The Story of Butterfly Headdress

Choose Golden Week travel is indeed a lot of trouble. Because time is too concentrated, all vehicles are crowded on the road trip, even normal hair can not train arrival time, not to mention the overtime vehicles, let the station were too busy. When complaints are received phone helpless, because of information asymmetry, passengers do not listen to you explain what? When not allowed to just keep complaining, complaining, blame, or even prolonged scolding voice, heard, the face of these complaints I have numb.
Receiving the higher-ups are busy checking over time, received a telephone complaint from the accent side judge, concluded that the other is a very sweet girl voice, speaking tone is very gentle, understanding, when the two sides will determine the identity of each After consulting with the tone of sympathy and said: “Hello, others are holiday play, you are still in their posts, it is tough! is like this, I bought nine forty today’s ticket to Hunan Jianghua until now not see the car over, I would like to consult when the car came, I thought there is a good preparation, I am in a hurry to go home, trouble you, help me ask, will you? “To be honest , since the Golden Week to the present, all complaints received by telephone, can she understand our hard work is really one of the few visitors, feel flattered, I quickly contact the control room side of the vehicle in place of inquiry, dispatch room staff that has been lines with head of Hunan Jianghua communicated, and because there is bus accident on the highway, and today should not come to classes from home and need to transfer to another vehicle, the other company leaders have to say that the fastest nine at night minutes to come to be classes, I heard later inhaled air, and if so would not allow passengers to wait in vain twelve hours these words to convey directly to travelers in general not the problem, the key is then faced with a understanding of visitors and there are urgent, and I mouth a little bit embarrassed to tell the truth, so undermining the screen in her heart that had just left a good impression. Like a pure white blank paper, do not want to free themselves of the glorious image of the graffiti unraveling. But the good nature I would not tell lies to trick the girl touched me, had to face, the moment I do not know how to do? A moment later, she called me up and asked the car to not? Could not hide, I had to tell the truth: “Miss, I am sorry, because this way the vehicle to a car accident in Shenzhen, classes can not be rushed over in time, other companies can only be the fastest to arrive at nine o’clock at night, if conversion circuit and no other adjacent seats, so I really am sorry, if you want your refund, then went to the service desk full refund, I hope you can understand! “finished the call, I long out breath, waiting time the complaint or other stormy verbal abuse, the other paused, still stable, said calmly: “It does have the difficulty that you have, I can get an accurate departure time is sufficient, trouble you, in fact, I am anxious to get home is intended to get married best friend when the bridesmaid, and I can not lose the trust of her, as long as today to take on the train, arrived home before twelve o’clock tomorrow’s wedding scene on the line, you can give them a busy schedule is not met the prime travelers provide the most accurate information, I Hen Zhizu up. I have a small request, that is what changes the request before you have notified me know, I have a good preparation, or, not at home tomorrow in time trouble. Thank you sincerely! hot days, to pay attention to the body, good-bye! “a wonderful blend of listening to each other’s words and always for the sake of the kindness of others to tell the truth, I really do not know how the thank her, innocently standing there pondering over what she said, unknowingly warmth quickly spread throughout the body, and then I silently remember her phone number, cell phone saved her name, I deliberately enter a “person I admire most “, the communication process that her surname Xu, after graduating from the University of candidates in the assistant manager of a large company to do, is truly an amazing woman. I was her sincere understanding and a deeply moving, always inquire about the shuttle when Hunan Jianghua arrived, lest she miss travel time.
Minutes to 7:00, when the duty to call the dispatch room of the car I said Hua Jiang has advanced to the line, and I a very anxious, because I said to Miss Xu who is only nine o’clock arrived, she had home, her company did not know how far from the station, if the drive does not come from how to treat her, so I quickly called her, she said she has been on the grid waiting for the bus, I ran over Hunan Jianghua the grid, where I saw many passengers on the train is crowded, because there are railings blocking my, I still can not move forward step by step, were anxious to see a girl wearing a pink dress in green answer the phone, Gone with the Wind In the back of the head of the extraordinarily bright red bow, I initially concluded that people should be looking for her on the phone I am full of deep feeling: “Miss, please take a look behind you to, I was standing behind you. “I saw her right hand holding a cell phone while on the bus, behind the side to watch, when she saw I also answered after, convinced that I have been to contact her, the moment that brilliant smile in bloom, that smile has been written on his face, like a spring, peach blossom, as delicate and charming scene, truly beautiful. Owing to time constraints, she can not express what I personally can only waved each other, a short moment, leaving the memory forever since time immemorial.
The car starts slowly, then floating in the back of the head of the red bow is always retained in my mind.