Poignant Story and Impressive Love

A friend recommended to me leisurely novel “one thousand gentle.” Originally due to eye problems, the doctor also does not allow time to study. But once open the computer, access to the text of this novel, I was hooked. Author of the beautiful words, like trickling stream flowing naturally in your heart, make you feel fresh and pleasant, make you want to have to read on, can be said to let them go, less than a week to read through it again. Yanjuan reveries, scenes and scenes of the novel appeared in front. –
Described by a writer online and triggered a series of unexpected stories, these stories show the beautiful love, affection, friendship often tear-jerking. Also produce these stories description of the environment, all seem to enjoy the fascination and beauty. –
Consonance with the character of those who are good character, reflects the traditional virtues of Chinese women, although her escapades outside of marriage, but the fundamental, the whole gives the impression that she is still so beautiful. Her kindness, her passionate, her self-sacrifice, and even makes her weak and are amazed. Her life and behavior is traditional, but her idea is avant-garde, she to his beloved people, the easy life at break has been, willing to take the risk of being reprimanded, from this point of view she is brave, is admirable. –
For the consonance of this person, the reader will have a different interpretation of the so-called benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. I think there are two sides of the body consonance, on the one hand, she likes the kind of idyllic seclusion, in that environment, she can indulge their arbitrary nature, she can not applied Prostitute, can not the whole clothes, you can touch the soft barefoot soil, can have fun with Shaw’s play their favorite music, where she got the greatest freedom and satisfaction; the other hand, as a woman, her desire for a man’s heart care and caress her soft, plump body needs beloved meet people give her the kind of body and soul needs the combination of great happiness. Her husband loved her up no doubt, but his love is selfish, he took her as a beautiful work of art, he took her for it, keep up, let her be a little aggrieved, and the only not to give her as a living flesh and blood woman. He can do everything for her, but she can not listen carefully to express their views on the matter. People, especially women sometimes need to talk, but never give her up this opportunity, so do not care about her and feeling her up, not so in love with her. So she always felt depressed, felt neglected and feel wronged. In this case she miss all my family, especially her brother, Riverside. When she met online when the left, through the chat she felt he was very like her brother, Riverside, they talk about anything, get along, she was in a relationship to his care, his generosity, his sense of humor humor attracted and touched by her attachment to him gradually began to miss him, and eventually developed into love, until they have close contact. I think this whole process is a natural development, is a matter of course, is the situation of the actions, although they have their own families, but their love of this derailment was the inevitable result. And any sincere love interest should be the praise, not disdain. –
Consonance husband up as a successful lawyer, whether in business or in the income he is shining on those who, by the people in the community respect and his favor, his promising future. It is this success made him at home conceited, self-righteous, the result is loss of consonance. However, the consonance of love is up, and this person is indeed a man, carried out in various efforts and work hard to find is irretrievably lost, he expressed respect for the generous selection of consonance and divorced, and consonance, as the consonance continue to pursue their own happiness to open the door. –
Left side of this character, I think that was the author idealized, his words and deeds are so decent, so that people feel unreal. Such people in real life is very difficult to see, but the community is really more like him responsible, compassion, dedication, and talented people, become more beautiful. Therefore, from this perspective, we should thank the author gives us shape the character. –
The wife left the cause of the summer cold is a type of woman, possessive, she has left such a good husband and proud, but only so far, she left as an honor, but do not know to treasure, she can not love a woman the way her husband, not her husband a little warmth, even her husband do not want to meet normal physiological needs. However, when know that the left has an affair, she thought is not their own feelings of loss, but can not be fully accepted on the face, as she and her husband up as a weight to show off, not affiliated partner. This is the main reason she lost the marriage, although she has taken various measures to save the marriage, but finally ended in failure, in the process she felt real love of her heart is her husband, only to be overshadowed by some of the surface of things, so she lost her self, and finally lost the left days. When she look at these, she made a wise choice, it is also left-days free. Overall look at this woman is very good. –
Although the story ends in tragedy, but from the beginning until the end of the story the whole process, the author presents us with one good picture of life and the beautiful scenes of life, so sincere and touching love, gave too much of our aesthetic enjoyment . Although these are so short, but the flash of brilliant but let us food for thought. All the good things the world is a gift of God, we should cherish gratitude towards the happiness we get, rather than deal with a critical eye to life, so life will be getting better and better, I feel consonance days left, up, summer cold in the final understand this truth.