Older People Want to Become Bilingual Young to Learn Two languages

Canada’s leading research professor of psychology, cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Shakespeare Aires after nearly 40 years of Rostock study confirmed frequent use of bilingual can delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. She led the team in 2004 published the first study found that bilingual people in the normal aging process, their cognitive abilities than those who only know one language is more strong. In other words, bilingual elderly than the elderly only know one language, the use of the brain in the implementation of control systems perform better when doing things.

The team followed the loss of normal cognitive ability in people who carry out research. They detailed study of 400 cases of Alzheimer’s patients and found that the average bilingual than monolingual were late by 5 or 6 years before disease symptoms appear. This study does not mean that bilinguals suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is not, but even had the disease, they can still operate as usual, were better able than single-language disorders.

And bilingual ability to handle the more important information being ignored secondary. This is because each person’s brain has a control system implementation, its role is to make people focus on important issues, put aside the other interference. Frequent use of two languages ??for a people who, whenever he spoke, the two languages ??will also appear in his mind, the brain’s executive control system is needed to parse and process all in an instant message, he can convert the language used at any time. Dr. Leith Tok Shakespeare, as were more frequent use of bilingual executive control system, this system so they will become more efficient. But must always use bilingual bilingual, bilingual if they are used only occasionally, you will not get the benefits mentioned above.