Dad Told Her

Dad said: a woman’s greatest enemy, not time, not a right, not money, not even their own, but the love of men and can not extricate themselves.

Dad said: In addition to me, and your future husband, who is not worth paying too much for me to pay, because the rest of my life I gave you love for your husband to pay, because the rest of my life’s love, will be he came to.

Father said: Do not order a man to cry, even for me, does not work, women make career and dreams first, men will always be second or third.

Father said: You can let your enemy know who you like, but do not let her know who you fall in love, once so not only you, even the man you love will be in danger.

Dad said: Women should be strong, should not only know how to cry, unless you loved away from you, you can cry, or who are not worth it.

Dad said: Women can learn to drink, but not on any occasion either to make themselves drunk.

Dad said: want to be a taste of a woman, we should be generous manner, elegant style of conversation, wearing a neat, have meaning.

Dad said: a man to a low-key, to know good deed goes unpunished, think more of themselves out of the head, encounter a problem.

Dad said: Women should also have to play, every woman should have a circle around, stand in this circle of people, it is worth your life to be the guardian to use, as to who is who within the outside, depends on their skills.

Dad said: make friends, not to pay too pure, or you will slowly be deceived by the secular gold coat, as long as you have the ability, we should pay rape without fraud, bad people do not slip, because of this, you can always beware of whether he played out, whether he played.

Father said: Do not believe any person in the most danger, apart from their loved ones, no one can believe that we will not harm you, others, hard to say.

Dad said: I want you to do is a noble, rather than the upstart, so no matter how rich you are, no matter where you are, be humble, polite, reasonable manner, with an open mind to learn he will not, and do not know, only In this way, you can continue to progress, to climb the peak.

Dad said: In my years lay dying, I do not guarantee how you rich, more than a right, but I guarantee you, you already have the right to create wealth and the ability to get, so I was assured.

Dad said: love, can love, but do not love. Do not let your favorite man affect your work, do not let your job affect you like a man.


Father said: Do not let yourself regret doing things, to do, you regret doing things for others, life is not long, if you do live in the memories, and scrap it.

Father said: Do not believe the oath, do not believe the promise, the fact can prove everything, really love you, will not give too much of your vows and commitment.

Dad said: I most despise people who do not obey, you should leave people who do not obey farther, even their loved ones because they do not care, how you will care about this outsider?

Father said: Do not take yourself too low to see, plenty of people than you, do not look up too high, you might as well plenty of people, you have to do is to work hard to become more than the former, the latter fewer.