Flow Pattern of Life

Seasonal migration, the time of limp walk, we bid farewell to the old space shuttle ignorant of one’s youth, riding in the vast sea of ​​humanity, we continue to edit the pattern of life processes.
“Life” is just two simple words, but rich in content, brings us wonderful insights and tricks like the process. In the nightmare of all things flowery laugh, we cry accompanied by brightly in this encounter with the living world of Chan. Bustling city streets, utterly country lanes, red light green wine of luxury living, smoke curl the quiet life, the lives of each of us is different, every day life are not the same.
We like the pattern of the seasons of life, every moment is an insurmountable path. Warm summer is the starting point of life, beginning with hearts full of hope to find the most beautiful, continuous hard work, constant effort, but always continue to fall, constantly wounded, the ravages of life slowly brought us to suspect Some people with small body curled up cowardice, and some people are still persistent, experienced a burning sun, survive the frost biting winter of training, they gain a rich autumn fruit, enjoying the bright colors of spring, enduring fragrance easy life. Sorrowful Review us through life, only to find the memory-filled messy, organize the thoughts in thought, slowly understand the true meaning of life. Summer and winter is our turning point, bring us frustration and fight, only experienced, and adhere to, we can see the dawn of the fall and spring. Flow pattern of a person not sit back and enjoy life, not easy, but a lifetime to pay to edit.
Sometimes life is like a folk tune, buzzing, banished the anxiety. Life was like a lyrical poem, singing a quiet, cheerful mood, even if the storm can not afford to lift the heart but also the waves of the lake. If life is only a pale clouds in the sky, we do not need for its colorful and worries; if life just pass by the breeze, we do not need it engraved in their hearts. But life is not clouds and the breeze, do not allow us to wanton, if we choose to give up, to be abandoned will be our most beautiful memories and forge a beautiful right.
Reflections of mottled footprint, Cheongdam Xiao, crumbling, by butterfly dance, fun, reminds us of the paradise described by Tao of life, giving in the endless longing; fragrant grass, barren desolation, the wind blew, rough, reminds us of Robinson’s island life, giving to the infinite wonder. Regardless of how the processes of life, just remember: the trouble drive Jinfen Mu, let the sun disperse the dense, flow pattern is a necessity, is a wonderful foundation. Maybe we do not have the celebrity life so beautiful, but every step we can lead a rich.
As long as you like, the best day every day; as long as your pulse is still beating, life processes on the pattern continues. Life is like a mathematical flow, sometimes simple, sometimes rugged complex, although the end result will be, but no one can know in advance the outcome. Life has always been on the hazy fog, how to clear cloud of life? Anything is a breakpoint, why should we process the length of the heart of it, as long as this moment we are still alive, we have hope, life flow pattern, not indulging in memories, but has time to understand.