How to Take Good Care of the Baby

Sleep: baby comfortable safety
Side or sit your baby, cover a small quilt, do not live in the living area covered duvet. Baby 5-6 months, you can put a mat next to him, preventing him from tumbling into bed.

Check the room temperature, the ideal temperature is 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃.

In order to take care of the baby, crib can be placed on your bed.

Become experienced father: baby cry? Your clean little finger into his mouth, if he just wanted to suck, he would “grabs” your fingers; if he is angry, as you put him, he will cry!

Diet: breast-feeding

Spoon into a smooth powder, reconstituted according to instructions on the dollar amount of warm water.

Loosen the nipple ring, put a little air, and then tighten. A few drops of milk on the wrist, to not hot appropriate.

Find a comfortable position to sit is good, good waist pad. Your baby’s head up so he can suck better, and help digestion.
Remember, nursed, bristling hold the baby, to let him play hiccup.

Become experienced father: to prevent the baby breathing too much air, or cause intestinal cramps, baby will be very painful. Case of the intestinal cramps, gently massage the baby’s abdomen to reduce pain.

Diaper change: Let your baby clean and

This is a close contact with the baby the best chance.

The need to things ready at hand. Put a soft towel.

Start with the cleanest place to start clean, then clean the dirtiest place. Best meal for diapers, baby feeding because it is easy when wet diapers.

Become experienced father: the baby’s stomach and diapers should be placed between two fingers, confirm whether the system was too tight.

Baby diapers hanging cabinet

A multi-purpose items, baby care can be a variety of items to place them, such as diapers, towels, bath powder and so on. Not only save space, but also for your convenience, to avoid the need to take care of the baby items and failed to find when running around in circles.