Black Monday

Black Monday, supposedly the U.S. stock market is that it’s Black Monday, loud noise can also become China’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market Black Monday? I know some people will say that the U.S. credit rating cut not only the United States to do or something the world is vital for China to buy U.S. bonds, pros and cons of things … but, still it is not the reaction of U.S. stock market, and not let China’s stock market falling so badly?

Think about Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets these days (that is, last Friday, this Monday) of the decline, if the issues the U.S. factor, then I have to ask U.S. stocks rose, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have this linkage it? Good memories of friends concerned about the stock market under the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock fell due to external factors, or that the proportion rose due to external factors, is not all crash and remember nothing of the impression rose? If you really are talking about what the U.S. factor, or that the world factor is it trying to hide something, bullying the name Pirates of the world?

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[Babe] the world how many black Black Monday [Politics] social injustice led to riots in the United Kingdom [social] the culture of consumer worries Pan [thermal paste] Thanks to the rumors that people are still alive [Literature and History] Du Yuesheng, why not go with Chiang Kai-shek Guo Shiying: CPI peak short-term interest rate movements do not need analysts to capture even the dark horse jumped mystery classified as “investment in our foreign exchange losses due to U.S. factor”, then I have to ask just losses, and no little profit it? Take a look at this two-day economic news, the three major credit rating agencies also maintain the United States if the other two triple-A credit rating, which one of the words can the U.S. credit rating “really” cut it? Rationally think about the U.S. credit rating even lower, it also allows it to open as long as the printing press, as long as the spending habits of Americans still do not change, the Chinese investing in U.S. bonds is very difficult to lose a profit. Reflected in the stocks, the U.S. stock market because of its credit rating cut a “Black Monday” is the best approach opportunity to buy low, wait for it to bounce or will counter, – I firmly believe that the U.S. stock market’s overall trend is still upwards , the credit rating cut is human action, disguised as a financial game going.

Our point with the U.S. stock market this opportunity rooster, really, really made me feel our government is to invest in U.S. debt loss is passed to all shareholders who, once again the national debt investors for the investment behavior of U.S. foot the bill. Some people might say I talk extreme, how we prove that government intervention in the stock market, investors in the country to pay? Yes ah, I is not detailed data supporting my argument. But simply to see the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, look at the world stock markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets and the linkage, we can easily arrive at the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market and economic trends unrelated to the world. Black Monday crash should not be a factor in the U.S., but China’s own factors cause trouble.

First, the upward trend of the Chinese economy as a whole, GDP is released monthly index, a barometer of the economy is no reason why the stock market runs counter to the endless; Second, the adjustment of China’s stock market itself has long tended to the bottom of the plate real, this time machine point and or is breaking down or the rooster? Fundamentals, the policy side, it is difficult for technical “experts” explain that the Chinese stock market down there is the possibility to find a new platform.

Third, China’s stock market is misappropriating the “financial instruments”, as long as this function the same, the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves, is America’s largest creditor, “China”, how could people in their field house can not see the stock market of prosperity? I really quite doubts.

In short, I hope that China and the U.S. stock market will not smell the chicken dance. Do not the Chinese government’s investment is on the outside fool, Tokgo undefeated at home; its decision-making rather a lot of places do not is the money lost in business (to buy our goods the country), rather than charity to their own people (the production and The people making these products), dividends