Chinese Aircraft Carrier Out to Sea Today

This morning, our carrier platform sailing test. According to the pilot scheme, the first sea trials for a long time, back in the shipyard will continue to be modified and testing. Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration Web site also was at 15:21 on August 9 release of navigational warnings, at 0:00 on August 10 to 14, 18:00, Dalian Port for sailing a boat out to sea trials, the other ship banned from entering the Yellow Sea north of Liaodong Bay specific waters.

First sea trials, the development of aircraft carriers in China is undoubtedly a landmark nodes. Of course, from the carrier’s individual career is concerned, the sea trials just a normal step, without over-interpretation. Comprehensive information on all aspects we can see, our country is still at the exploratory experimental aircraft, the aircraft carrier from the trials did not rely on their own power, but by tug out of the terminal can glimpse. China is still the “aircraft carrier novice” is many reasons. Because the “aircraft carrier” to some extent, represents a country’s military, industrial and technological level of overall strength. Many large state-owned naval power and the Navy with a strong comprehensive national strength, technological level and economic base, so the advantage of occupying the development of aircraft carriers, for example, in the current five permanent members of the UN, apart from China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France has an aircraft carrier. In China, in a very long period of time, military, industrial and technological level does not have this ability, so development is limited, it is necessary to acknowledge.

Longitudinal case, the Chinese carrier gradually into view, will inevitably lead to multiple interpretations and even suspicion. The face of complex situations, and in particular self-confidence and self-knowledge. It can be said, have aircraft carriers for the upgrading of national maritime awareness, for China as a maritime power to enhance self-confidence, will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting. Forthrightly that, as a land and sea has a long coastline of the country, relative to the United States, Japan and other traditional maritime countries, national ocean awareness is relatively weak. As of today, referring to the ocean, people that spring to mind more of a hardship and anxiety. In the subconscious, the ocean is still dangerous source of weaknesses.

Sun Yat-sen once said: “The winners of sea power, its strength often dominant.” Carrier has also been a people’s dream in the Dream of the long process filled with pain and history of tragic road way. Looking back on history, in particular, need to remember as the “father of the modern Navy,” “Father of China’s aircraft carrier” Admiral Liu Huaqing, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. In 1970 he was back in the shipbuilding industry leading group office, it organized a special demonstration on an aircraft carrier. August 1982 when the army commander, after Shanghai, Liu Huaqing advocated-made aircraft carrier. In 1987 generous vow: “not an aircraft carrier, I wasted step, the Chinese navy – set to build an aircraft carrier!” When he was in positions to promote the many carrier-related pre-research project launched.

Since then, a variety of information presented on the carrier’s “asymmetric” free communication, the process naturally “undercurrent.” Until March 20, 2009, meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Jing moment for the first time publicly declared: “China can not never aircraft carrier.” Predicted the foreign media at the time, China’s first aircraft carrier to be officially launched in 2011. Now observe, from this domestic exports to the “hair” in the way, is sufficient to see the “aircraft carrier” of the existence of special significance.

In short, from a strategic sense, the process of China to build aircraft carriers, in addition to the maintenance of maritime rights and interests people the process of growing self-confidence, the more powerful countries in the world to adapt to China’s gradual process, which is bound to experience and accept. In such a monster aircraft carrier, the need is strong and healthy mind. As Mr. Du Wenlong Academy of Military Science researcher, in the afternoon of July 27, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman announced when the aircraft is being modified, issued a sigh, “This is an important day, but more is needed just normal day.”