Grew more and more Sad

The text is too long absence, a stranger to you, just a phone call, leaving behind the simple words to me, so you go, this time, you are really gone, forever gone. Like a pot of water below zero Celsius, the cold of my body; burned red like a sharp knife, pierce my heart, white hole, no blood, but it really hurts.
Look up to heaven, I know the sky will not rain again for me; overlooking the earth, I know that the soil will not cry for me again. All around, I no longer have, just like a vast exposure to the maze, the tell where is the entrance, where is exported, but there is a unique feeling – his head, a good halo.
Still very memorable, once the good. I told myself millions of times more than to forget, to forget all to relieve pain! However, I can not do. More want to forget, but more be remembered, the more be remembered, the more memorable it. I was very hard.
Remember? System around a par, I order dishes in the kitchen; meals cooked meal, you always say good like to eat. Those eggs are sent to the student’s grandmother, that a duck is a student’s grandfather sent, that some of the tea was sent to the parents of the students … you say, my mother is always criticizing you every time down, the kitchen does not improve health Other items not neatly, but still every time you have that kind of naughty, naughty. You love in front of me like a baby, and my favorite bar you buy the big pink, and now are still very memorable, really lucky, so happy, met you.
So sad! Unable to retain your people, and kept in your heart. I know you have much painful suffering, and now you can imagine how painful it is. If so, I really would rather leave me to bear. Now I know I was wrong, miss you, miss you, leaving a lifetime of regret. No one to bother to understand, this is just how sad this will be sad forever buried in my heart, get rid of, can not expel. Bundled with the appearance of the break out sigh downright pain, the silent tears alone continued until dawn, so many years, I have lost by a lot of laps.
Experienced so much, a lot of things bearish storm, you are, I am also. Then I am, you are not; now, you are, I am not.
However, no matter how time changes, how the flow of time, how things change, I still can not let go. You have always been so persistent, so motivated, so warm, so do not succumb to the fate of this character … … love you, love you this beautiful, loving woman like you. Unfortunately, the poor life cheap, I Fubao … …
Sometimes very lonely, and perhaps the same as if you were right. Without you, I understand the original is such a bad experience alone. Get through a bad mood the top, the heart still aching. Around the continuous rain the sky, hit me always to hurt me hurt so outrageous. Grief-stricken when really thought the worst outcome, end of life is perhaps the best way to get rid of the pain.
Feeling their lot in life.
Well want to return to the past, relive those fairy-tale beautiful. If time could turn the clock back, I really want to go back and firmly grasp your hand; as before if you can then return to your side, I really want to run to all of my life. Life to be like you could not find my people. So you have to appreciate me, so care about me, so do not mind me.
Really, very grateful that you had given me everything. You will always be in my heart so pure, precious and beautiful, and I will treasure a lifetime, does not allow anyone to touch her, do not allow anyone to tarnish her. You also may not be alive, waiting for the next life, we must give you.
Afraid to go to disturb your life, and I hear you pick up the phone because of mood swings and the hospital, my heart really worry about, good guilt, Subway to pay Chen, sleepless nights. Really, really want to go take a look at you, even if it is the moment of a face to face is good! Perhaps this has only a “naive” idea, I would, but you may not want, and fear is difficult to achieve the. Hands clasped together, the Buddha had to pray reverently before God bless you peace, health and happiness.
Even write some text, and tells of his past childhood. But these are not nutrients boring text, but also who are willing to read carefully?
No one has this mood to ignore the. There before you, now? Have nothing.
Know of many people’s life, only you will never forget.
Left is the sigh, the only remaining is heart-breaking.