School Uniform in China

The evening, more particularly early winter evening. Like the sun, like the elderly old age early on moved back to its home. Thrown a black day, successive photographic light lit up. I am from another city came to this strange city. Car station, get off. Childlike face a group of school uniform, also says young boys and girls swarm flying from across a crowded stretch out the door, the whole street is boiling up.
Twitter, frolicking. Some cycling, some walking, a group of high school students, that are written on the door of the big pillars of character to tell me. Some of them pressed the bell banner whistle, all the way to melodious. I was in the crowd surrounded them, the whole body feel alive, like a withered vine Mu the rain, the top of the Thriving as tender Ah. Side by side with the girl three thousand three hundred twenty-two, Gouzhuo arm. The large back of uniforms for her two more thin and emaciated, but the youth has come out aggressively across the uniform transmission.
In their age, we wear uniforms, but also most of the time in school uniform – hypertrophy, most Chinese do not fit the school name printed on the chest, back and shoulder part of the alphabet with the first letter of the school were identified uniforms. The age of sixteen or seventeen, already know smug. Girl wearing a beautiful shirt is sure to make the students aware of the surrounding, the most usual approach is overshadowed by the shirt collar and pulls out a uniform collar, zipper will be pulled low. Sometimes a school will take off his uniform, two sleeves Lanyao a series of clothes on the cover over the buttocks. Inside the shirt will be that skinny but slim skinny body self-righteous show up, walk-specific effort, braids in the back of the head either side of strong shaking.
That time is always by all means to reduce the chance to wear school uniforms. Monday flag-raising, unity of all students to wear school uniforms, tops and pants. Fish in troubled waters have students wear school uniform pants of similar colors and casual, is 800 degrees of myopia of the old heads like prey from the queue and kick out or finished reviewing the flag after the flag stand. Mostly boys, have a male classmate eloquent, literary grace Ye Hao, standing under the flag of a few minutes into his performance, “talk” opportunities, touching, force of justice. Next, still in civilian clothes, still vehemently, touching. Once the composition class is entitled “My ideal,” a girl even wrote her ideal day can not wear this nasty uniforms. The whole class burst.
As long as the weather is not cold, a school, male students will be uniform shirt off, grabbing the collar thrown in the air, his left hand into his mouth, a loud whistle, calling thirty-five friends. Some male students to take the school uniform shirt loose on the handlebars on my bike roaring past.
Has chosen to have all children is not high, chubby girl seemed fond of uniforms, she did not wear uniforms when too little. Walk always Hanxiong hump. I once ventured to ask her why, she said quietly against my ear, “My chest looks much bigger than you, ugly death, fear of you laughing at me, only the uniforms in order to cover this.”
King class of the mischief was a glimpse of the windows from the classroom teacher bent under the desk smoking, quit the class teacher came in he quickly came down the folder hidden in the uniform sleeves, head teacher of a small child sitting next to him that the empty seats children, and smiled at him to say something, then nothing to do with learning, not training him until he began to smoke before the sleeve grant him mercilessly.
Large uniform is “filth” the perfect place. There is even carries two small boys in his school uniform inside the rabbit into the classroom. Uniform is put altogether in the noodles, bread, martial arts novels of Jin Yong Gu Long the best place. Opportunity to plug in the included uniform, the headphone plug from the sleeve through the inside in the ear, with long hair Duzhe, eyes closed, keep up the rhythm of the music and singing along with Zheng Zhi Hua’s “Mariner”, Andy’s singing, “traveled together the day. ”
Then dreams of the ideal, just the stage looking into the fantasy of young female school teacher, she can wear the waist envy wrapped in a line of beautiful clothes, knocking her the envy of the high-heeled shoes. Looking at music class music teacher twenties male wearing stick into the large white knitted sweater holding a guitar singing songs in English do not understand, eyes closed with him intoxicated. One newly married woman teacher, a day for a set of clothes, never re-gentile, more on her classes we are looking forward to the classroom door was opened the moment, all people – boys and girls will be simultaneous high-decibel “wow” sound, the female teacher wearing glasses will blushed, smiled, and took to the podium, the most sleepy troublemaker will concentrate, sit straight.
Wide uniform platform below, there are scientists that dream, the dream of a writer, are ready to youth, there is irrepressible ideas, there are restless heart, when in school uniform always felt old-fashioned, ugly, walking in the street both hastily, complaining of heart, “This body has minor wear daily identity logo apparel.”
I, now, standing in another city street, looking at these cover large shares surge in the youth uniform, like the countless times I have tired of, rush it to flow away time, as desire, commemoration, the pain and frustration. My eyes filled with concern and sadness, and I covered three or four goes a little pan-gloss cosmetics will face. Then throw in a cupboard in the corner of the school uniform was when I was not in Cabo is to clean the room. I am standing in the wind, standing in the dusk, standing on that hit the headlines in the street, suddenly there is something cold over the my face.