Charming Perfume

Chanel said, no perfume woman, a woman has no future. Chanel did not know when this sentence is recommended that their perfume, or is hard to appreciate just say, I like perfume, but the spray itself is not strong smell, but the men’s perfume, a hint of flavor, it seems like it fits my personality.
A woman who exudes a mysterious fragrance, seems to be a very good thing, then do not know her Chanel No. 5, is not think so, and will leave this taste of the legendary, in fact, I am not like the taste, she was too strong a. But Marilyn Monroe and Madonna like her, so that two legendary women, as the perfume left immortal poems. In fact, the number of fragrance makes a lot, I do prefer Charles United States, the world’s ever heard of Charles the United States is the best-selling perfume. Of course, prices are also very expensive, so far I can only smell it occasionally to the department store. Some bergamot, rose, flower swallows simple spices, do not know why there will be as confusing feeling, but also with a trace of exotic flavor. Kind of charm people.
I think the poison is the most beautiful perfume bottle from the name to, all my love, but the taste is too strong a. The fragrance will hit in 1985, and I heard that one is because she is known as “poison” and the other is held with the launch of her party, I heard That evening was very popular, requiring every to the guests to wear amethyst color clothing. Just to meet her color. Later I heard that in 1994 introduced the “gentle poison” of the guests but also all wearing light green dresses. I think she must be very expensive at the time, and gorgeous. In fact, I love her name and her very popular history, I seem to see a beautiful woman, like attracts like a poison that’s all people, with a trace of sadness, with a trace of pull off, it seems that a look to perfume, you can see countless stories in front of drifting away.
Nice perfume’s name a lot, such as Baby Anne often said, Issey Miyake, Issey Miyake is the frosted glass bottle together with the silver cover, the top one silver beads, looks very noble. Smells very feminine and charming, fresh and clean, like spring water the same. Name as its water. There are all the rage of opium, opium perfume ecstasy with irresistible charm. This unique fragrance very oriental mystery. Opium (OPIUM) legend and a story then, is a legendary leader of Queensland, Australia banned the use of perfume in his territory, is said to be like after using it because of smoking opium addiction. However, “opium” does have its magic, a smell under there will be quite impressed. I heard she was a symbol of snuff bottles opium loaded inside, full of temptation, addictive, caught them can not extricate themselves. So this bottle is inspired by the snuff bottles from the perfume, also looks like a really exquisite ornate snuff bottles, perfume bottles, if the body carved poppy pattern. The bottle concern is mysterious and beautiful oriental fragrance spicy fragrance notes, most are able to pass the temptation to introduce the message sink.