I Love Painting

I have a lot of love on the beach and hues like shell, which I picked up a bright red shell was filled with my favorite hobby – painting. You may ask why, it is a good many years ago, one in art class, the teacher took out two sheets of ordinary white chalk, red chalk on the blackboard, “Shua Shuashua” few times, so we did not blink , painting paintings early in the blackboard, “wow! – really beautiful, ah!” I can not help the issue of a sigh, the teacher smiled and said: “This is free to paint it!” muttered my heart: painting so beautiful, or just draw! lifelike picture on the blackboard, which is the floor lotus, some of his mouth, bud children, some of them have fragrant blossoms open, sunny rain, rain on a lotus leaf rolling, the sky appeared a seven Rainbow …… I am obsessed with looking at art, the teacher called my name, I have not noticed, at the same table heavy with their feet stepped on my foot, I then asked my class react …… Teacher: “how to paint so well?” “As long as painting and more practice, there must be success.” At this time, I fell in love with painting.
Painting is not only my interest, I became a “laid-back entertainment,” finished the job a fun get a jump on me, took out a white painting, my mother said: “Today it! Let you see for a while TV. “This has been dreaming of, but I find the words” watch TV “, but I readily said:” Well, painting -. ” Unfinished, I took his picture, intoxicated them, a little girl carrying a small basket of Red Hat to mushrooms.
I love painting, because paint can make a person happy.