Let’s get Married

Dans le rêve et l’amour, rien n’est impossible
In dreams and love, no matter it is impossible
This issue is dedicated to my good friend, because she is about to get married, so I promised her a dream wedding.

Married, one less, so I imagined my wedding day, I have to bring my family to participate in the three dogs
 What is the protagonist of wedding accessories? Of course, is the ring

European dating, many ideas, as we also advocate a diamond is love, an “I do”, “QUI”, “I DO” This is the true meaning of love

Graceful bride hair on, plug in this card, not less than the flowers

Simple earrings, you can lengthen the neck of the bride elegant lines.

The bride looks like Europe is more preferred in the Pearl

The wrist is the slightest wound moist.

Such a pearl ring collar, like a Chinese bride “Xiapei”

 The choice of wedding shoes, is also crucial. Little bit of style between the feet, especially enchanting

Details determine success or failure, a small water drop pendants, particularly the color

Funny late run into the bride, we can gallop

 Wedding, the best man is a very important role, appropriate dress, the wedding can provoke a lot of “amazing” eyes

 Participated in a friend’s wedding in France, it seems that everyone was very particular about what to wear, evening gowns, suits are decent routine, the girls that day, but certainly better than the bride, groom and best man may be another focus. Because many are held in the form of buffet, so we struggled to color.

The groom is really brilliant, parents are married photos, once again witnessed their happy marriage

                                                                                                                                Let’s get married