Chinese Kung Fu Girl

When it comes to my baby, my eyes light up, smile on my lips into the eggplant, sweet as my heart preserves. Everything is full of old-fashioned a small woman looks like.
Today Andy and his martial arts classes to a small city’s largest trading partners in the groundbreaking ceremony of the party performing stores. For the performances, the children have more than 20 hard training day and night. (Morning and evening, overtime training) happens when the son of ill health in the off fever. Two days in injections and medicine. Yet to be performed tonight fever. Tired of watching his son look sick, sad it really did not want to forget he attended. But his son insisted on attending his little man of mettle that I play from the heart glad. After so many days of hard work, not to mention children’s show a strong desire it! Also very supportive of his father: “and then shot it, all right son.” Concerned teacher asked: “Otherwise, it only dragon that period, not on military fist, okay?” My son was lost help eyes looked at me, knowing smile on my teacher said: “He can do it, according to usual practice to do on it.” dancing son was happy, completely forgotten their own is still a fever.
Brilliant lights of the square, the crowd surging, and teams of performers ready to put in place. Guest performers are dance teachers from the kindergarten team. Teams odd mounted color clothing, and colorful. The children show their only son, the team. And is a ring head Cannon – lion. A “Dragon” will enthuse you into the atmosphere. A group of valiant little man on the stage: dance boxing, anti-somersault, skilled movements neat, two lion dance was lively, flexible and fun. Strong drum sound, a lively dragon hovering off in the hands of children. The children warm, earnest, into performances get the audience’s enthusiastic applause. Audience and a monitor at home, I excitedly added excitement, the hands of the DV camera to stop filming, recording the children every movement, every expression, this is how precious time ah! Son finished performing sweating, panting, holding the first time I ran over to ask: “Mummy, I show how well? I well prepared?” Mei Mei’s kiss my little face egg: “My child, you Great doing it!. ” Ready to go see them in the car, and encouraging each other encouragement, along with a dozen pairs of little hands superimposed, enthusiastic chorus of “We must succeed!” I was to be the children’s innocence, will overflow almost moved to tears. Little children are sensible people, and know that there is unity and strength. In the off that moment, there is a children Qieqie said: “I started a little afraid of the” ha ha, what a cute little guy. Yes, only 6,7-year-old children, thousands of people across the scene, the psychological tension is inevitable. But when the moment came, the children have been selfless performance, the performance really very good! Children in the study learned to unity, friendship, hard and strong. I moved for the children, more proud of my Andy.
Speaking of the kung fu kid, had to start from small, when his physical weakness, the three a few days with a fever, so I am very worried worry about. So he reported the man gave dance hobby classes, exercise is also to meet his infant performance during the most intense desire. Son’s body gradually solid, healthy son had a special love martial arts. Intermediate sixty-one that year, they reported performing martial arts classes for the first time that day, bad weather, under a long day of rain, we are worried about the party open to die. Fortunately, the late afternoon the rain finally stopped, the grandfather God children are ready to bear the long-playing programs can not be right. But the ground is wet, the children rolling on the carpet with a wet, as usual hard dance enthusiastically, children’s clothes and shoes and socks and sweat soaked by the rain. But the son also grinning, triumphant, said: “Mummy, I’m not afraid of. Wet clothes is not afraid.”-Year-old children, the spirit of his mouth, I was moved to tears of happiness. To a large class, I think it is then ready to enter school ready letter, worried that martial arts will be distracted, affect his learning. The results did not allow him to learn martial arts, I often said to him: “My child, my mother I hope you grow up, do the audience front row of the audience, rather than the performers on stage.” But his son is obsessed with martial arts, often clamoring to learn. Look at his support, enthusiasm for martial arts, I reported that the holiday for his interest classes. Teacher in the family manual reads: “I see him every morning Jiao Jian figure running in the playground …” son of naughty activity, but it is to please the teachers love. Speaking of the child, all sorts of interesting things I often worry about my joy. I am happy happy smile. Dear baby, my mother proud of you.
Wish my baby in the future to maintain the significance of this tenacious, fighting spirit, happy, perfectly healthy growth, grow up, become a useful person to society, to do a gritty exudes fragrant trees!


Chinese Kung-Fu

Chinese Kung-Fu is not just fighting technique, but is not a simple fist movement. Chinese martial arts pay attention to hard and soft, internally and externally, both just Jianxiong beautiful shape, more elegant and deep meaning, contains the founding fathers and pondering the meaning of life and the universe. The mystery of Chinese Kung Fu: Seven Fist, secretive hidden weapon, all the martial realm of unique martial arts arena, the Chinese martial arts unique and complex derived from martial arts culture. Wushu is a martial art as the main content to the form of routines and fighting for the movement, focusing externally to the traditional Chinese sport of which way a lot of Shaolin Fist; including small Fist, Big Fist, old Fist, Luohan, Shaoyang boxing , Plum Flower, Pao Quan, seven boxing, boxing, and so soft, there is pull on the training routines and Luk, biting hand Luhe, ears Luhe, kicking Luhe etc. In addition, “the mind” and other casual strokes training method. Equipment have knives, guns, swords, halberds and other weapons of eighteen complete.