally know the origins of this scarf. Looking back, I did not come in this world, my father was dancing pretty boys, in addition to how the conditions are not home, walking down the street, working in the company, but also captured the hearts of a gang of young innocent girls So this yellow scarf, is a confession of the token woman on the father. Touched the scarf, I suddenly felt my heart so pain point, because the scarf is pinned their team love a woman love a man, each needle is a little bit of effort for each line, little bit of love, if the wool is money buy, then that mind is no way to buy much money, or a simple towel which is made by the 1980s and now the reason!
Mottled time, time for the father added so that mature charm, have heard, Rhapsody, a flower, and father, regardless of the time in my ignorance, or now, there is a bright and attractive flower , a little bit of bloom. Touched the scarf, sweater reminds me of that sent to the father of the woman, looking across the fleeting time, watching the trace of wrinkles up the father’s brow, talking about that part back, I think. If one day, my father holding my hand, my piece of yellow scarf around his neck, that met in the street when a woman knitting scarves to my father, her heart will think? Will it hurt? Or laugh it off it?
I, For this reason, I have been refused a woven scarf. Crush a young doctor in time, I have learned to knit scarves, but each piece of cold at home thinking about the piece of yellow scarf, I could not have been the passion of my heart. Scattered on the ground watching the wool, and the light smile, give up. I was afraid, so one day, I saw I had love, or is used as the token love, abandoned by others, was scattered on the ground, and I, in someone else’s memory, but also the same as that scattered scarf ! It was such a terrible thing!
Remembered, started when that crush my boys gave me the cards, now do not know is where I scattered, and that boys face is more and more fuzzy, share the passion of mind has been expanded emergence trace. Sometimes, time and life is so cruel, a lot of things that will remember a lifetime, but inadvertently forgotten!
Dad is no longer the year that took the scarf Jun passionate man. Life to his father’s passion burning trace, the taste of love no longer, when my father Delicate thin clouds that memories of a romantic past. Mother listened quietly to the side, or a smile or looking up at his father’s face! Watching this scene, suddenly understand what is love. Love is not original with the accelerated heartbeat, but the two together, laugh, placid. (Once a teacher told me that in human life, how many times a heart is fixed, if two people for love, as passion, time heart rate, then because of the arrival of love, time is the heartbeat of the people how much? become short-lived because of love of people there?)
Off-topic: this winter, wearing Cuiping woven around my clothes, my heart to warm, thinking of how this girl Taitailielie for my next effort to weave the scarf this warm card. I like friends with impunity against the expression of my self-willed and I love them, thank you Cui-ping of the heart, so I went to seek refuge is always open for me, and her woven scarves, I never moved. Fang and Na are shouting for my knitting a scarf, as far as I am conservative statistics, I have 25 of the scarf. I do not lack scarf, even less is missing the love of friends and family! !