The world’s most Beautiful Castle

Prague Castle: the world’s largest ancient castle. According to the Guinness Book of World Records record, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle and a length of 570 meters, width of 130 meters. There has long been the royal palace in Prague, is still the president’s residence and the seat of state organs.Mont Saint Michel: the castle is located on the island. Known as the “Western spots” of Mont Saint Michel between Normandy and Brittany in France, located in the middle of a huge rock island sandbar. 708 years, the town of Avranches Obert case of the Archangel Michael Bishop apparitions, and in its skull open on the point of a hole, the highest point on the island so he built a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael, make it a pilgrimage center, it said Michelle Hill. Mountain area is very small, only 1 km in diameter, the hills than it built nearly twice the monastery. This monastery built in the 11th to the 16th century, is the extraordinary skill of the masterpiece, the spire towering Gothic church, on top of the golden statue of St. Michael’s sword in hand directed at the sky. Reminding us of scenes into the paradise on earth in general. It is a unique natural environment with the surrounding integration, high tide, it is like an island, cold and arrogant and unpredictable; after low tide, it becomes accessible.Potala Palace: Tibet’s monumental buildings. Potala Palace is located on top of Red Hill in Lhasa, is a large-scale castle-style buildings, called the essence of making. According to legend, the Tibetan Buddhist Tibetan King Songtsan what is good, moved the capital Lhasa, Lhasa, often in close proximity to the mountain chanting prayers to the mountain known as “Potala.” “Potala” is a transliteration of Sanskrit, translated as “Po Lo” or “Po”, originally referred to the Goddess of Mercy of the home place. 641 AD into a princess Songtsan married Tangchao Wen, excitedly, for the princess made ​​the Potala Palace. Potala Palace, built by the year nine-story high, a total of 999 palaces, practice rooms plus a total of 1000 hills, magnificent. It attracts more and more foreign tourists come to visit. Now, the Potala Palace has been listed by UNESCO as “World Heritage” list.Chomsky Castle: The castle built in the cave.  Chomsky is the only castle built in the cave in a castle. According to records, the establishment of the castle is not at one go: mid-12th century began building the castle of the “left wing” of the Renaissance building in central, only then until about 1570, “right wing” constructed, the whole project took about four centuries.Neuschwanstein: classic fairy tale castle. Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as “Folsom Snow White Castle”, is the seat of the myth of white walls and blue-top castle, situated in the Alps, was founded in 1869. Construction of the castle is very dramatic. Originally it was the Bavarian King Ludwig II’s dream of design, Ludwig II is Sissi’s cousin, said he has crush on Sissi, not yet completed his stay at New Castle, Sissi had presented only porcelain swan congratulations on this so Ludwig II Neuschwanstein castle named Castle. King did not see his dream before his death completed, the castle is completed later generations each year, so the castle is seen today with the descendants of previous cooperation classic. Perhaps King Ludwig II never dreamed, this year there will be millions of people travel.