Chinese toast Culture

Toast is toast, refers to a formal banquet, proposed by the man of the house to the guests, made a subject and drinking. Drinking, usually talk about some of the wishes, even if the owner wishes the class and also published a special guest of honor’s toast. Toast the content as short as possible.
Drinking a toast at any time during the process. If caused by a formal toast, it should be at a specific time, and we can not affect the guests dining. A toast for the host and guest seating, the dining ago. Can also be eaten after the main course, dessert on the table for.
In particular, drinking a toast, toast toast when someone needs the first proposal, which can be masters of the guest of honor, who can also be present. Propose a toast should be standing up, his right hand reach for the glass, or with the right hand Naqijiubei, then to left, left hand supporting the bottom of the cup, smiling, the other visual objects, especially their own toast in his mouth while talking blessing .
After the toast was proposed to hand the glass to stand up. Even not drink, but also pick up the cup and make it look. Move the glass to eye level, so much for “Cheers”, will be drained or drink alcohol amount. Then, still holding the glass with the proponents on the visual look, even if the end of this process.
In Chinese, the toast before you can symbolically and the other touches the glass; clink, it should make their own wine glass lower than the other, that you respect each other. Glass bottom of the cup with light touch desktop, also can be expressed and the other clink. When you are relatively far away from each other when can do it this way. If the owner personally toast after toast to require the owner answered, and he then drink.
In general, the toast should be to age, rank, both sides as to the order, we must fully consider the good order of toast, clear primary and secondary. Even people who are not familiar with and drink, it must first pay attention to others, or to inquire about the identity of his title, to avoid embarrassment or hurt feelings. Even if you are asking someone gallery guests, he naturally doubly respectful. However, if the presence of a higher status or older people, elders who have to give a toast, or make you embarrassed.
If because of lifestyle or health reasons is not suitable for drinking, can be entrusted to relatives and friends, men, younger generation of drink or to drink tea instead. As a toast, should fully understand each other, in the other person on behalf of your wine or drink instead, do not let each other drink can not and should not be curious, “the inquisitor asked in the end.” You know, people did not take the initiative to explain why the other side says that this is his privacy.
In the Western, the only champagne toast toast, and the people around and can not be crossed, and others toast toast.
Business Dining toast how

From the perspective of operational processes, toast to pay attention to four areas:

1, how to pour wine

Need to pour wine toast before. According to specifications, the addition to the owner and service staff, other guests do not normally pour themselves to others. If the owner personally serve it, this party should be the best glass of wine, thank the guests to reach for the glass, when necessary, should stand up.
If it is a large business dinner, the service should be to pour wine. Sommelier who generally start from a bit high, then pour clockwise. If you do not need alcohol, you can put my hand on the glass, say “No, thank you” on it. At this time, there is no need to have to pour wine by repeated requests to pour wine.
Chinese food, people pour time, can also be answered by “call-finger salute.” Their identity, especially when higher than the owner. That is his right thumb, index finger, middle finger pinched together, fingers down, tap a few of the desktop that pour wine appreciation.
How much wine down it better? Wine and beer can be filled, while other wine would not have filled.
2, when the toast?

Toast should be given time, and does not affect the guests dine primary consideration.
Into a formal and regular toast toast toast. Formal toast, usually seated in the host and guest, the meal can begin before the King, generally the owner to the King, but also that the specification of the word as wine. Ordinary toast, as long as you can after the formal toast started. But we know that in other convenient time, such as he and others did not toast, not his mouth to chew, that the other side may be willing to accept your toast. Moreover, if a toast to the same person, such as identity should be higher than their own people too after King King.

3, the order of toast

Toast in what order? Under normal circumstances should be of age, rank, both sides in order of status, must take full account of the former toast toast good order, clear primary and secondary, to avoid embarrassment. Even if you tell or position, as the level of uncertainty, but also by the unity of the order of toast, for example, start their own side in a clockwise direction starting toast, or from left to right, right to left to toast and so on.

4, the toast of the behavior required

Into a formal and regular toast toast toast. Toast is the official beginning of the banquet, when the owner to give you a collective toast, and toast at the same time that standard. This content can toast a little longer, but that is finished in five minutes.
Whether it is the owner or guests, if it is in their collective toast to the seat, it requires first stood up, Mianhanweixiao, holding the glass, facing you.
When a collective toast to the host, said toasts, when everyone should be to stop eating or drinking. Owner proposed a toast when everyone has to reach for the glass to stand up, nudged each other. According to international practice, toast does not have to drink it. But even people who usually do not drink, but also Naqijiubei sip on one for show, to show respect for the owner.
In addition to a collective toast to the host, guests can toast to the group. Guests toast can be more brief, even one or two words can be. For example: “Ladies and gentlemen, for the future of our cooperation happy, cheers!”
Content usually involves etiquette more or ordinary toast. Is the official owner of ordinary toast after toast, all guests and between guests or between the owner can toast each other, and say a few simple toast or drinks upon words.
Toast to you when other people, to a high degree of hand-held glass to his eyes, said in the other toasts or “Cheers”, the drink. After drinking, but also holding wine glasses and the other on the visual look of this process until the end.
For my country, toast, when special attention. Whether it is a party to toast the King, or to accept the party, should pay attention to local conditions, as the Romans do. Most of our region, particularly in the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other northern areas, toast, it tends to pay attention to “reach for the dry.” In their view, this approach can demonstrate its sincerity, respect. Therefore, specific attention should be on response, the poor drinker should advance their sincere note, do not seem nobly carrying wine to respect each other, while the other one did, but you just “mean mean” often lead to other displeasure. In addition, for the toast, if the other party really bad drinker, there is no need to insist. The highest state of drinking should be “a good drink” instead of “drink down.”
In Chinese food, there is a stress. The owner personally toast after toast to you, to retaliate the owner, and he then drink. Retaliate when holding a cup to his right hand, left hand backing, and each other while drinking. Cheers, when you can light the symbolic and the other touching the glass, too much force, non-sound is not heard. Out of respect, can make their own wine glasses low on the other side. If you and the other far away, you can flip the desktop to the glass bottom of the cup, said the clink.