China Cheongsam


Dress is one of women’s apparel, women’s traditional clothing from the Manchu, in the first half of the 20th century by the Republic of Han Chinese women improved by the ROC government in 1929 identified as one of national dress. In the future, Shanghai, Peking and other places on the basis of Han Chinese women to be in its improvement. In 1949, the cheongsam in China gradually in the cold, especially during the Cultural Revolution in capital letters is considered a symbol of a lot of damage to repair.
Manchu cheongsam is a traditional dress, half of the twentieth century by the Manchu women in the Republic of clothing designers refer to Western culture, traditional clothing and flags based on the design of a fashion, is a blend of Eastern and Western cultures concrete. In the present, some Western eyes, dress women’s clothing with Chinese culture and symbolism.

In the thick atmosphere of the feudal ethical code, like women in general are now exposed as the curve is not possible. Tailoring of traditional dress has been using a straight line, chest, shoulders, waist, hip completely straight, so that no exposed female body curves. Despite the change in the Manchu women’s dress robes, or flag installation, flag clothing, but dress is not the flag installed. Dress is with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the Western aesthetic, and the use of Western-style tailored fashion. Manchu women loaded flag is the national dress. They use a flag mounted straight lines, clothing and body relaxed, both sides of the split, chest and waist dress size with the proportion of degrees closer; in cuffs collar decorated with a large number of plate rolling. Yellow is the only use of the royal color, people are hanged. Colorful flag complex equipment, materials and other varieties on the variety, like to use high-contrast color. In the collar, sleeves and tuck lapel on the head with a few bright colored lace or sub-plate rolling tooth design. As the flag is a plane fitted clothing, plate rolling equipment in addition to a flag outside the only fabric design space, and thus a multi-plate rolling for the United States. Qing has been fashionable over “Eighteen set” (ie, set eighteen lace). Qing Dynasty dress patterns means more than to sketch the main Lion Lin shy beasts, birds crane Phoenix, Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum flowers, and Eight, the Eight Immortals, Gods hi are all common themes.

Most of the use of classical dress straight lines, clothing and body relaxed, both sides of the split, chest and waist dress size ratio of degrees closer. The Beijing-style cheongsam with sophisticated, representing the arts, and cultural styles. Shanghai style, characterized by absorption of Western Art, marked a new and flexible, strong business atmosphere; Beijing-garde style is sent with the official, it is reserved concise. Art, by shaping the image of a specific reflection of social life, thoughts and feelings of the performance of a social ideology.

Designers and dress half of the 20th century evolution, the basic features and dress of the various constituent elements gradually stabilized. Women’s dress has become a classic. Classic relatively stable, while the ever-changing fashion. But fashion designers often find from the treasure trove of classic inspiration, the designer dress is also a source of inspiration. Dress is the rise of modern Chinese women’s traditional fashion, rather than formal traditional national costumes. It changes both the vicissitudes of the past, also has a new look now. Dress itself has a certain historical significance, coupled to enjoy relatively high, so full of some collectible value. Republic of China cheongsam dress with Western aesthetic of these same characteristics, not by accident. At that time, Shanghai, Chinese and Western cultures is the most complicated conditions at the city’s birthplace. Now we may have been difficult to find the birth of the Republic of cheongsam in Shanghai conclusive evidence, but we can still assert, sophisticated gown is the dress of a typical Republican. If we are bold that we can further assume that the modern dress, or dress clip defined, is the seaside dress. Because, in most people’s minds, the word cheongsam or images caused by the association, is the 20th century, three, four decades of Shanghai cheongsam. Dress into the three-dimensional shape of modern times, appeared on the provincial garment, the waist fit and coupled with a more Western-style fitted sleeves, long dress coat, Sleeve greatly reduced, the more the waist fit. The physical characteristics of the modern cheongsam general requirements for all or part of the following characteristics: the right of junction dajin cardigan or a form of semi-cardigan, collar plate New York, placed side slits, single cloth, waist, sleeveless or short sleeves and so on. Slits is just one of many characteristics of dress, not the only, nor is it necessary.