The world’s most Beautiful Castle

Prague Castle: the world’s largest ancient castle. According to the Guinness Book of World Records record, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle and a length of 570 meters, width of 130 meters. There has long been the royal palace in Prague, is still the president’s residence and the seat of state organs.Mont Saint Michel: the castle is located on the island. Known as the “Western spots” of Mont Saint Michel between Normandy and Brittany in France, located in the middle of a huge rock island sandbar. 708 years, the town of Avranches Obert case of the Archangel Michael Bishop apparitions, and in its skull open on the point of a hole, the highest point on the island so he built a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael, make it a pilgrimage center, it said Michelle Hill. Mountain area is very small, only 1 km in diameter, the hills than it built nearly twice the monastery. This monastery built in the 11th to the 16th century, is the extraordinary skill of the masterpiece, the spire towering Gothic church, on top of the golden statue of St. Michael’s sword in hand directed at the sky. Reminding us of scenes into the paradise on earth in general. It is a unique natural environment with the surrounding integration, high tide, it is like an island, cold and arrogant and unpredictable; after low tide, it becomes accessible.Potala Palace: Tibet’s monumental buildings. Potala Palace is located on top of Red Hill in Lhasa, is a large-scale castle-style buildings, called the essence of making. According to legend, the Tibetan Buddhist Tibetan King Songtsan what is good, moved the capital Lhasa, Lhasa, often in close proximity to the mountain chanting prayers to the mountain known as “Potala.” “Potala” is a transliteration of Sanskrit, translated as “Po Lo” or “Po”, originally referred to the Goddess of Mercy of the home place. 641 AD into a princess Songtsan married Tangchao Wen, excitedly, for the princess made ​​the Potala Palace. Potala Palace, built by the year nine-story high, a total of 999 palaces, practice rooms plus a total of 1000 hills, magnificent. It attracts more and more foreign tourists come to visit. Now, the Potala Palace has been listed by UNESCO as “World Heritage” list.Chomsky Castle: The castle built in the cave.  Chomsky is the only castle built in the cave in a castle. According to records, the establishment of the castle is not at one go: mid-12th century began building the castle of the “left wing” of the Renaissance building in central, only then until about 1570, “right wing” constructed, the whole project took about four centuries.Neuschwanstein: classic fairy tale castle. Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as “Folsom Snow White Castle”, is the seat of the myth of white walls and blue-top castle, situated in the Alps, was founded in 1869. Construction of the castle is very dramatic. Originally it was the Bavarian King Ludwig II’s dream of design, Ludwig II is Sissi’s cousin, said he has crush on Sissi, not yet completed his stay at New Castle, Sissi had presented only porcelain swan congratulations on this so Ludwig II Neuschwanstein castle named Castle. King did not see his dream before his death completed, the castle is completed later generations each year, so the castle is seen today with the descendants of previous cooperation classic. Perhaps King Ludwig II never dreamed, this year there will be millions of people travel.


Cherating Beach Resort

Cherating Beach is located in the picturesque east coast of Malaysia, for the green surrounded by water. It is home to the world’s longest connectivity tall houses, like those in the local Malay villages can be found in the typical tribal house, comfortably placed in the lush tropical rainforest trees. Here visitors can relax in this idyllic environment, casual play, you can linger in the palm trees and live in harmony with a variety of rare birds, you can see macaws, Gibbons such unusual tropical birds , along with their chirping and the warm wind, the natural experience of slow living in the fun with live music. In Cherating Beach Resort also provides a wealth of activities including gliding, sky jumping, yoga, golf, archery, petanque, and windsurfing.

In addition to these, Club Med offers visitors endless opportunities to create a fully meet the interests of their holiday. Visitors who prefer quiet style can treat yourself to the SPA center, away from earthly noise and confusion, so that my body, mind, spirit rejuvenated. Let the soothing fragrance permeates Shen Pan, Club Med SPA center offers a comprehensive and luxurious enjoyment, experience the leisurely and carefree life. At night, you can choose to join the crowds at the Disco dance with the carnival, but also on the beach and the distant and rhythmic beat, away from the joy of the crowd alone.
The new upgrade Cherating Beach Mini Club closer to the dense jungle, design inspiration and most of the materials used in the same from the surrounding natural environment. After the new entrance to broaden have more space, from wood and palm trees form the club walls and decorated with bamboo and green ceiling, a perfect blend of natural elements, it is more intimate with nature. More purchase new furniture, an ornamental fish pond and a newly designed playground, new upgrades Mini Club expanded area, children’s activity area that is closer to the sea, reflected his love of the concept of ecological and close to nature. This innovative creation, the nature as to arouse people’s emotions and sensory way. Children’s play and this in everyday conversation in the perception of the natural atmosphere.

Each came to the Mini Club for children, will be a story book — “rainforest treasure” awaits them is a series of exciting activities to discover nature. Each successfully passed the test, each student that will be given a seal of the corresponding activities, collect all the children will get a seal of recognition “Club Med Cherating Beach Baby,” the official certificate, as they are recognized natural environment, a good friend. We believe that when children enjoy holiday in income and access to knowledge is happy, happy holidays, parents should be this successful. Dotted around the resort with some lively animal sculptures, performances and the Mini Club during the day jungle small snacks for your family, or visit the turtle habitat, or to visit nearby attractions such as the short, blue lake and elephant habitat rather, constitutes a Club Med Cherating Beach Resort, another part of the highlights.

People who love nature, whether young or old, will be pleasantly surprised to find that those who spread Cherating Beach resort on the ubiquitous plants, animals and natural rustic charm. So Club Med specially prepared for visitors to explore a special manual which lists the resort can be found in all plants and animals. Each family can help and guide map to explore the inside of the resort near the amazing variety of wildlife. This manual, together with the children’s story book (rainforest treasure) are all made of environmentally-friendly recycled paper.

The new upgrade Cherating Beach Mini Club ecological project is Club Med “to promote green Earth” global strategy. Cherating Beach Resort most of the construction materials are taken from the local, not only the perfect blend of architecture and surrounding environment, but also save transportation costs. Will only cut down trees when necessary, and ensure its sustainable use after every felling a tree, there will be a new book to be immediately planted. Malaysia East Coast end of the rainy season comes every grave will bring rain, so the stretching of the tall houses to prevent floods. Recycled water by installing water-saving irrigation in the resort’s system is re-used. At the same time to recover from the resort air conditioning system to the combustion energy release and provide hot water boiler, the system saves a lot of energy, and reduce air-conditioning and burning due to the release of carbon dioxide. Natural wastewater treatment, also known as the “lagoon system” has been developed using the same, in addition to more effectively deal with domestic wastewater, the more conducive to lower costs.