Chinese Cheongsam Temptation

Morning ignorant mixed with sparse and strong sun shines on the Chuang Feng cheek, a slight touch off his forehead, raise the confused eyes, Ju Yipeng springs across the ends together with the entire human body and mind into a new day, The transparent glass of wine to mellow me into the dress of temptation.
Is not unfathomable, not bottom of the abyss, not a bottomless catastrophe, not extravagant extravagant lingering; an elegant, one near Looking back, I heard breathing, Verge lip from; not the bustling world of enchanting, not to laugh Yong Mi wine powder, not the hustle and bustle of the earth vulgar, only a faint turn consumers, from micro-matte finish of Tim from the lip of the joint arrangement with the exposed cheeks like Yu Shen fish teeth, forehead, hair in the breeze light Xiepiao creamy in the air , low-key spectrum rang a gorgeous dress of temptation.
Mellow red wine that originated in the irrepressible nature of body fragrance, I can really smell, no earthly evil, countless flowers wrapped in her physical and mental elements and the entire world. Perhaps, Huaqing Pool water combined with God’s will, totally washed out of the Drunken Beauty unconsciously the Verge, the temptation is not scared to Heaven, nor is it old age and the desolate beauty, not the world amazing woman, also painted in earth people.
Frown, the pair could not conceal the smell of black powder mercury, arrow-like children waiting for painting human lashes the windows towards the earth, I know, born in the earth, water bottles feeling echoed in the deserted a long time of the heart chamber, few words can not describe this piece of classic moments, the language is just a way to express inner feelings only, the picture in this dress, I use my sixth sense, description of the inner trace of feeling.
Pretty Woman, but since the accession to the WTO? Earth exercise a dress skinny, no yield, no obsequiousness, not vulgar, there is no panic; fluttering transitory man, dim, dress the head of the United States to be interpreted, I would not have any of the profane, even if I know that he is earth in the mortal, and I hold his painting of the sacred human, not a hint of the magic bottle transit. Who understand? Scales of the confusion.
Long fingers with a smooth arm across my knee, along with Zhao Fei waist with a perfect synthesis of free children’s lines, sparkling wine with creamy white light silver sheen blend in one, reveals a brown background light blue melancholy miracle. I indulge in a moment, this is not a painting, I was not one about art. A little of the stunning nature all eclipsed for a time, no single character can be compared.
When the sun slipped away secretly, with a day of being baked out of my field of vision, when the quiet night sky with the stars of the sky came to my heart, is quiet; eyes, is wearing; God is Yang.
Woman to do so, brown blue and white dress through the blend of natural aura, compete for the beauty of the West, For the West than the West, Chennai He Fengqing edge. July air filled with summer-ness on the grill, and a misty rain in the southern bayberry, done. Green wormwood reveals your tranquil smile gently bloom, slightly sour touch of bayberry. Melt in your shadows of the dim misty rain in the south, took heart that a trace of fresh scales, the temptation to dress the role of the wine make sense danger of losing madness.
No troubles, no disaster chaos, no one can say you are sad Chen round. You are you, an inner bottle dress showed off complex. Some of the bright light at night cold, and feeling faint during a unsteadily, like a corner of the veil, a leaf, or shake the girl’s lips. So the moon falls on the water, reflecting a feeling the other out of the water, not thoughts, not sight, is not fascinated, I do not know what … …
Tomorrow, I hope this turned into a mind at the moment the temptation to spark some kind of doing some of the scales of the mind.