China’s Stock Market will go rising independent

Americans are really bad, really a troublemaker.
This sentence, presumably a lot of people most want to vent, most want the voice shouted. Because, from the start on Thursday, global stock markets by the U.S. debt and the impact of U.S. stock market, there has been across the board fall. Some of the country’s stock market suspended trading intraday or even a situation. Market was devastated, instant wealth evaporated. Investors not only suffered property damage, damage confidence.
Well, this is accidental phenomenon? This was an unexpected phenomenon? Definitely not. As early as three years ago, Lehman’s collapse, the Americans got on the chariot of the troublemaker. And last week the United States and the Standard & Poor’s debt rating lowered, but this stock market crash of the fuse, it blew not only the U.S. financial problems, more rigid structure of the global economy to adjust the signal.
Over the years, the global economy is basically in the “terrorist” running balance. The United States as the representative of some of the developed economies, living day by borrowing, through the issuance of sovereign bonds, issuance of banknotes to the global resource grab and enjoy the emerging economies to provide products and services, living “parasites” living.
Now, this does not go on to play the financial game, the Americans want to finance through the detonation of a “bomb” approach, through short the market to offset their debts, all creditors to share the cost of U.S. problems. The U.S. financial giants is the use of short selling in the dash between the world’s major markets, disrupting the stock market and foreign exchange markets, as well as other investment markets, to reap ill-gotten gains.
In this case, a sustained global stock market crash is inevitable. Because Americans are still the world’s largest consumers, many countries have to rely on exports to the U.S.; the United States is financial products, derivatives of the most complex countries, many markets have to rely on U.S. dollar pricing and the right to speak. Therefore, the United States of a mess, the dollar happens, the world will naturally chaos.
However, the U.S. now, although as a tyrant, but after all, not all of the world. World’s major economies and international market, there is no need to pay for America’s problems, there is no need to accompany the Americans play it, there is no need to see the Americans face to act, dance with the U.S. stock market.
In China’s case. China is now the world’s second largest economy, is the largest potential consumer, is just more than $ 4000 per capita GDP, investment and consumption demand will both be at a higher level across the country, is from the “world factory” to “World market “into the country. In addition, China’s capitalization rate is still in the initial stage, China’s capital market and also to maintain a certain distance of the world market, has its uniqueness.
More importantly, the Chinese stock market since the financial crisis of 2008 has been adjusted sideways in being, and not the stock market and other markets like the United States as entrenched at historically high levels. In this case, if blindly followed the U.S. stock market continued to fall, then not only may be bargain-hunting foreign capital, the wealth of the people will evaporate, resulting in consumer spending is shrinking, thereby affecting the structural adjustment and economic transformation.
China’s stock market did not need to watch American tune, the conditions out of its own independent market