China’s National well-known Young Singers

Tan Jing, Shanxi Houma people. China’s national well-known young singers, actors at the national level, Political Department to perform solo actor. In 1998 graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, then admitted to the General Political Department Song and Dance Troupe. Now the Standing Committee of China Youth Federation, Shanxi Province, China Youth Federation, vice chairman of the Eleventh National People’s Congress, 19th National Ten Outstanding Young. In July 2006, graduated from the Art Institute of PLA postgraduate courses, and has become the first winner of the popular singing master’s degree. Now read School of Beijing Foreign Studies University doctoral student in English.

Tan Jin singing on the bold exploration of inclusive financial vocal, ethnic and popular three of the United States, known as “cross-border singing”, blending traditional and modern, ethnic and popular phase through the formation of the atmosphere, simple, mainstream style of singing, unique in pop music. True meaning of love when she sang the harmony of sound public concert press conference (9) thick, elegant and pure sound quality, sound-rich, high-pitched loud, penetrating power, highly artistic expression and appeal, by experts, the audience as the “soothing.”