Summer is gone Autumn has Come

Summer quietly away, like a bad mood as I quietly away from me, in exchange for the next season, in exchange for the arrival of a good mood, do not know share the feelings? Will not have the time next season, but also quietly away from me?
I have been constantly recall, this summer I have done, is a lot of time wasted in an insignificant person, or in exchange for a period of time with these warm memories?
Standing outside the window and saw a distant tree, the tree leaves have started yellowing, like a broken kite in the wind and the most in the fall, but I used to, how in the deserted night can not sleep . During that feelings of frustration, I do not know why so quick to cheer up, maybe something is tired, perhaps I underestimate the importance of feelings? Ha, in short, I bid farewell to those unhappy past, back to the hip and beautiful personal world.
Have been accustomed to a person’s life, the silence like the wind, like rain melancholy. Like the simple life, not worry about the first line, it does not matter, I often say on their own, I was missing something, but I did not lose everything, including my friend, and the desire to live for tomorrow.
I want to record in words, good, beautiful. All recorded, after slowly aftertaste. Some time ago in life, so that turbulence in the soft, makes me feel so happy, so happy! Jing Xiaxin failed for so long, good write something, hesitated for a long, long time, the final decision or space here to log updates.
Sometimes, when too much regret, no longer think it is a shame. Life is not perfect things, if not downright sad the same. I think this summer will soon be over, it is time to forget the unhappy past.
Sometimes, looking at the plants on the windowsill, could not help but have a desire, I yearned to own a plant can be as arbitrary as the growth, but it is absolutely impossible, because no one can condone such I No one will say to me, you enjoy your branches spread it, no matter how ugly the flowers out, how ugly bear fruit, I am willing to accept … … to you
Depressed, in fact, the preceding days, I have been very depressed. When such feelings, when accumulated to a certain extent, this will be converted into another kind of emotional feelings, it becomes inexplicable sadness and irritability. Now, I have a brand new state of mind, began his new life, do not know why? Still here, still forget, I never expect who know me, in fact, even I do not know myself, how can you can understand me?
Really good fast summer has gone, the autumn wind blowing gently in an early morning start, the feeling is so cool, the moment, I realized that the fall schedule is really coming!