Harry Potter the End or the Beginning

Harry? Potter series finale, “Harry? Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the),” the New York premiere of 11 at the Lincoln Center, hundreds of fans gathered here to commemorate the end of the film.
Dan’s father is the crew staff. By chance, his father took him to see a crew, then was director of the Columbus crew fancy. Are surprised when they meet such people, thin, his eyes are pure, what is like.
  Daniel Radcliffe
Later, they let Dan and other sea-election of people to join up again and again to audition, of course, but this is pro forma only, to ensure fairness, Dan has long been the best candidate. That is selected, Dan was taking a bath (said to be covered with bubbles), his parents over the phone, told Dan he was incredibly excited. Dan’s parents do not agree with his son play, fear of affecting their studies, after the director was finally successful after several rounds of negotiations, of course, from beginning to end, Dan has always been wanted to play for. Dan had had prior experience performing arts, starred in “Tailor of Panama” can be considered a little boy. Although he said he played something, they did not read all. He never thought that Harry Potter star in this role. Finally, the 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe beat the tens of thousands of smug rival, won the respect of his fate to star in this role. As director – Chris Columbus said: “Daniel walked into our vision, we immediately know has found this Harry.” 1989 was born on July 23, London Fulham (Fulham). Primary school have had performance experience, first on the screen in 1999, according to Charles Dickens novel of the same name David Copperfield TV shows (David Copperfield) playing the young David, in the film by Simon Curtis directed the drama, while also starring Maggie Smith as the wife, and left . The two men currently in the “Harry Potter” with Daniel again collaborated with Huoqi Fu who plays Professor McGonagall. Two years later, also appeared from the former 007 Pierce Krishnan starring Bruce tailor of Panama (The Tailor of Panama). In the same year was Harry Potter director Chris Columbus is selected as the first Harry Potter actor, and later starred in the second with the third until the seventh shooting.