Chinese Valentine’s Day Tanabata

Seventh lunar month every year this day is a traditional festival of China’s Han Tanabata Festival. Because this is a major player on the activities of young girls, and festivals which is the Qi Qiao-based content, therefore people called this day as “Qi Qiao Festival” or “Girl Day”, “Doll Festival.” Tanabata Festival is a traditional holiday in a most romantic holiday, but also the most attention over the last day of the girls. In this night, women pinning Qi Qiao, pray Gods activities, worship Seven Sisters, pious and solemn ceremony, floral display, female red, all kinds of furniture, small appliances are beautiful, lovable. May 20, 2006, Tanabata Festival is the State Department included the first national non-material cultural heritage. Now has been considered to be “Chinese Valentine’s Day.”
 On a clear summer night sky the stars shine, a vast expanse of the Milky Way like a bridge across the north and south, east and west coasts of the river, each a shining star, across the river, distant relative, that is, Altair and Vega. Tanabata sit cows Vega, folk customs. According to legend, the seventh lunar month every year the night, the sky and the Cowboy Weaver meet when the Magpie Bridge.
   Altair and Vega
 Weaver is a beautiful, intelligent, ingenuity of the fairies, the women will be in this mortal night begging her wisdom and clever art, and ultimately, seeking to give her a happy marriage, so the July seventh day is also known as Qi Qiao Festival. People in the Tanabata legend of the night, looked up to see Vega Galaxy meet, or under the fruit stand overheard two men meet in heaven, then when the feeling of tenderness. Girls in this very romantic evening, the sky’s invigorating to the moon, put seasonal fruits, overturned worship, begs the sky fairy can give them intelligent mind and skillful hands, so that my knitting skillful workers, begging for love, marriage, marriage is more clever with. Marriage for women is a past life, the decision whether or not the marriage is happy, so the world will be countless affectionate men and women in the night, dead of the night were dark times, to pray against the sky their marriage happy.