Chinese Paper-cut Culture

China is a big country paper cutting, paper cutting that was born in the community and spread in the community, rooted in folk culture and art, has a long history and tradition, deep soil and a wide range of civil mass base in the country over the art of blending in people of all nationalities social life, its heritage goes back to the visual image and the modeling approach, contains a wealth of cultural and historical information, social expression of the general public awareness, moral values, experience, ideals and aesthetics of life, folk life of the Chinese nation The most popular, most original, most cultural symbol of art is one of China’s intangible cultural heritage treasures. In 2009, UNESCO selected Chinese paper cutting, “Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

To “tradition, innovation, development” as the theme and the “festive, folk music, exquisite, heritage” for the idea of ​​the first Chinese paper-cut art festival, is the first demonstration of Chinese paper-cut art and communication event, the Chinese paper cutting appeared in the “non-human Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage “held after the art of a nation-wide activities, from all over the guests and tourists, in a variety of artistic activities, and Yuxian people together, enjoy the lively style of Chinese paper cutting art and gratifying Yuxian paper-cut flower in the wonderful work of folk art’s unique charm.

During the festival, will be held in the art of China Development Forum – master the art of the famous mark 120th anniversary of Wong Lo tours, dozens of well-known experts and scholars will “Chinese art of protection, promotion, innovation and industrial development” Forum topics of communication. China’s first “street of Chinese paper cutting” ceremony for the opening of Street Art Festival will be held in and around the country from the State Department announced 41 non-material cultural heritage heritage paper-cut artists to provide showrooms, exhibition different styles of paper-cut art, artists will be live performances and the exchange of skills. The paper-cut artists, great talent, are the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions careful selection of representative figures and successors, the party to perform Yuxian exchange, called the Chinese paper cutting art heroes party.

Chinese paper-cut art festival will be the first sign post “Yuxian Declaration” and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association sponsored the top prize of Chinese Folk Art Folk Arts and Crafts Shanhua Prize Award (paper-cutting class) awards awards and the current Chinese paper cutting art festival Gold, Silver and Bronze Award, will be the first time from tens of thousands of paper-cutting artist in the recommended screening arising from the art of two smashing rookie “grilles girl” and “clever hand man “, its ritual character to play.

Hebei is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese nation, but also the art of birth, inheritance, the cradle of development, one of famous overseas Chinese and foreign scholars as paper cutting Yuxian East wonderful work of folk art. Yuxian stippling paper-cut more than 200 years of history. In 2003, Yuxian the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, named “hometown of Chinese paper-cut art.” October 2009, paper cutting and Fengning Yuxian paper cutting, paper cutting, Shaanxi Chinese paper cutting projects were selected with the UNESCO as a “Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage”, entered the halls of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

Yuxian paper cutting originated in the windows of the decorative arts, Yuxian spread over various forms of paper cutting inside, both the original eco-cut hinge color paper cutting, paper cutting another Daoke embroidery pattern, the former with the Yellow River basin and other parts of the Loess Plateau area The paper-cuts are as old as history. In Yuxian rural areas, very large open windows, and even the equivalent of half the wall, is very striking, while people in very practical, but also with the United States to decorate their own lives, huge side window, paste it yourself cut carved out of the window grilles, not only beautify their homes, but also the birth of this traditional folk art of paper cutting.

Tang Dynasty poet Li Shang-yin who wrote in the poem: “Lou Jinzuo Sheng Chuan Jing vulgar, cut green man from Shanxi style.” Every year since the beginning of the twelfth lunar month 28 to New Year’s Eve, every household will Yuxian of whitewash to a new home, paste all kinds of bars and colorful, especially arouses, for the northern winter season the twelfth lunar month to add a single cold strong emotional tone . Yuxian grilles broad and exaggerated its unique approach to holiday decorated fire Wealthy ahead.

Yuxian paper-cut in the development process, has emerged Wang tours, Chou and other paper-cut artists and a large number of outstanding artists. Now, Yuxian county has distributed hundreds of villages in the paper-cut artist, employing over three million people, Yuxian paper-cut window bars from traditional to expand the art of mainly paintings, door paintings, murals, calendars, gift books , bookmarks, greeting cards, travel goods, decorative book covers all aspects of social life, at home and abroad reputation.