Family Need Kind of Beautiful Wallpaper to Decorate

Wallpaper is an application of a wide range of interior decoration materials. Because wallpaper with color, rich patterns, luxury, safety and environmental protection, construction convenient, affordable and many other interior decoration materials, unmatched features, it is in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and other developed countries and regions, a considerable degree of popularity .

The original wallpaper is drawn on paper, printing from a variety of patterns. Have a certain decorative effect, but is limited to the royal palace and other high places to do local decorative use. Really large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or in the late 1970s began in the 1980s.

Throughout the 1980s, is popular during the foam wallpaper, “foam” also known as the screen relief foam. Is added to foam in the raw materials, combined with high temperatures in the production process, making the finished foam similar to “fermentation” process. Therefore, there concavity produced wallpaper, soft. The advantage of such three-dimensional wallpaper strong increase of the room a sense of space. But disadvantages are also obvious: do not wear, easy to scratch, vulnerable to pollution. At present, the foam wallpaper has gradually been eliminated, but the ceiling in some rooms can still see use.

To the late 1980s, with the plastics industry, the emergence of an alternative foam wallpaper – wallpaper glue surface. This wallpaper does not foam, so hard, greatly improved the foam wallpaper shortcomings. Waterproof, moisture-proof, durable, fine printing, embossed texture, wallpaper can be on any show in a variety of patterns and pattern, and its color performance, practicality pioneered the development of a new wallpaper page. Currently, the plastic surface of the wallpaper in the world accounting for about 70% utilization rate.

Introduced in the beginning of wallpaper glue surface, shiny silky texture to show popular wallpaper. A later stage, with the housing decoration industry trends change, dull matte wallpaper (wallpaper cloth feeling) gradually led the trend. Wallpaper for color, pattern of expression and more intense, was widely welcomed by consumers. This major manufacturers engaged in a fierce competition.

The late 1990s to the early 21st century, wove a sense of wallpaper became popular, is expected to begin in 2002, with the human for the casual, comfortable and environmentally friendly growth, environmental protection, return to natural products will be accepted, consumers the demand for paper wallpaper will be further increased.