Fall Clothes Show

A few days ago and occasionally took to the streets, bought a two-piece dress like: T-shirt is black inside and soot horizontal stripes, is a full-out soot sleeveless vest. I was always fond of soot, but the closet is more than black, because black is a popular color, pick the style more easily satisfied, and the ash is relatively less style.
Woman’s love of fashion, like a man on the watch of all ages. Can buy one of your favorite clothes are always full of joy. A home, in a hurry to open the closet to find a small speaker’s jeans, to wear their own with a look. One to wear, even showing a half stomach. Alas, that does not work, bare-chested is not my style. So then to find a straight pair of jeans, the result is still the same. Not to turn this year’s pants last year, year before last year’s not on the turn of the last turn I have long been forgotten for many years a high waist denim wear, be considered to cover the stomach, can be taking a closer look is not pleasing to the eye. Well, this dress is to buy another pair of pants, or is it shelved it?
Watching this make their own clothes, and that T-shirt is a bit short, but just a straight jacket with jeans has always been my favorite, but I go there to buy a high waist jeans it? When low rise jeans swept through the market, those who crowded the cover over the belly pants disappear overnight, no foothold.
When the epidemic becomes a gust of wind, overwhelming attack first occupation of the entire market, people have lost the opportunity to choose. Night of autumn, Curse of the Golden Flower; a Korean, the city was maternity, this is my evaluation of hanbok. It opened directly in the chest the waist section of Korean dress, I do not look to see slim and slender.
The era of economic liberalization, open more than just the money, there are ladies on the skin open. Old men and women accept not pro, this is the streets bare-chested. The ancients have warned the world: Evil. But the face of beauty are becoming less and less of that collar, shorter skirts, more and more thin material, if men want to be indecent ignored, it is only a possibility – without leaving home. Of course, staying at home is not absolutely free of, that will have to see their home is not like there is a more exposed.
Popular, like the waves sweeping the beach, no place to hide. As I no longer buy a new high waist pants. When customers can not choose, this is a sad, helpless sorrow; when people can not install the designer’s design choices, this is a sad, this is a desperate tragedy!
In this era of personalized claim, in the end how many of the popular things, flooding our pursuit – this is not a drift, but can not choose tragedy!