Shanghai China Metro Line 10 Train Collision Occurred

Around 2:30 pm today, due to new ground station signal failure, the Shanghai Metro Line 10 using manual scheduling, leading to two trains collided Yuyuan Road Station.
Shanghai Metro Operation Information, September 27 14 am, the Shanghai Metro Line 10 due to equipment failure, Jiaotong University, Nanjing East Road section of the train speed to run, the grid frequency interval extended. Simon is currently the old station and the Nanjing Road station to implement change into the 10 line limit, your passengers to adjust travel route.
Line 10 unexpected equipment failures, implementation of the whole line of artificial scheduling, manual driving, may thus result in lower operating speed of the train, passengers are advised to transfer to other lines.
15:10, Xinmin reporter learned from the MTR, line 10 rear-end train station in the old Simon, was injured, rescue in progress.


Chinese Aircraft Carrier Out to Sea Today

This morning, our carrier platform sailing test. According to the pilot scheme, the first sea trials for a long time, back in the shipyard will continue to be modified and testing. Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration Web site also was at 15:21 on August 9 release of navigational warnings, at 0:00 on August 10 to 14, 18:00, Dalian Port for sailing a boat out to sea trials, the other ship banned from entering the Yellow Sea north of Liaodong Bay specific waters.

First sea trials, the development of aircraft carriers in China is undoubtedly a landmark nodes. Of course, from the carrier’s individual career is concerned, the sea trials just a normal step, without over-interpretation. Comprehensive information on all aspects we can see, our country is still at the exploratory experimental aircraft, the aircraft carrier from the trials did not rely on their own power, but by tug out of the terminal can glimpse. China is still the “aircraft carrier novice” is many reasons. Because the “aircraft carrier” to some extent, represents a country’s military, industrial and technological level of overall strength. Many large state-owned naval power and the Navy with a strong comprehensive national strength, technological level and economic base, so the advantage of occupying the development of aircraft carriers, for example, in the current five permanent members of the UN, apart from China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France has an aircraft carrier. In China, in a very long period of time, military, industrial and technological level does not have this ability, so development is limited, it is necessary to acknowledge.

Longitudinal case, the Chinese carrier gradually into view, will inevitably lead to multiple interpretations and even suspicion. The face of complex situations, and in particular self-confidence and self-knowledge. It can be said, have aircraft carriers for the upgrading of national maritime awareness, for China as a maritime power to enhance self-confidence, will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting. Forthrightly that, as a land and sea has a long coastline of the country, relative to the United States, Japan and other traditional maritime countries, national ocean awareness is relatively weak. As of today, referring to the ocean, people that spring to mind more of a hardship and anxiety. In the subconscious, the ocean is still dangerous source of weaknesses.

Sun Yat-sen once said: “The winners of sea power, its strength often dominant.” Carrier has also been a people’s dream in the Dream of the long process filled with pain and history of tragic road way. Looking back on history, in particular, need to remember as the “father of the modern Navy,” “Father of China’s aircraft carrier” Admiral Liu Huaqing, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. In 1970 he was back in the shipbuilding industry leading group office, it organized a special demonstration on an aircraft carrier. August 1982 when the army commander, after Shanghai, Liu Huaqing advocated-made aircraft carrier. In 1987 generous vow: “not an aircraft carrier, I wasted step, the Chinese navy – set to build an aircraft carrier!” When he was in positions to promote the many carrier-related pre-research project launched.

Since then, a variety of information presented on the carrier’s “asymmetric” free communication, the process naturally “undercurrent.” Until March 20, 2009, meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Jing moment for the first time publicly declared: “China can not never aircraft carrier.” Predicted the foreign media at the time, China’s first aircraft carrier to be officially launched in 2011. Now observe, from this domestic exports to the “hair” in the way, is sufficient to see the “aircraft carrier” of the existence of special significance.

In short, from a strategic sense, the process of China to build aircraft carriers, in addition to the maintenance of maritime rights and interests people the process of growing self-confidence, the more powerful countries in the world to adapt to China’s gradual process, which is bound to experience and accept. In such a monster aircraft carrier, the need is strong and healthy mind. As Mr. Du Wenlong Academy of Military Science researcher, in the afternoon of July 27, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman announced when the aircraft is being modified, issued a sigh, “This is an important day, but more is needed just normal day.”

Black Monday

Black Monday, supposedly the U.S. stock market is that it’s Black Monday, loud noise can also become China’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market Black Monday? I know some people will say that the U.S. credit rating cut not only the United States to do or something the world is vital for China to buy U.S. bonds, pros and cons of things … but, still it is not the reaction of U.S. stock market, and not let China’s stock market falling so badly?

Think about Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets these days (that is, last Friday, this Monday) of the decline, if the issues the U.S. factor, then I have to ask U.S. stocks rose, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have this linkage it? Good memories of friends concerned about the stock market under the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock fell due to external factors, or that the proportion rose due to external factors, is not all crash and remember nothing of the impression rose? If you really are talking about what the U.S. factor, or that the world factor is it trying to hide something, bullying the name Pirates of the world?

Recommended Reading
Chai Jing-known female reporter from CCTV “is missing,” said China’s stock market open to their own defeat
[Babe] the world how many black Black Monday [Politics] social injustice led to riots in the United Kingdom [social] the culture of consumer worries Pan [thermal paste] Thanks to the rumors that people are still alive [Literature and History] Du Yuesheng, why not go with Chiang Kai-shek Guo Shiying: CPI peak short-term interest rate movements do not need analysts to capture even the dark horse jumped mystery classified as “investment in our foreign exchange losses due to U.S. factor”, then I have to ask just losses, and no little profit it? Take a look at this two-day economic news, the three major credit rating agencies also maintain the United States if the other two triple-A credit rating, which one of the words can the U.S. credit rating “really” cut it? Rationally think about the U.S. credit rating even lower, it also allows it to open as long as the printing press, as long as the spending habits of Americans still do not change, the Chinese investing in U.S. bonds is very difficult to lose a profit. Reflected in the stocks, the U.S. stock market because of its credit rating cut a “Black Monday” is the best approach opportunity to buy low, wait for it to bounce or will counter, – I firmly believe that the U.S. stock market’s overall trend is still upwards , the credit rating cut is human action, disguised as a financial game going.

Our point with the U.S. stock market this opportunity rooster, really, really made me feel our government is to invest in U.S. debt loss is passed to all shareholders who, once again the national debt investors for the investment behavior of U.S. foot the bill. Some people might say I talk extreme, how we prove that government intervention in the stock market, investors in the country to pay? Yes ah, I is not detailed data supporting my argument. But simply to see the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, look at the world stock markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets and the linkage, we can easily arrive at the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market and economic trends unrelated to the world. Black Monday crash should not be a factor in the U.S., but China’s own factors cause trouble.

First, the upward trend of the Chinese economy as a whole, GDP is released monthly index, a barometer of the economy is no reason why the stock market runs counter to the endless; Second, the adjustment of China’s stock market itself has long tended to the bottom of the plate real, this time machine point and or is breaking down or the rooster? Fundamentals, the policy side, it is difficult for technical “experts” explain that the Chinese stock market down there is the possibility to find a new platform.

Third, China’s stock market is misappropriating the “financial instruments”, as long as this function the same, the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves, is America’s largest creditor, “China”, how could people in their field house can not see the stock market of prosperity? I really quite doubts.

In short, I hope that China and the U.S. stock market will not smell the chicken dance. Do not the Chinese government’s investment is on the outside fool, Tokgo undefeated at home; its decision-making rather a lot of places do not is the money lost in business (to buy our goods the country), rather than charity to their own people (the production and The people making these products), dividends

Financial Crisis is About to Come Again?

Financial crisis, also known as the financial turmoil, is a country or several countries and regions all or most financial indicators, such as short-term interest rates, monetary assets, securities, real estate, land (the price), number of business bankruptcy and collapse of financial institutions number of sharp, short and super-cycle deterioration. Financial crisis can be divided into a currency crisis, debt crisis, banking crisis and other types. In recent years, some form of financial crisis showed mixed trends. Characteristics of the financial crisis is that people will be more pessimistic about the future based on economic expectations, currencies throughout the region there was a substantial devaluation of the total economy and the economies of scale there was a substantial reduction, economic growth hit, often accompanied by large number of enterprises collapse phenomenon, higher unemployment, that the general economic depression, sometimes accompanied by a level of social unrest or political instability.
Between the financial crisis, there are substantial differences. The current crisis marks the end of the era of credit expansion, this era is based on the dollar as global reserve currency based on. Other periodic crises are larger boom – bust (boom led to overproduction, the backlog of goods, slow-moving) part of the process. The current financial crisis is a super-boom cycle peak, round cycle has lasted 60 years. Boom – bust cycles usually appear around the circle of credit conditions, and will always involve a bias or misconception. This is usually failed to recognize the value of collateral between the willingness to lend and there is a reflexive (reflexive), the relationship cycle. If access to credit, they brought a demand, and this demand has pushed up real estate values; turn, this has increased the amount of available credit. When people purchase real estate, and look forward to from mortgage refinancing to profit, then the resulting foam. In recent years, the U.S. housing boom is a testament to this. The 60-year super-boom continued, it is a more complex example. Whenever trouble when credit expansion, financial authorities have adopted interventions (the market) into the liquid, and find other ways to stimulate economic growth. That created an asymmetric incentive system, also known as moral hazard, which promote more robust credit expansion. This system is so successful that people began to believe that former U.S. President Ronald? Reagan (Ronald Reagan) “market magic” – but our country is called “market fundamentalism” (market fundamentalism). Fundamentalists believe that markets will tend to balance, and allow market participants to pursue their own interests, will be most conducive to common interests. This is obviously a misunderstanding, because the financial markets from collapse is not the market itself, but the intervention. Nevertheless, market fundamentalism became the 1980s accounted for dominance way of thinking, was the beginning of the globalization of financial markets, the U.S. began a current account deficit. Globalization, the United States can learn from the rest of the world’s savings, and consumer goods higher than the output itself. In 2006, the U.S. current account deficit reached its gross domestic product (GDP) of 6.7%. With the introduction of increasingly complex products and more generous terms, the financial markets encouraged consumers to borrow. When the global financial system at risk on the occasion, the financial authorities intervened, has played a role in fueling. Since 1980, the continuous relaxation of regulation, even to the point in name only.
Financial crisis is inherent in the capitalist economic crisis, the contents of 1929 -1933 years of world economic panic, but is a serious financial crisis as a guide. 1994 Mexican financial crisis and the 1997 East Asian financial crisis first occurred in the capitalist world. Can be seen, the financial crisis has its root system is the crisis of capitalism. The possibility exists that the financial crisis inherent in a market economy currency credit mechanism of spontaneous, once financial control, money and capital borrowing in the intensification of conflicts, the financial crisis has shown. The financial activity is characterized by a highly developed modern market economy itself is a high-risk economy, Embedding the financial crisis. Economic globalization and economic integration of the contemporary world economy is another major feature. Economic globalization is the transnational market economy, the highest form of development. Goods between the countries after World War II, further development of relations, countries more economically interdependent, goods, services, capital, technology, frequent international mobility, economic globalization and grew more distinct. The globalization of financial activities in the contemporary world, the new configuration of resources and economically backward countries and regions leap-forward development of the important reasons, but the international credit, investment in big-bang development, its inherent contradictions and deepening financial crisis is bound to that system is not perfect The weakest link in the outbreak. In summary, the modern market economy, there is not only derived from surplus commodity production, the crisis of insufficient demand, and there are financial and credit behavior out of control, excessive use of new financial instruments and capital markets triggered by speculation over the financial crisis. In the capitalist world, the market operation mechanism of the crisis has been the catalyst and the basic system to make it intensified. Financial crisis is not just difficult to avoid the capitalist countries, may also appear in the socialist market economic system. Financial system is not perfect, is out of control financial activities of the endogenous elements of the financial crisis. Because of this, the institutional transformation in our country, people should attach great importance to government regulation and do a good job of building a market economy system, in particular, take great efforts to improve the financial system, greatly enhancing the endogenous and exogenous financial crisis prevention capabilities. Summary: Southeast Asian financial crisis, it is the reason for the crisis had extensive and in-depth discussion. That the underlying causes of the crisis and external reasons, Liu further noted that White is the deeper reason, that is the modern currency credit mechanism lead to crisis. As long as there is a modern market economy, market economy, the credit mechanism inherent in the currency could lead to financial crisis. But, it is only in those systems is not perfect, the most vulnerable countries. This is the socialist market economy is no exception. Nonetheless, we can improve the financial system to prevent financial crisis, Liu said White gave us a way to prevent the financial crisis.

Rapid Manufacturing in China

In recent years, called “rapid manufacturing” the rapid development of high-tech, industrial design not only opened up the creative space and dramatically speed up the industrial design process, the critical parts manufacturing complex “simplified” in the national economy Other areas show a broad application. At present, China’s leading research and development in this area is the application behind the situation, its value has not yet attracted sufficient attention.

A revolutionary invention

R apidM anufacturing, also known as R apidPrototyping & M anufacturing or A ddi-tiV eM anufacturing, in the last 30 years the rise of the global machinery manufacturing a revolutionary invention, known as the “three-dimensional printers.”

Currently, the most widely used powder material is laser rapid manufacturing technology, the principle is the first computer to design parts of the complex three-dimensional model data is broken down into several layers of flat, then use the laser to metal, ceramic, plastic, sand and other materials by powder graphic data sintered to form a flat shape, and then superimposed by layers of accumulated, as plant growth as a one-time overall shape. As the manufacturing technology will become a simple cube from the bottom two-dimensional overlay, greatly reduces the complexity of the design and manufacture, and even traditional methods can not process can produce the singular structure, such as the closure of the internal cavity, such as nested .

Rapid manufacturing ideas generated in the 1980s. In 1992, DTM Corporation (now merged into the United States 3D System s Inc.) successfully developed the world’s first powder material used laser rapid manufacturing equipment. United States, Germany, Japan and other countries it is used for manufacturing wax, sand the rapid manufacturing, greatly enhanced the technological level of the traditional casting process. Currently, more than 400 precision casting house in Europe, more than 90% of the rapid manufacturing technology. In addition, the process can be directly manufacture of high performance metal parts, but also to create a thin, porous structure and other special parts in the aerospace, automotive and other key areas has broad application prospects. It is understood that the world’s rapid manufacturing technology products and services sales to grow 15 percent a year, European countries only in the aerospace applications has been more than 8% in the sophisticated weapons and equipment and automotive application areas such as rate of 1 / 3.

A new type of strategic technology

Huazhong University is engaged in rapid manufacturing technology research and development one of the main unit. Materials, vice president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Rapid Manufacturing Center SHI Yu Sheng, rapid manufacturing technology and traditional craft has a unique advantage compared to and characteristics. The first breakthrough in the traditional processing methods to remove the restrictions, no rough and large parts forging, casting equipment and tooling, enabling the integration of material preparation and forming, significantly reducing manufacturing cycle parts, reduce manufacturing costs and improve material utilization.
Second, in a production system with different material components can be manufactured with a wide range of materials and design adaptability.
Third, the entire digital production process can be easily adjusted through the materials and processes and control, to achieve a variety of materials in the same parts of the integrated manufacturing, to meet the different parts in different parts of the performance requirements.
4 is due to the use of non-contact processing methods, there is no tool replacement and wear of the type of problems, no cutting noise, vibration and waste water, waste and emissions, in line with the modern concept of green manufacturing.

SHI Yu-liter that rapid manufacturing technology is adding a new type of digital material forming technology, the geometry of the product and is not binding, it can be said “as long as you want, I can do it.” Therefore, the design components can be used when the optimal structure design, without having to worry about processing problems. This is the biggest advantage of rapid manufacturing technology to expand — where the designer’s imagination, especially in aerospace, weapons, vehicles and other power equipment, the complex structure of the high end.

In recent years, from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing rapid transformation into a new global trend in advanced manufacturing, which has developed into a “strategic technology.” Europe has been as rapid manufacturing techniques to enhance the aerospace, automotive and armament levels of the core areas of one of the key supporting technologies. For example, heavily subsidized U.S. Department of Energy and L osA lom os Sandia National Laboratory, to carry out rapid high-performance metal components manufacturing. In the Air Force, Army and Defense Department co-sponsored, the technology in Boeing, the arms giant Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and other defense suppliers to obtain the practical application of aircraft manufacturers.

China has started in all kinds of major science and technology, “973” plan, “863”, scientific and technological support program, yet the rapid manufacturing technology as a key development area. Some industry insiders believe that government action is necessary to support and promote the technology in our manufacturing a wide range of applications, making our own country of manufacture to change a key.

Applied research and development leading lag
International authorities predict that rapid manufacturing technologies as an independent production, with $ 1.3 trillion market. Although China has the international advanced technology, but the application rate is not high. Rapid manufacturing authoritative international report “Wohlers Report 2010,” Statistics show that the global use of rapid manufacturing equipment into half from the United States, sales of our products accounted for only 4.8% of the world. The reason is not technical and overall quality of equipment, on the contrary, our key technology and equipment in a number of large-scale is a global leader level.

In 1991, Huazhong University of rapid manufacturing center began in the rapid development of manufacturing technology innovation, made a historic breakthrough in 1994, successfully developed China’s first laser rapid manufacturing laminated thin materials and equipment, followed by the successful development of “fast powder laser materials manufacturing equipment and UV curing rapid manufacturing equipment. ” These types of rapid manufacturing equipment has been a series of products, so that I become the United States, Germany, the independent master this advanced technique.
Laser rapid manufacturing of powder materials in the large-scale equipment, the walking in the forefront of the world. The equipment uses a multifunctional material, that can be formed on the same equipment, a variety of powder materials. The German company’s latest EOS uses a machine equipped with a material that can only be used with the same equipment, forming a powder material, and equipment forming space and the scope of application is less than China’s rapid manufacturing equipment.
Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Rapid manufacturing of research of international attention. General Electric company to a customized parts, tungsten-nickel material is O .1 mm wall thickness of the grid structure of metal parts, two-dimensional space the size of mobile phone chips with up to 156 micro-grid. The expert analysis, this may be military products.
Rapid manufacturing technology breakthrough in the manufacturing problems, it is expected to enhance the designer’s confidence and enthusiasm for innovation, and promote China’s transformation from “Made in China” to “China.”


Anti-material world

The universe is there, “antimatter” mean? “Antimatter” in the end what is it? “Antimatter” is the antithesis of a material and conceptual. As we all know, atoms that make up the smallest particles of chemical elements, which consists of nuclei and electrons. Center of the atom is the nucleus, the nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, electron spin around the nucleus. Nuclei in the proton is positively charged, negatively charged electrons. From their quality, the proton is 1840 times more electrons, forming a strong asymmetry. Therefore, the early 20th century, some scientists question the difference between the two so poor, would not exist another particle, they are equal and opposite polarity of power?

The discovery of anti-particles
In 1928, the British young physicist Dirac theory put forward positively charged “electron” possibilities. Such particles, in addition to contrast with the electronic charge, the other are the same. In 1932, U.S. physicist Anderson through experiments, the Dirac’s prediction became a reality. He put a bunch of γ-rays into a pair of particles, one of which is electronic, the other with the same particle mass of an electron with positive charge is. In 1979, the New Mexico State University scientists to a huge 60-story helium balloon, into the ground 35 km altitude, flying eight hours and captured 28 anti-protons. Since then, people knew each particle has a corresponding antiparticle.

Corollary of the theory
People under the anti-particle, anti-natural to associate the existence of atoms. A proton and a negatively charged electron binding, they form atoms, then an antiproton and a positively charged “electron”, not to form an anti-atom it? And so on down, would be to form an anti-material world? In theory, it is established. However, the study found that particles and antiparticles, once met, will “die” into high-energy V-photon radiation.

Annihilation effects
Cosmological point of view in accordance with symmetry, “antimatter” is there. This school of thought, we see all the galaxies (including the Milky Way), was originally nothing but a huge and thin cloud of gas, the plasma composition. Plasma contains both particles, but also contains the anti-particles. When the gas cloud began to shrink under the action of gravity, the particle and antiparticle opportunities to engage more up, they had annihilation effect, and the release of enormous energy, the contraction of gas clouds begin to swell. This means that the expansion of the plasma gas cloud, which is positive and anti-particle annihilation caused.

Older People Want to Become Bilingual Young to Learn Two languages

Canada’s leading research professor of psychology, cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Shakespeare Aires after nearly 40 years of Rostock study confirmed frequent use of bilingual can delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. She led the team in 2004 published the first study found that bilingual people in the normal aging process, their cognitive abilities than those who only know one language is more strong. In other words, bilingual elderly than the elderly only know one language, the use of the brain in the implementation of control systems perform better when doing things.

The team followed the loss of normal cognitive ability in people who carry out research. They detailed study of 400 cases of Alzheimer’s patients and found that the average bilingual than monolingual were late by 5 or 6 years before disease symptoms appear. This study does not mean that bilinguals suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is not, but even had the disease, they can still operate as usual, were better able than single-language disorders.

And bilingual ability to handle the more important information being ignored secondary. This is because each person’s brain has a control system implementation, its role is to make people focus on important issues, put aside the other interference. Frequent use of two languages ??for a people who, whenever he spoke, the two languages ??will also appear in his mind, the brain’s executive control system is needed to parse and process all in an instant message, he can convert the language used at any time. Dr. Leith Tok Shakespeare, as were more frequent use of bilingual executive control system, this system so they will become more efficient. But must always use bilingual bilingual, bilingual if they are used only occasionally, you will not get the benefits mentioned above.