I and her Story

Is the edge, so that you and I met in college; a dream, let me see the reality; is your tenderness, your shadows, so I have no hesitation love you, love drunk, love pain, and finally, not You do not give up again. – Inscription
I am very happy to meet you
You like a bright pearl, shining in the sky Teachers College, many people admire you, pursue you, like you. Your smiles are so beautiful, so many blood man crazy for you, you drunk, how many times your smiling face is seared deeply into the minds of our students. And your expression of impermanence, but also affects the number of Teachers College’s heart. Your beauty, your soft, your talent, your harsh, always so many admirers think of the mythical mirage, elusive, do not you do is this a mirage?
The first time I heard you, very mysterious, I feel the reality and the distance is so slim, like the moon, only with distant relative. Sister said: you are very good, and broad-minded and can accommodate any feelings of homesickness and wandering sad tears, how many students who find a home from your destination.
When I first stepped into the unfamiliar campus, where the plants and trees often makes me inexplicable sadness, how many times when I was wandering in the days of the South Lake, quietly listening to the fish in the cry, and then use soft words slowly combing injured mood, but can not find the soul of the destination, you just – you big mind, inclusive of the sadness in my heart, gave me a hearty talk. You whisper softly, carefully asked, gave me confidence, out of the woods, so driven to distraction the first time I found the soul in a foreign land far away destination.
Sky was clear, the breeze stroking, fresh and comfortable. Met you, I am very happy … … …
For you I cry only to give up
Since you met, the sky was filled with fresh air everywhere, and I was like a happy child, always surrounded by your side, the smell of your hair between the atmosphere, I can not get away, frantically vent inner emptiness, you always calm smile, with gentle hands stroked my wounded heart. Your gentle, considerate you gave warmth of my life, that moment I know, you are not the legendary mirage, never the reality, as long as there is sincere courage, people close to you is so easy, approachable to your I seek your courage. However, when I first had the courage to stand in front of you, I can not own, trembling, speechless.
In fact, you are very picky, picky too unreasonable, even behind the guy in front of groups, but the toad in front of you, you are a beautiful swan, Shui Yebie eat your meat. You do not easily access other people, even people close to you, your condition is very harsh, so many of toad and stop looking. In your eyes, your life in an honest, careful, patient and do not care about, but I do not know is the last generation to repair a blessing or a gift of God, I only inconspicuous toad in the brothers and sisters and with the help of outstanding individuals performance and persistent efforts, and finally, you only are my beautiful swan or handsome appearance, or touched by the sincere heart, real estate broker a shake, to give me a chance to close, let me do your faithful slaves, even odd jobs every day to help you sweep the floor, as long as always, I’ll be satisfied. I got cheap, so many toads teeth, but also lead to vertical than gossip. And you disagree, frankly said: go its own way, let someone else tell. In those days of live, from your body, I learned patience, learned how to use the text organize and share other people’s feelings, and learn the magic ps, learned to use the camera to freeze every meaningful moments. Since then I gradually in love with you, you serious, pure, how many people want to use you, from your body to reap benefits, and you always ruthless, without fear to defend your dignity. Did you know? It is your honest style has always been weak infected me, so I made a return to true self. However, I was so offended my boss, but also hurt themselves. As the saying goes: “Men do not cry easily, but not yet reached the sad time.” That day, I was like a weak child, the teachers, brothers and sisters, the same class girls to cry in front of grievances. You gave me shoulder to lean on, so I quietly cry. At this point, I do not care to love you back, how many times I lie in your arms, kiss with your hair, I imagined the future. You are full of smiles, softly whisper in my heart all completely free of pain. Quiet of the night sky, showing stars filled the sweet smile, the original world is so cute, I suddenly life, hopes for the future, the sky, I want to tell you: you know? You are my soul’s haven, I want you to always be for me shelter.
However, I still do not understand why the best things in the world, such as night-blooming cereus is always a place, then quickly disappeared. The last time the University had originally thought and I will never betray you, since I met him, you actually become so serious, so harsh, often unprovoked anger, which did not make me feel not too oppressive. I can not tolerate even the other is that you scolding and endless irony, has severely hurt my pride, I love it very painful, very tired, I had to choose to give you. Perhaps you inject too much emotion, I suddenly can not give this sincere love, who find ways to retain, but you all before. So, why should I hard to retain.
That night, the sky was raining, the pattering rain beat in my heart, for you, I cried, tears wet the pillow, has been cool to my heart.