Candy’s Secret

Sometimes people are really incredible, very contradictory. On myself as an example, and others in together, is gentle, quiet, peaceful, with the usual words, “This man Meipi Qi” or “good-natured.” But in fact, my temper is extremely irritable. I am a typical impatient, and very emotional, very vulnerable to emotional impact. When a person, not liking a little bit, just as day in front of my computer table slow death, when it will suddenly sprang to foul temper, encouraging the body’s cells, rebellion, I instantly felt vasodilation, heart rate, swollen head, then giggle sound teeth, “dead things” “break things” and so cursing non-stop, sometimes frantically shouted for a while; situation without improvement, the hand is not law-abiding, and very like breaking things, or to use the fist to hit a few around anything, wall or table, is kind of hard, too soft a heart that can not feel the mouth of foul smells, and if accidentally excessive force, and drop the hand pain, but also the blame on that wall, that table, or anything else, and then have to kick their feet and then be considered under the two vent. Not familiar with the people who never knew the original exterior looks extremely well-behaved, even hidden in such a violent self.
It’s quick temper to go too fast. After the calm, think about just doing, they feel funny, like a bent candy children, cry and kick, plus Sapo roll, not dogged, very stubborn. However, we all know, children eat too much candy is not good, we also know that children’s attention very easily attracted by other things. So, when we do not want to let him eat candy and they will use other, equally attractive to him or what things to divert his excessive demands for candy, but often this approach is useful, the children easily breaks through his tears, then immersed in the joy and novelty in the candy thrown to the winds on the.
This interesting childhood, we have experienced, so common sense, we are all familiar with, such an approach, many people have tried. At least, I often  to deal with children, and tested. But, I never realized that this move on the skills children crack shot, a lot of things in life is also very effective for you and I have the same reference. The only difference is that a child is too small, in need of adult deliberate guidance, and we, need is self-directed, to find the right heart Wumingzhihuo vent exit. Ease emotions, in fact, in an idea. No big deal, not that slow computer at? We do not have the same use? Why then condone their emotions? But not the end of the world so that they are doing so angry? Interesting? Really boring. Think of here, kind of suddenly see the light feeling, as if the world suddenly become good good broad, and his own bent of anything, is so insignificant compared. Since in addition to candy, we have so many choices, why do have to persist in it at the moment that candy? Why have to, and their awkward it? No need is not really necessary.
So, now when I once again faced with slow computer, I will not throw the mouse, then keyboarding, host, or hit the table, there will be no kind of madness, not even angry, even if network speed wanted dead slow. Because I found the secret of candy, to find yourself relieved of the recipe. I was in the computer next to a few books, prose, essays, novels or pictures, anyway, they like to see and want to see those books. In this way, the gap while waiting for the computer response, I can readily pick up the next book, a paragraph or two fancy, mind placid, kind of stealing time to read a sense of excitement and joy, where there are thought mad?
Slowly, I found his temper is really a lot of convergence, mind becomes calm and quiet, I also found that unconsciously, I have chosen to use the secret life of anyone and anything, but also learned a lot . Mood, the turn on the radio, or on the balcony to see the mountains; papers can not be written, for the time being off, climb the mountain about a few friends, to relax the spirit, calling: “to the mountains complacent aura . “friend falling out of love, it is difficult to get away, I will share candy with her secret. Maybe sad, she is immersed in the situation in the War, simply think of so many, but I hope she can own one of the subtle insight, then one day can talk to me when I suggested to her was: “Love gone is gone, life interesting so great that love is only a fraction of the fills, wood for the trees, a small loss of large, uneconomical. “In fact, everything the world has been true. Too paranoid, used conniving self, the pain will only enlarge and aggravate the kind of psychological sense of loss can not be obtained, the result can only be worse. Why make things difficult for yourself? Than trying to make myself turn a body, a look at the surrounding landscape, and perhaps you will find different exciting.