Beautiful Chinese girl

I think my writing is a beautiful girl inside. My idea of ​​beautiful.

They generally only two dress. White cotton summer dress, wearing light shoes. Winter is the old jeans, black sweaters and big men’s jackets. Hair is long, sometimes loosely scattered tails Zhasong child.

More typical is the novel “a game” which depicted: wearing dirty jeans, pants rolled up, the edge has been worn from be. Men’s black sweater, empty land around him, from neck to see the neck skin. Down jacket, sneakers. Benetton pale green cotton scarf, very wrinkled. Black hair and messy, face skin is dry, there is debris from the skin.

But there is no make-up.

This girl, look at the past often feel ambiguous and vague. She is the look is indifferent, but you can feel the tide of her heart is filled with uncertainties, perhaps in an unexpected time, she would suddenly fierce, so that you suffocate. Look at the past is always a little bit unconventional, a little innocence. Laughed when will become vulnerable. Often silent. But you know she is a strange plant, bears flowers blurred flowers, distribution spicy flavor.

I put on women’s aesthetic, with an extreme way, based on the text in my role inside. As the reader said, all my novels, there are only two people. A Mingjiao An woman. A Mingjiao Lin men. They removed to different circumstances and outcomes, time and passion in the reverse displacement on the road, has not escaped the fate of the palms.

The real hero is always just a girl. Lin is a vague feeling of the foil is not like a dark shadow, when the pictures will show the character’s loneliness. Their relationship is. The love between them therefore essential to show. Cruel. And can not close.

Because of my narcissism, I am writing in the girl, always patting a rate to be alone in the liner of the photos. Very lonely.

I have never tried wearing light shoes. In the summer I wear thin strap sandals, do not wear stockings. I like bare legs and toes in the sun and cool breeze in the feeling. Sometimes, attempts painted pearl-colored nail polish, nail to clean out a little bit of flashing bright luster.

These small details often make themselves happy.

But my fiction is to wear shoes of the girls. Although the same like bare feet. In the E-SPRINT’s boutique, has seen a poster. Dark green shade in summer and colorful flowers, several young girls squeezed in a wooden chair in the sun. They wore printed with small floral sarong, thick curly hair, look lazy, but all of them wearing white shoes. Stained with mud and grass juice on the shoes, the kind of tape is the system. Showing smooth legs, wheat-colored skin. Health mellowness.

That photo looks good. ESPRINT advertising and BENNETON, as often there is a sense of environmental protection and respect for nature in it. Nanjing West Road BENNETON like a huge figure in posters, a smile is always clean, bright face, but it feels awesome and precious life.

Watching goes on posters, I think, I want the kind of beauty that is all. Never wore suits and high heels. They will feel like a frame of mind, and soul is always a part of this frame of mind and because they do not fit to be tied too uncomfortable. Like he can have some not bother to take care of it, wear it like a duck-like clothes.

An entire winter, only a few old jeans, a few pieces of black or soot sweater, plus a very large warm comfortable jacket you can wear. G-STAR coarse bought pants and men’s jackets, because the Nordic brand of style, look like at any time in the past people wandering the road. People like that, in the eyes of the sun screwed up deep breathing air flowers. Qiaoqi roadside coffee shop in the leg to fall asleep. Who would like to tear down the wall violently kiss her. In the dusty roadside carrying heavy luggage ride. Can be found on the clothes we want a good atmosphere, is a wonderful thing. Therefore, in order to see the last of these seems to be easily picked up on the roadside coarse clothes, pay a high cost of home clothes. Do not think he is a famous complex person. From the Maison or not Jinjiang Dickson. However, like G-STAR. Although it is usually more men’s styles.

Attend the awards will be when wearing a gray denim pants and black sweater walked the stage lights inside. Lighting is very harsh, and I wear old clothes to wash very bleak. So I think therefore it is reconciled. Nearly a thousand dollars bought those cloth pants or shoes, turned down the child, will severely wear them, wear them old, wearing dirty.

My argument is that dirty look past your very old stuff, is a symbol of good taste.

Clothes, shoes, jewelry, or characters, are true.

In the street, see a beautiful woman if head would look at her, and her pass after the sub too far to see. If you see a silhouette in front, then I will certainly catch up to satisfy their own curiosity.

Maybe my standards pretty simple, but brings a critical.

That a person’s face makes them perfect, in fact flat.

Like the face, there are some small marks are the personal. Tears under his eyes like a mole, faint flicker of ambiguous passion. Light brown freckles on the bridge of the nose, a group of mischievous elf. Or upturned nose. Or laugh when blind eyes were crooked. Both tell the charming and spiritual.

Those frosty, brilliant hues of the woman, if coupled with well-dressed, reserved manner, always feel dull. Every time I see China as a model, they always feel that people like tall rubber. Because there is no personal characteristics. This will always be able to get to the international arena China model the peak of hardship. The thin KATEMOSS because her little freckles and indifferent eyes, people feel the vitality of clothes behind. Have a strong expression of power.

Shu Qi shot REDEARTH cosmetics advertising is very beautiful. Pine green eye shadow, rouge red roses, with her face is gorgeous and has a naive look. Bright innocent eyes, but also implies a small animal like wild. Like a cat, waiting for your touch, but when you touch it, it will suddenly gently bite you.

This woman is always pleasing. You can imagine what she will not cover you or hesitant. She will be very direct, that is pure and direct and sharp. You because of the pure and undefended, so it will because of the sharp injuries. So this woman is potent. At the same time she is emotional. She will not suppress their feelings too. Pleased that there will be a pest of sweet, sad time will burst into tears. True nature of woman, always easy to give others the feeling of love.