A cool Autumn days Good Scenery

Blankly at the computer, many say, I do not know where to start, clear thinking, emotional stability is not so, one night, sometimes there will be a little lonely and desolate unknown.
Sometimes, there is always some surprises, like the desire to hear their own voice, will never come easily. However, in a particular moment, was suddenly discovered that an unexpected and scenes, and perhaps also to stimulate the inner soft.
Some people will always inadvertently, into the heart has dried up, sparking little ripples, or actually make their move, and can sense the warmth of that long absence.
Each fall, will have the same view, for example, lofty sky, a blue, clear water clarity, white clouds, chrysanthemum in full bloom, Tan Kwai fragrance, leaves the mountain, by the vast reed, as well as geese fly over the sadness. Those who can not see through the beautiful scenery, but a deeper share of lazy mood, some emotions do not go, it will naturally eruption, when there is no need as young as poetry that worry, a good autumn natural mood infiltration of bone marrow, heart beat bursts.
Homecoming, long years of precipitation, even if it has offer all kinds of feelings, the worth of sentimental, I can finally throw away those fetters of body and mind the dust, with a clean heart washed clean text and fleeting Magnificence, show to show faint smile, those long and graceful charm hidden in the misty night in the swing, rising into bloom again after the heart sounds from the curl, that faint trace strands of tenderness Needless to say, do not ask the people who know will understand the nature , as that accidental phone, as that gentle greeting, moving some things to the mind, are inadvertently revealing, do not deliberately search for, romantic and full of warm hearts can be natural.
Lonely moments, the soul of the text is the best outlet export, used to expose the soul of words, used in the dark in a virtual romance they desire and aesthetic. Perhaps this is the moment, a simple text record precipitation in the heart of the happiness that will be a permanent achievement, walk in the quiet of the night, won the sinking of the heart beating, all need to remember the warm and sealed in the document, as collection a long-lasting memories, you can imagine will be some sort of like minds think alike eternal.
Very quiet night, I seem to face only in the text can bare their true feelings, and only in the text before they can indulge their own freedom of thought. A cup of strong coffee, a few cocktails with a taste of German chocolate, a soft pure music, people could not help but lightly thoughts, reverie in the patch of their own space, imagination and picture your hand, fantasy day, but also be your big warm hand holding, into an unknown paradise, walk terraced rice paddies, to see steady, listen Zen sound wave, away from earth complex, and only love, only love can cast our paradise.
From beginning to end, never think of themselves as a greedy woman, also very self-knowledge, not to expect those who had not his own things, but, living in the Red, there is always see through the human well-being, there is always busy can not be known smoke, I’m just a vulgar woman, or will inevitably be tempted to turbulence, inevitably there will be vain, inevitably there will be pain and worry unfounded. So, I will fantasy, there will be eager to, a lot of beautiful scenery, knowing that they can not see through the tiny, but, I hope your traction, through a deep Red, with love as sand, lines the way a lot of, take a lot of bridge, see a lot of beauty, eat lots of food, love for those who can witness the miracle of all enjoy the place, let me dull life without any regrets and remorse, even though everything is on paper, but I still think After the well-being, perhaps, that life, even if, as a mirage, a dream may be worth pursuing after all, after all, there is someone sleeping in the bottom of my heart, after all, there should be hard to appreciate some beautiful scenery.
Text in the idea of ​​beauty, can not see through, heavy in real life, the more ideas are not allowed to have any illusions, so many, many tangible and intangible forces will destroy the balance of my mind, I have been hard to adjust, and ultimately Or, while tired, happy a while, moved a while, the pain while.
Living in the countryside, you can always dressed in a prime installed, despite my physical and mental capacity of rural house, let the blue sky, mountains, wash my soul, to keep yourself in the quiet countryside, do not expect too much of earthly prosperity, do not expect too much romantic and beautiful, simple and natural language to listen to grass insects, watching the sunrise on road, listening to blossom, despite the change of seasons, seasonal changes affect mood, it also brings a different kind of text to cultivate the mind, while there are different mood changes with the seasons, I was master of his emotions, just as natural as real flowers are blooming.
Some people say I want to come see the Nu River; also been said that you want for a luxury car to the Nu River tourism; naturally, some say, a lonely night, I would think. These, on the actual meaning of what I have? Although I like romantic, but I still eventually have to worldly woman.
If you can, I certainly hope you accompany me to see a steady ride to enjoy the extraordinary warmth of the day, I know, any virtual mirage, are not I live in this country is, and nothing can be more than this day quiet down to earth, I had a simple and pure sinking heart, seems to be calm and accept the earth’s wind and rain, to accept any need to face reality.
Mundane life, but also need to use different measuring days the length of life, thought to measure the length, through many days, had been loved, been hurt before, had been pet, he is subjected to a lot, but I still hope, There are many beautiful soul on earth is not pollution, just as this fall, I do not imagine, how will a good autumn and sad sad sad? I only hope that those who can not see through the landscape is still beautiful as ever, each of our small and humble life can be planted in the soul of a flowering tree, carefully looking flowers leaves green. Even if it must withstand the storm hit, even if the wind must be wandering, but we can still leaves the same as the tragic and joy, thinking back to past numerous dream, together we can still release their energy, so that ordinary life as a short general blossoming flower release.


Legendary Story of Exotic Jewelry

Gems and hard to put into words the royal family seem to have some kind of contact, national royal crown jewelry is almost always used with a variety of precious stones, precious stones reflect the royal family is considered the most distinguished. Not only that, a symbol of royal dignity in the gem, but also inherited the legendary king room emotions.

Two generations of the princess engagement ring

Oval sapphire cabochon, surrounded by trimmed with white diamonds, sapphire ring While this was the classic late British Princess Diana’s engagement ring, but also one of the British royal family heirlooms. Today, it has been worn on a quasi-princess Kate’s hands. It is said that around 18 kt While sapphire ring, as well as a series of story: Many people think that, when Princess Diana engagement ring selection, the pick of the biggest stars, but in fact, her selection is not their favorite maximum. Diana is like sapphire, sapphire can be set off because of her eyes. Diana’s engagement, the ring worth £ 28,500. After her death, Prince William and Harry selection of artifacts as a souvenir, the prince chose sapphire ring, while Prince William is a selection of Cartier watches. Now, Prince Harry is very pleased to be able to ring as her brother’s engagement ring, now it’s valuation reached 25 million pounds.

British royal family members are not only used to pass stones, but also like the usefulness of meta gem. For example, King Edward XI was on a sapphire ring, and now shines in the Queen’s “Empire of the crown” on. In addition, the crown set with two strings of pearls still, it was Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded in 1587 when wearing the necklace. In addition, Prince Philip presented to the British Queen Elizabeth II an engagement ring, from when the mother of Prince Philip – the Crown Princess Andrew of Greece.

According to statistics, the British royal family is the world’s most famous gem family, with 22,599 precious stones and jewels. Some of these treasures come from India and South Africa, search, and some countries by the year some of the weak contribution to the royal family.

In 1905, the British colonists in South Africa found a diamond weighing 3106 kt of ore, and decided to dedicate the King Edward VII. Later, the block processing is Zhekejuzuan total output volume of 1063.65 kt of diamonds, all owned by the British royal family all. Among them, the largest diamond named “Cullinan 1”, the “Star of Africa”, re 530.02 kt. The second largest was named “Cullinan 2”, weight 317.4 kt. Now the egg sized “Star of Africa” ​​is set in the King’s right to battle the top. The size of pigeon eggs “Cullinan 2” is set in the British royal family’s “Imperial Crown” on.

Iran’s royal gem pots

In the basement of the Central Bank of Iran, museum treasures in the collection of ancient Iran, diamond jewelry and gold jewelry. The most conspicuous place in the Treasure Hall, placed the set with 26,000 diamonds and precious stones of the throne of Nadir. In 1926, Reza Shah the king and the coronation in 1967 when they used the throne.

Bright “light sea” diamonds and “Mountain of Light” diamond was the world’s largest diamonds, two well-known, formerly India’s Mughal dynasty. “Sea of ​​Light” is light peach, a 182-carats, is now on display at the Central Bank of Iran’s treasure shop. “Mountain of Light” with India in 1304 found that the original weight of 191 kt, the rest of 108.93 kt after grinding process. After changing hands several times, now all of the British royal family.

Most of Iran’s treasure museum treasures are the royal family of Iran since the 16th century, amassed, and countless great jewelry particles, only with pots, boxes full bloom, and many have not had time to polish. For ease of storage, some of the treasures to be embedded in the crown, sword, dagger, cup covered dishes and a variety of crafts. Year Nasaierding dissipate into the atmosphere for the preservation of the King’s royal gem, had ordered craftsmen to create a globe and several top jewelry diamond-studded crown. Pahlavi was crowned king and queen of them wear the crown, set with 3380 diamonds, five emeralds, sapphires and 386 two pearls, called treasures.

Witness the legendary family and love

National royal crown inlaid with precious stones almost all. Bao Shi Wangguan embedded relief of the Swedish royal family treasure handed down, it was Napoleon’s first wife is Josephine all, of the Swedish royal wedding when Princess who will wear the crown. Danish Queen to wear the crown of emeralds and the entire mosaic jewelry, from the king’s crown on the part of the interception down, this jewelry is not allowed to leave from the Danish territory. Spain’s Queen Victoria’s crown, sometimes with green gems, sometimes inlaid with pearls. After her death, left his daughter Mary to the crown – Princess Christina, Princess and later gave his nephew the King of Spain Juan Carlos.

A symbol of royal gems valued at the same time, also witnessed a variety of legendary royal: Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor to Wallis Simpson to give up his throne. Their wedding ring is 19.77 karats of emeralds, says: “We are ours now (we belong to each other).” The Crown Prince of Greece in Switzerland to Palma Princess Mary Worth – Total marry him yet, well-known in the ring with a sapphire and diamond heart-shaped cut, which fully reflects his personal style.


For girls

Time flies, time flies, Muran Looking back, I have a close thirties. Although I, like millions of people and future generations of farmers, but I grew up is under the care of their parents growing up, sometimes I wonder why parents would love me in every possible way, in addition to the lively and lovely addition to my nature, I think there is an important reason for this is because I was a boy, I believe many people know the boys in the rural areas represents, what it means, especially those who only son, is treated as a family heirloom. Which gave birth to a boy if the family that they are wreathed in smiles, joy, Which gave birth to the contrary if the girl, but that successive births are girls, that they are mourning family , deeply grieved, and even more serious was also unfortunate to say what the house, complaining, so sometimes I was very sour, in such extreme patriarchal social environment for those girls really are inexplicable injustice.

I remember October 1, 2009 is the most impressive of the day, because that day I realize more clearly that the patriarchal nature of society. I just put the eleven day holiday back home, my mother came out from the kitchen, said to me: “Xiaohua, your cousin gave birth,” I heard the excitement jumped up and said: “It must be a boy now! erupted in their home at ease, and cousin also had a good day, “” she gave birth to a girl, “I had hardly faded mother cut in and said,” The girls? how could a girl? not everyone says that during his lifetime a boy? “I asked my mother a little tone of reproach,” I wonder is, she checked several times to go are the boys, how to born a girl, and alas, your cousin is really hardy ah! they husband’s cousin every day in your useless chatter, students do not come out a boy, I think the future is certainly sad day, “sighed her mother said to me while Wang Chufang side go in the direction. Looked at the mother to leave the back, thinking about the unfortunate cousin, a trace of a sudden my heart sad, really from the heart as a cousin of my sympathy to her face, and I also think a woman is not easy to do, to spend so much The effort gave birth to a child out of family get is just endless chatter, I think boy or girl is actually no difference, as long as your mind open enough, the concept is not obsolete.

Enough through my cousin this example can be seen in our great country of 1.3 billion people, how many women have faced such problems, encountered the same experiences. And how many girls are born to leave their birth parents or just the end of the birth of young lives, how many girls because they are caused by the long life of the psychological shadow. I recently watched a movie, is a masterpiece of the famous director Feng Xiaogang, title called “the Great Tangshan Earthquake,” I feel very good shot the film, the film is too many moving pieces, remember that the most profound is the female masters of film to save his two children that moment, due to circumstances at the time only to save a child, when the ambulance crew asked her if she saved a boy or a girl, she is very sad, very difficult decision, she can not wait to be pressed on the stone people underneath their own, but at the last minute she decided to save the boy. In the crevice of her mother’s sister, heard the phrase: “to save his brother,” she almost desperate, looking at her sad desperate eyes, I am sad, and even tears in his eyes across a bit, in fact, this can not be blame the mother, the mother suffering because of this decision for decades, perhaps thousands of years in China, eternal culture, perhaps in subconscious human thought important than girls do boys, at least they think the boy is procreation, The girl is someone’s wife sooner or later.
In retrospect we have already mentioned several years of national gender equality, but how many people really understand and use it? How many people really understand the true meaning of the words equality it? I think it should be very few! Many rural girls, 15 and 16-year-old started out from work, and mostly because the family had no money, not so much for children to study, only let the boys school, the girls come out to earn money, often hear the experiences of these when I will be very scared, sad, the same life, also gave birth in a mother’s embrace, and why treatment is not the same? I think they deserve our serious consideration the entire Chinese nation, President Hu Jintao National People’s Congress has repeatedly stressed to our minds, which we have done it? We should do it? All of these I think are worthy of us to ponder.
Buddhism tells us: all the world like Flower in the Mirror, in the water, in the end after all, is futile, and life as a meteor, fleeting, why do we always entangled in between men and women do, through the history of the rings We will find the kind of patriarchal era has quietly there anymore, and now we live in the 21st century, this is a time of gender equality, a woman can be a self era, in the heart of this I sincerely appeal to the whole society Do not ignore the girls, let us use their own action to prop up a whole society, girls day, so that they can be healthy and robust growth, let us work together to create a truly harmonious society.

Own Room

Heard the news that a new district hospital is about to tear down conversion. Here is my dormitory, in the past movement of people, leaving only the rigid deserted. District where the withered everywhere, decadence and unfamiliar. Some unexpected quiet here, a little old gray rendering of its raging emotions, uninterrupted reported split rumors, the difficulties it faced death. It is also so young, age is pink, but where his only destiny.
On the second floor, my bed room. Hall has a glass wall, facing the busy road and the factory dormitory, the wall is all the world. My simple room furnishings, a sofa, a long-shaped table, wardrobe, bed, dresser, nothing more. Confusion disturbed the whole space, books are everywhere, outdated magazines, newspapers, filled with words of the manuscript, notebook, canned protein powder and vitamin pills. These things I survival. They are flowing, from the bedroom to the room, from the sofa to the dresser. I am in this room bright alive, safely made the district’s lover. I regularly purchase to the supermarket, buy a lot of meat and vegetables, biscuits, drinks, snacks, and then, all day and night to stay in the house, doors and windows are closed, even the curtains were pulled, the air from the small cracks come, nourish my breath. There is no rhythm in my life, jumping, still, gentle and docile, or dried hysterical, self-played different roles. I imagine he is all-powerful queen, under one person, people above; will be dressed as dancers, accompanied by music and dance a whole morning; sometimes housewife, busy busy field a clean slate on the calendar note memo … …
Mother often called to, again and again “early hours, early marriage and motherhood” and told her all the time do not worry about their daughter alone on such a day old down. I say what is wrong? No two bored, smoke tea m trivial, children, diapers, all kinds of secular education …. But, there are several people can all share them? We can not stop love, one day the temptation, could not resist the loneliness of life, happily and ran to the marriage.
I work every evening to open the door the first thing is to take off his clothes, as well as removing the camouflage day, or did not complete the material, the idea is still in manuscript, very friendly colleagues emotions. All step down, leaving only themselves and face their own body, soul, the will and ideals. Typically, the room naked I walked, belly dance in the hall, in order to practice the lines of the body. I have the mirror to see their own bodies, small breasts, as if the child is not mature, quietly asleep, waiting to be awakened one day. I stroked his white bright, young skin, it exudes my body odor, mixed with the smell of perfume and shower gel, fresh, cloudy, warm, ambiguous, in the park with my smell of those migrant workers who have body odor So some of the differences. I had a strong smell of migrant workers who smoke, odor and body odor mixed with the taste, quite pungent. I know that people’s lives, often peering through the windows of their houses, as they look at me, like in the distance. I watched a group of people who work every day to work on time, dressed in purple-blue work clothes, soiled fingers crevices black or white powder. Snacks in front of their factory Tanqian buy snacks, a man pulled a woman’s hand go for a walk in the dead of night under a tree kissing, arguing, whispering, making love behind the curtains, unaware of the loneliness. I am in a room, surrounded by such people.
I began to try to love. To spend a lot of time chatting on the man chatting with a distant, ambiguous, Jiao Chen, wordy, angry, and repeatedly. But I did not love, find out from beginning to end. Losing his temper with her boyfriend every time I log on in the diary, this is the first few times? People alone, when you want companionship, but often the same as medical treatment, medication, there must be some side effects.
One day I was cleaning the room closet, accidentally discovered a pile of old things, about the former residential customers in this room to stay, there are sanitary napkins, men’s razors and condoms, these things covered with dust, I put them in a sealed bag, put back to. I imagine others have in this room, like me life, suffering, pain, loneliness, washed in hot coffee or evening stroll Tieguanyin, night of insomnia, black and white reversed living, thinking, talking about love, big laugh, cry, silence, and even quarrels, their shadows everywhere, as if the young do not loose the soul wandering in here, day after day and out. Inviting steps to leave, is still blowing the same loneliness. I carefully scrutinize them, looked like in my own. Those with no messy clean up the dishes, clothes, books, shopping bags and written emotional face, it is these things that make the whole house show a kind of vitality, it is not Jinian after year of waste is parked vehicle, it breathing and pulse, heart beating law, truly bitter feeling, pain, loneliness and boring, hard to resist with.
One day we go out to the room. Dressed, clean surface oil, playing foundation, blush brush, lipstick, painted eyebrows, smile, right, not long after the trail, to the door, into the traffic and pedestrian flow in the direction of rolling land in his own and ran, face to the world. And this room behind crashing down, crashing down for some time. That is no concern of the lonely youth, it was crazy growth, from lush to depression, short-lived, but it’s brilliant plan bright sky.

Flow Pattern of Life

Seasonal migration, the time of limp walk, we bid farewell to the old space shuttle ignorant of one’s youth, riding in the vast sea of ​​humanity, we continue to edit the pattern of life processes.
“Life” is just two simple words, but rich in content, brings us wonderful insights and tricks like the process. In the nightmare of all things flowery laugh, we cry accompanied by brightly in this encounter with the living world of Chan. Bustling city streets, utterly country lanes, red light green wine of luxury living, smoke curl the quiet life, the lives of each of us is different, every day life are not the same.
We like the pattern of the seasons of life, every moment is an insurmountable path. Warm summer is the starting point of life, beginning with hearts full of hope to find the most beautiful, continuous hard work, constant effort, but always continue to fall, constantly wounded, the ravages of life slowly brought us to suspect Some people with small body curled up cowardice, and some people are still persistent, experienced a burning sun, survive the frost biting winter of training, they gain a rich autumn fruit, enjoying the bright colors of spring, enduring fragrance easy life. Sorrowful Review us through life, only to find the memory-filled messy, organize the thoughts in thought, slowly understand the true meaning of life. Summer and winter is our turning point, bring us frustration and fight, only experienced, and adhere to, we can see the dawn of the fall and spring. Flow pattern of a person not sit back and enjoy life, not easy, but a lifetime to pay to edit.
Sometimes life is like a folk tune, buzzing, banished the anxiety. Life was like a lyrical poem, singing a quiet, cheerful mood, even if the storm can not afford to lift the heart but also the waves of the lake. If life is only a pale clouds in the sky, we do not need for its colorful and worries; if life just pass by the breeze, we do not need it engraved in their hearts. But life is not clouds and the breeze, do not allow us to wanton, if we choose to give up, to be abandoned will be our most beautiful memories and forge a beautiful right.
Reflections of mottled footprint, Cheongdam Xiao, crumbling, by butterfly dance, fun, reminds us of the paradise described by Tao of life, giving in the endless longing; fragrant grass, barren desolation, the wind blew, rough, reminds us of Robinson’s island life, giving to the infinite wonder. Regardless of how the processes of life, just remember: the trouble drive Jinfen Mu, let the sun disperse the dense, flow pattern is a necessity, is a wonderful foundation. Maybe we do not have the celebrity life so beautiful, but every step we can lead a rich.
As long as you like, the best day every day; as long as your pulse is still beating, life processes on the pattern continues. Life is like a mathematical flow, sometimes simple, sometimes rugged complex, although the end result will be, but no one can know in advance the outcome. Life has always been on the hazy fog, how to clear cloud of life? Anything is a breakpoint, why should we process the length of the heart of it, as long as this moment we are still alive, we have hope, life flow pattern, not indulging in memories, but has time to understand.

Let’s get Married

Dans le rêve et l’amour, rien n’est impossible
In dreams and love, no matter it is impossible
This issue is dedicated to my good friend, because she is about to get married, so I promised her a dream wedding.

Married, one less, so I imagined my wedding day, I have to bring my family to participate in the three dogs
 What is the protagonist of wedding accessories? Of course, is the ring

European dating, many ideas, as we also advocate a diamond is love, an “I do”, “QUI”, “I DO” This is the true meaning of love

Graceful bride hair on, plug in this card, not less than the flowers

Simple earrings, you can lengthen the neck of the bride elegant lines.

The bride looks like Europe is more preferred in the Pearl

The wrist is the slightest wound moist.

Such a pearl ring collar, like a Chinese bride “Xiapei”

 The choice of wedding shoes, is also crucial. Little bit of style between the feet, especially enchanting

Details determine success or failure, a small water drop pendants, particularly the color

Funny late run into the bride, we can gallop

 Wedding, the best man is a very important role, appropriate dress, the wedding can provoke a lot of “amazing” eyes

 Participated in a friend’s wedding in France, it seems that everyone was very particular about what to wear, evening gowns, suits are decent routine, the girls that day, but certainly better than the bride, groom and best man may be another focus. Because many are held in the form of buffet, so we struggled to color.

The groom is really brilliant, parents are married photos, once again witnessed their happy marriage

                                                                                                                                Let’s get married

Poignant Story and Impressive Love

A friend recommended to me leisurely novel “one thousand gentle.” Originally due to eye problems, the doctor also does not allow time to study. But once open the computer, access to the text of this novel, I was hooked. Author of the beautiful words, like trickling stream flowing naturally in your heart, make you feel fresh and pleasant, make you want to have to read on, can be said to let them go, less than a week to read through it again. Yanjuan reveries, scenes and scenes of the novel appeared in front. –
Described by a writer online and triggered a series of unexpected stories, these stories show the beautiful love, affection, friendship often tear-jerking. Also produce these stories description of the environment, all seem to enjoy the fascination and beauty. –
Consonance with the character of those who are good character, reflects the traditional virtues of Chinese women, although her escapades outside of marriage, but the fundamental, the whole gives the impression that she is still so beautiful. Her kindness, her passionate, her self-sacrifice, and even makes her weak and are amazed. Her life and behavior is traditional, but her idea is avant-garde, she to his beloved people, the easy life at break has been, willing to take the risk of being reprimanded, from this point of view she is brave, is admirable. –
For the consonance of this person, the reader will have a different interpretation of the so-called benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. I think there are two sides of the body consonance, on the one hand, she likes the kind of idyllic seclusion, in that environment, she can indulge their arbitrary nature, she can not applied Prostitute, can not the whole clothes, you can touch the soft barefoot soil, can have fun with Shaw’s play their favorite music, where she got the greatest freedom and satisfaction; the other hand, as a woman, her desire for a man’s heart care and caress her soft, plump body needs beloved meet people give her the kind of body and soul needs the combination of great happiness. Her husband loved her up no doubt, but his love is selfish, he took her as a beautiful work of art, he took her for it, keep up, let her be a little aggrieved, and the only not to give her as a living flesh and blood woman. He can do everything for her, but she can not listen carefully to express their views on the matter. People, especially women sometimes need to talk, but never give her up this opportunity, so do not care about her and feeling her up, not so in love with her. So she always felt depressed, felt neglected and feel wronged. In this case she miss all my family, especially her brother, Riverside. When she met online when the left, through the chat she felt he was very like her brother, Riverside, they talk about anything, get along, she was in a relationship to his care, his generosity, his sense of humor humor attracted and touched by her attachment to him gradually began to miss him, and eventually developed into love, until they have close contact. I think this whole process is a natural development, is a matter of course, is the situation of the actions, although they have their own families, but their love of this derailment was the inevitable result. And any sincere love interest should be the praise, not disdain. –
Consonance husband up as a successful lawyer, whether in business or in the income he is shining on those who, by the people in the community respect and his favor, his promising future. It is this success made him at home conceited, self-righteous, the result is loss of consonance. However, the consonance of love is up, and this person is indeed a man, carried out in various efforts and work hard to find is irretrievably lost, he expressed respect for the generous selection of consonance and divorced, and consonance, as the consonance continue to pursue their own happiness to open the door. –
Left side of this character, I think that was the author idealized, his words and deeds are so decent, so that people feel unreal. Such people in real life is very difficult to see, but the community is really more like him responsible, compassion, dedication, and talented people, become more beautiful. Therefore, from this perspective, we should thank the author gives us shape the character. –
The wife left the cause of the summer cold is a type of woman, possessive, she has left such a good husband and proud, but only so far, she left as an honor, but do not know to treasure, she can not love a woman the way her husband, not her husband a little warmth, even her husband do not want to meet normal physiological needs. However, when know that the left has an affair, she thought is not their own feelings of loss, but can not be fully accepted on the face, as she and her husband up as a weight to show off, not affiliated partner. This is the main reason she lost the marriage, although she has taken various measures to save the marriage, but finally ended in failure, in the process she felt real love of her heart is her husband, only to be overshadowed by some of the surface of things, so she lost her self, and finally lost the left days. When she look at these, she made a wise choice, it is also left-days free. Overall look at this woman is very good. –
Although the story ends in tragedy, but from the beginning until the end of the story the whole process, the author presents us with one good picture of life and the beautiful scenes of life, so sincere and touching love, gave too much of our aesthetic enjoyment . Although these are so short, but the flash of brilliant but let us food for thought. All the good things the world is a gift of God, we should cherish gratitude towards the happiness we get, rather than deal with a critical eye to life, so life will be getting better and better, I feel consonance days left, up, summer cold in the final understand this truth.