Chinese Kung Fu Girl

When it comes to my baby, my eyes light up, smile on my lips into the eggplant, sweet as my heart preserves. Everything is full of old-fashioned a small woman looks like.
Today Andy and his martial arts classes to a small city’s largest trading partners in the groundbreaking ceremony of the party performing stores. For the performances, the children have more than 20 hard training day and night. (Morning and evening, overtime training) happens when the son of ill health in the off fever. Two days in injections and medicine. Yet to be performed tonight fever. Tired of watching his son look sick, sad it really did not want to forget he attended. But his son insisted on attending his little man of mettle that I play from the heart glad. After so many days of hard work, not to mention children’s show a strong desire it! Also very supportive of his father: “and then shot it, all right son.” Concerned teacher asked: “Otherwise, it only dragon that period, not on military fist, okay?” My son was lost help eyes looked at me, knowing smile on my teacher said: “He can do it, according to usual practice to do on it.” dancing son was happy, completely forgotten their own is still a fever.
Brilliant lights of the square, the crowd surging, and teams of performers ready to put in place. Guest performers are dance teachers from the kindergarten team. Teams odd mounted color clothing, and colorful. The children show their only son, the team. And is a ring head Cannon – lion. A “Dragon” will enthuse you into the atmosphere. A group of valiant little man on the stage: dance boxing, anti-somersault, skilled movements neat, two lion dance was lively, flexible and fun. Strong drum sound, a lively dragon hovering off in the hands of children. The children warm, earnest, into performances get the audience’s enthusiastic applause. Audience and a monitor at home, I excitedly added excitement, the hands of the DV camera to stop filming, recording the children every movement, every expression, this is how precious time ah! Son finished performing sweating, panting, holding the first time I ran over to ask: “Mummy, I show how well? I well prepared?” Mei Mei’s kiss my little face egg: “My child, you Great doing it!. ” Ready to go see them in the car, and encouraging each other encouragement, along with a dozen pairs of little hands superimposed, enthusiastic chorus of “We must succeed!” I was to be the children’s innocence, will overflow almost moved to tears. Little children are sensible people, and know that there is unity and strength. In the off that moment, there is a children Qieqie said: “I started a little afraid of the” ha ha, what a cute little guy. Yes, only 6,7-year-old children, thousands of people across the scene, the psychological tension is inevitable. But when the moment came, the children have been selfless performance, the performance really very good! Children in the study learned to unity, friendship, hard and strong. I moved for the children, more proud of my Andy.
Speaking of the kung fu kid, had to start from small, when his physical weakness, the three a few days with a fever, so I am very worried worry about. So he reported the man gave dance hobby classes, exercise is also to meet his infant performance during the most intense desire. Son’s body gradually solid, healthy son had a special love martial arts. Intermediate sixty-one that year, they reported performing martial arts classes for the first time that day, bad weather, under a long day of rain, we are worried about the party open to die. Fortunately, the late afternoon the rain finally stopped, the grandfather God children are ready to bear the long-playing programs can not be right. But the ground is wet, the children rolling on the carpet with a wet, as usual hard dance enthusiastically, children’s clothes and shoes and socks and sweat soaked by the rain. But the son also grinning, triumphant, said: “Mummy, I’m not afraid of. Wet clothes is not afraid.”-Year-old children, the spirit of his mouth, I was moved to tears of happiness. To a large class, I think it is then ready to enter school ready letter, worried that martial arts will be distracted, affect his learning. The results did not allow him to learn martial arts, I often said to him: “My child, my mother I hope you grow up, do the audience front row of the audience, rather than the performers on stage.” But his son is obsessed with martial arts, often clamoring to learn. Look at his support, enthusiasm for martial arts, I reported that the holiday for his interest classes. Teacher in the family manual reads: “I see him every morning Jiao Jian figure running in the playground …” son of naughty activity, but it is to please the teachers love. Speaking of the child, all sorts of interesting things I often worry about my joy. I am happy happy smile. Dear baby, my mother proud of you.
Wish my baby in the future to maintain the significance of this tenacious, fighting spirit, happy, perfectly healthy growth, grow up, become a useful person to society, to do a gritty exudes fragrant trees!


Beautiful Chinese architecture

Imperial Xiangfu. Imperial Xiangfu (national AAAA level scenic spots) Royal Prime Minister’s palace (state AAAA Level secenery spot), Imperial Xiang Fu (also known as afternoon Pavilion Village) the total area of ​​36,000 square meters, is clear and the Board of Civil scholar Wen Yuan Ge Shang plus three, “Kangxi” read the official total, 35 years of Emperor Kangxi lecturer Chenting Jing Jing Yan’s house. Mountain on the potential of its construction, with the shape has changed, the official residence houses, row upon row, a group of distinctive castle-official residence of the Ming and Qing buildings. “Tree-edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique”, the ancient Imperial Xiangfu is not only a “natural landscape” is a strong human spirit with the ancient castle of the East

Imperial Xiangfu located southeast of Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, North to stay within the town, adjacent to the East and Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Luoyang, the ancient capital of the south border, west of Linfen City, Shanxi Province, Houma intersection, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, North and abuts, is currently Asia’s largest mine-mouth coal-fired power stations – Yangcheng Power Plant in close proximity, communication network covering the whole village, geographic location, Jinyang highway pass, convenient traffic conditions. Imperial village inhabited by 234 680 people over the mouth, with 480 acres of arable land, the village total area of ​​1.7 square kilometers.

Dayi Liu Manor Museum. Was built in October 1958, November 1966 by the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection unit 9. China’s modern society, one of the important historical sites and architectural representation. Museum established forty years, accumulated a wealth of collections, rich in content. Existing artifacts, collection of more than 20,000 pieces, large pet scale, well-preserved buildings of the manor, and the remains of a large number of real estate and literature, plus the unique manor display, constitutes an organic whole, to understand and study China-feudal, semi-colonial socio-economic, cultural buildings and the history of China’s Sichuan warlord, an important place for folklore and in-kind on-site, and is not a microcosm of rural China, the history of China’s social development is a cross-section.

Hongcun. Location: north of Yixian County, from the Yixian county 11km. Geographic coordinates: longitude 117? 8 ‘, north latitude 30? 1’. Area: 9.17 hectares (300 acres). Hongcun the location, layout, Hongcun all the beauty and water has a direct relationship, is an ancient village through rigorous planning. Inside and outside the village water system planning and design of artificial rather delicate clever, expert evaluation Hongcun is “cultural landscape, natural landscape complement each other, is rare in the world with detailed planning of the ancient village.” Chinese and foreign construction experts as “a pearl of China’s traditional,” “study the history of ancient Chinese water living textbook.”

 Hongcun as the “Chinese painting in the countryside”, United Nations experts praised it as “unique landscape of small towns Water Street.” Huangshan Mountains because it is perched flock Ling, Ray Hill Gang, was quite high, sometimes cloud steaming Xia Wei, such as thick and heavy, sometimes like ink freehand, surrounded by mountains and the whitewashed wall tiles reflecting the lake, people, ancient buildings and financial nature as a whole, like a landscape slowly expanded volume.
 The location of water in Hongcun major role. According to legend, the ancestors Hongcun of Wang’s model has in Shexian Tang, Yi Xian Qi Shu Village resident, but have suffered a fire. Lei Wang’s family later moved down the mountain post, originally built on the 13th floor, named Hong Village, take the meaning of Hong widely developed. In view of past lessons, Hongcun attaches great importance in planning the arrangement of artificial water systems, improve the ability of fire prevention, the latter after 400 years, the efforts of several generations, especially the Ming Yongle Hongcun 76 ancestor Wang Siqi please feng shui to locate the environment, re-layout of the building, Hongcun the design, construction finally realized.

 In the village of scientific layout, water plays an important role. The entire village using bionics “cow”-shaped layout to mine Kong Tau mountains, trees for the village’s two horns, the stomach of cattle on marsh, South Lake for the tripe, meandering water for cattle intestines Shenzhen, residential building for the bulls, four foot bridges for the cattle, known as the “Mountain of Ngau Tau Kok trees, bridge Siti house for the body”, vivid shapes, the whole village is like a leisurely repose in the mountains of buffalo in.

China Mid-Autumn Festival to Eat Moon Cake

Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese traditional festival, August 15 for the annual Lunar New Year. The second month of August for the fall, in ancient times known as the Mid-autumn, so people called the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also because this day the moon is full circle, symbolizing the reunion, also known as Tuan Yuanjie. Full moon, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival custom, began in the Wei-Jin period.
Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake food devaluation, saying many of its origin. One that the late Yuan Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn moon cake Jiangsu
Taizhou uprising leader of the anti-Yuan Shi-Cheng Zhang (or should we say the emperor’s advisors Liu Bowen) the use of the Mid-Autumn people give each other a round cake on the occasion, entrained in the cake, “August 15 night to kill the Tartars,” the note, we met with the cake in a note, a mass ten, hundred, if that night with about Shouren evil of the “Tartars” (per soldier), after the uprising every family Chibing celebrate the victory, and formally known as Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake round cake. A long history in the later period, even in the last century, many moon cake has also posted on the party of small pieces of paper! Unfortunately, in recent years have seen small pieces of paper produced trace of moon cake, moon cake contains from generation to generation “cultural Password” gone. Another one that is, the early years of Hongwu, general Xu Da capture entrenched remnants of the Yuan Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Beijing, news reached the capital of Nanjing, the Ming emperor ecstatic playing chess, that Chuanyu celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, and had a large uprising against Yuan moon cake reward transmission of information subjects. Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake has since become “legal” food, non food must be made [1]. Moon cake, first originated in the Tang army celebration party food. Gaozu years, the great general Li Jing conquered by the Turks sent a message hidden moon cake victorious, triumphant return on August 15, after the custom of eating moon cake a year. There were business people of Turpan offering cake to the celebration party Tang emperor. Emperor Li Yuan took the gorgeous cake box, took out a round cake, joked that the air moon said: “The cake should be invited Hu toad.” Then the ministers together to eat cake. Song Wuzi Mu’s “dream beam recorded,” a book, already has a “moon cake” is, but the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake to eat a description of the Ming Dynasty’s “West Lake Chi will” only reads: “August 15 that The Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake with civil society in left, take the meaning of reunion. ” To the Qing Dynasty, the record would increase on a moon cake, and made more sophisticated.
Eat moon cake to show “Reunion.” Moon cake, also known as Hu cake, cake house, monthly group, harvest cake, reunion cake, the ancient worship of the Mid-Autumn Moon offerings. According to legend, in ancient China, emperors have the memorial day of spring, autumn months of ritual sacrifice. In the private sector, during Mid-Autumn Festival in August, also about worship or sacrifice on the custom. “On August 15 children round, the Mid-Autumn moon cake and sweet incense,” and this name proverb tells the Mid-Autumn Night custom of eating moon cake urban and rural people. Moon cake festival was originally used to sacrifice Bong Moon, and later it gradually Mid-Autumn Festival and moon cake tasting, as a major symbol of family reunion, slowly, the moon cake festival has become a necessary gift. Moon cake is round, and is given the meaning of the reunion is the next dynasty, Liu Dong, “Royal Plaza features a little,” said: “On August 15 Festival, the festival will be a round fruit cake.” Tian Rucheng “Yu-chi West Lake,” said : “August 15 that the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake with civil Youyi left, take the meaning of reunion.” Shen list in the “Wan Department Notes” in the Ming Dynasty, Beijing also described the flourishing Mid-Autumn moon cake making: Square Minjie “moon cake made with left, size, call the moon cake. City restaurants to the fruit for the filling, clever name, went with a cake by the value of hundreds of money. “ingenuity of confectionery workers refurbished surprisingly, moon cake made all kinds of tricks, Yun-Peng Zhang.” You state Yin Folk “described:” the moon symbol, painted kiln rabbit Taiwan ranks; moon cake, the system on the Silver Shadow toad Zifu pair of toad rabbit Poppins, regret evil Chang-e in stolen drugs; Benru wide cold not return and air workers Yuchu in crimson. “Qing Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake has become a common custom, and production skills is increasing. Qing Yuan Mei, “with Garden Fresh single” Description: “The moon cake pastry, with pine nuts, walnuts, melon seeds and rock sugar, lard filling, eat sweet and fragrant pine Rouni feel, quite different from ordinary.” Moon cake in Beijing Zhimeizhai the system places the front door as the first. View over the country, has formed in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, tidal five kinds of flavor series, and worship around the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon also produced many local folk, such as the South’s “Bu champion”: the moon cake cut into medium and small three blocks, stacked together, the largest on the following for the “champion”; medium in the middle, as the “second place”; the smallest on the top for the “third overall.” Then dice the whole family, who up to digital, is the champion, eating large; followed by second place, third overall, the game is fun. Today, on the next play customs, old has been far from popular. Hosted a full moon, but still popular, people are asked on wine to celebrate the good life, or distant relatives I wish health and happiness, and family “moon and new moon.”
In China is a very ancient custom. According to historical records, as early as the Chou dynasty, the emperors have memorial day equinox, summer solstice, Jide, Autumnal Equinox Festival month, the winter solstice customs heaven. The worship place known as the Day altar, the altar, on the altar, the Temple of Heaven. Situated at the four corners of the direction. Beijing’s sacrifice on the altar is the month where the Ming and Qing emperors. “Book of Rites,” it reads: “Son of Heaven spring Asahi, Qiuxi months. Asahi of North Korea, on the eve of the evening.” On the eve of the evening here, refers to the worship of the moon is the night. This custom is not only for the court and the upper nobility pursued, with the development of society, has gradually affected the private sector.
Author moon
On the full moon festival from custom, the ritual became a serious relaxing pleasure. Mooncake activity around the beginning of civil Wei and Jin Dynasties, but unsuccessfully learning. The Tang Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival, Wan Yue quite popular, and many famous poets have a Wing in January of the poem. Until the time of Song, and formed a full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival activities centered folk festival, officially designated as Mid-Autumn Festival. With the Chinese is different from the Song of the full moon is a sense of things more sad, often wanes, Yu human situation, even if the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the moon’s pure light also conceal the Song sad. But Song, the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is another form that is secular joy of the Mid-Autumn festival: “Mid-Autumn Festival, all shops are selling new wine, your home decorations. Taixie, in homes contend for restaurants Wan Yue, complains heard thousands of miles away, even the ride to play Xiao “(” Tokyo Beautiful Dream “). Song of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a sleepless night, the night market open all night, Wan Yue visitors, until dawn without a break. Worship
Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many activities and games, first to play lantern. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s three major segments, the holidays have to play lights. Of course, the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival is not as large as the Lantern Festival, playing the main light only in the family, children between the. Lantern
Back in the Northern Song Dynasty, “Tales of the Old”, the record in the autumn festival customs, there is’ the “little red” light play into the river rafting activities. Mid-Autumn Lantern play, mostly concentrated in the south. As mentioned above, Foshan Autumn meeting, various kinds of lights have: sesame lamp, shell lamps, light wood shavings, straw lamp, fish scale lamp, hull lights, pumpkin lights and tree lights and other birds, so people praise. In Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places, in the autumn to mid-autumn festival for the tree, the tree will be erected, erected about the meaning of high illuminations. Parents help their children with bamboo paper tied Rabbit lamp, square lamp lights or star fruit, cross-linked in the short pole, and then put on high poles, high-tech up, phototherapy shine, add another for the Mid-Autumn Festival a scene. Many children each game to see who erected high, vertical is much the most exquisite illuminations. There are also lights up day, that is updating, National Cheng Kung University-shaped lamps with paper models, lamp candle, heat the Tang, the lights flying in the air, chasing the introduction of laughter. There are also all kinds of children’s hand-held lantern enjoying the play on the downstream. Area in Nanning, Guangxi, in addition to tie all kinds of bamboo paper lanterns allow children to play, there are very simple grapefruit lights, pumpkin lights, orange lights. The so-called grapefruit light, is hollowed out grapefruit, carve a simple pattern, put the rope inside the candle and tries to light and elegant. Pumpkin, orange lamp is made of the flesh to dig. Although simple, but making simple, very popular, some children also grapefruit drifted into the pool water in light to make the game. Guangxi has a simple user autumn light, light is six bamboo strips tied into a circle, outside the paste white paper, interpolation candles Serve. Hang on in the festival with a festival on at the table, the children can play. Today, many areas of Guangxi and Guangdong, in arranged in the autumn carnivals, bar lights illuminate the system with a large modern illuminations, there are all kinds of plastic made from a new lantern for children to play, but stripped of the beauty of the simplicity of the old illuminations .

Image of Women in Modern China’s Ethnic Minorities

Nationalization of modern ethnic groups in southwest China is a long process, “China” (Han) with “edge” (barbarians) as part of the interaction between ethnic groups. Ethnic identification, national policy and national promotion of knowledge completely changed the traditional ethnic groups in southwest interaction. Recurrent image of ethnic minorities to be dominated by a strong voice, and women’s body image is still an important characterization of this change. From fashion point of view, southwest of man a higher degree of localization has been difficult to distinguish which nation he had had. For example, the history of ethnography in the Qing Dynasty, “one hundred seedlings map” of a class of works is often a “man with clothes from Chinese,” “Women still seedlings along the vulgar,” such account, [1], but Hmong as “barbarians” of the image is most of them look hideous, stout man as the representative body. This kind of description is only a minority of “appearances”, which is hidden at the community, “Physiognomy,” that all the mainstream Han culture or socio-cultural prejudices under the “other” of discrimination. In the contemporary “national minority” image, the mostly ethnic minority women body graceful as the representative. This is because the “barbarians” in the Chinese mind as aggressive “alien”, and thus there is animal-like face, body, and an aggressive male image to represent. In the contemporary minority but as a “fellow”, which Youyi compatriots in women (especially women in the same good) for image characterization. A
In modern China, dressed in traditional costumes of ethnic minority women, often for a variety of arts, literature theme, this theme is also spread through a variety of media. Particularly important meeting places in the country, dressed in traditional costumes of ethnic minority women representatives, but also people with the focus of media attention. Established early in the new Chinese film, Han Chinese often plays the role of liberator, while the minority were arranged to be liberators of the image. New China, the film’s visual depiction of the lifestyle of ethnic minorities, the Han Chinese is easy to take for granted that they are civilized, the savage ethnic minorities is simple, credulous, and therefore gullible. This is precisely the film’s common ethnic awareness of the potential, the external of the performance is the new Chinese national minorities to establish the initial theme of the film’s creative staff is basically done by the Han Chinese to bear. Although the performance of the contents of the film are scenes of life of ethnic minorities, but to act as a narrator but by the Han, so the views are not necessarily the Han ethnic minorities. The main theme of the film not as a minority of the minority self-expression, but the Han Chinese ethnic minorities of the re-construction. In this context, ethnic minorities has become the theme of this movie is some kind of wavering, the location of the imagination suspension, loss of ethnic culture of its own as an independent carrier of the characteristics, and thus become an imaginary object of Han nationality, complete its load clear ideological function. In this position of ethnic minorities living on the object re-construct the process of ethnic identity is extremely natural and “female” identity draw on the equal sign. Yang Likun Yunnan minorities in shaping the image of women contributed, she played the Golden Flower, Ashima to purity, goodness, the beautiful image of women far beyond the scope of the entertainment industry, they become beautiful and good honest Yunnan minorities representative image. Film to create artistic images of women and minorities in the southwest mountains and beautiful lakes, vast land integration, deep rolling in among the people of this fertile land. Film “Third Sister Liu” created a good image of women in ethnic minorities, the film Huang Wanqiu superb play, “Third Sister Liu,” so that the whole of China and the world to know the people from one side of the Zhuang. Like “five” of the in Dali Bai, “Ashima” in the Yi in Yunnan, “Third Sister Liu” has become a household name, famous Chinese and foreign Zhuang image of women.
Many minority described the main theme of the film is often women, especially those dressed in ethnic clothing and very beautiful girl of objectivity. Five Golden Flowers, Ashima and other minority women in Yunnan has already become the representative image, and Zhuang Autonomous Region created by the sea song Third Sister Liu became the girl in Guangxi Zhuang ethnic minority women, the representative of the image. In this context, the theme of ethnic minority women being held multiple meanings of representation. First, she is an old society has been damage and humiliation of women, she finally moving toward a new life. Become a national heroine, new symbols, a symbol of personal destiny but also direct the development of ethnic minorities as a whole fate. They suffered from slavery, a new life in the new society. This is taken in 1960, “Moya Dai” has been fully reflected: Before the liberation of the beautiful young woman meters Dai Khan, refusing to take liberties with the headman of the old pair of insult, has been accused of “Piper’s Ghost” and burned alive ; liberation meters Khan’s daughter in the People’s Liberation Army with the help of a doctor become a Dai (Dai language known as “Moya”), and get rid of the harmful superstition. As a representation in the national theme of this article, contains the theme of national liberation, and yet the image of the external manifestations of women’s liberation, the performance of two generations of mother and daughter in a different social system very different fate. Similar themes of the film are “Jingpo girl”, a more direct demonstration of the heroine’s fate in the government working group before and after the advent of the great differences, thus revealing her identity and status on behalf of the Jingpo changes. It is due to the expression of diverse women’s identity, to provide viewers with a variety of effects to accept the possibility. Theme of the film in minority, women’s performance also has a desire to throw the color, love the expression on the theme of the movie minority pushed to the foreground to be painted. Films are mostly minority women dressed in colorful ethnic make clothing, she often beautiful and intelligent, sing and dance, as an object to stimulate viewing pleasure. In the “war Reaches the Border” at the end, a group wearing bright colors and brilliant girl opt to skirt arranged Jingpo danced, but also because the performance of these and be filled with a strong ethnic atmosphere of praise. As a result, ethnic minority prominent theme of the film image of women, but their point of view and in the absence of minorities on the basis of personal and cultural experience to shape the female characters in the image, temperament, and details of performance, has also been a minority criticism and opposition. Such as the “caravan to the mountains ringing” in the Han Chinese actor Sun Jingqiong Hmong girl playing the evaluation of labor is as blue female high school students, but also go to the market Hmong women wear when the film is also not as sloppy. [2]
Southwest China seems to many of the ethnic composition of the beautiful women of all ethnic groups are concentrated in the scene of the clothing, high-pitched voice mellowed and graceful limp walk in the steps inside. Many describe the film and television work in Yunnan always happy to show it all, such as “Lusheng Love Song”, “Ashima”, “Peacock Princess”, etc., these works will undoubtedly satisfy the curiosity of the outside world for minorities, but also create many beautiful moving image of ethnic minority women. However, little attention can be found, these images are mostly shaped by male writers, male writers according to some folk tales adapted from. [3] in the 1950s and 1960s the art of Chinese filmmakers less and less freedom, coupled with increasingly intense political climate, making minorities more than the film functions as a false “Exotic Places”, with to meet the audience for the film “outside world” of desire, but the nation-state through the stereotyped image of the object of the minority, and their inclusion in the framework of socialism in China in an effective manner. This assimilation of the object and intent of the “Five Golden Flowers” is far more apparent. The film tells a minority youth in five named “Golden Flower” minority girls to find her lover’s story. Minority characters in the film again in a stereotyped appearance: singing and dancing, gorgeous clothing, accessories and wearing a bright soft spot for romance. Like the film, “five”, “Ashima” description minority women’s lives such works of art by means of appropriate construction of the Han and minority relations. In the “five” in minority women is portrayed as enthusiastically socialist construction “model workers.” This ideology of ethnic minorities and Han Chinese identity, to ensure the maintenance of Han Chinese in the country’s cultural leadership in the national discourse of the necessity and legitimacy. Nevertheless, people should be aware of minority film tribute to the image of women is very superficial. These films on the “unity” and “national harmony” and it is mostly Han Chinese audience a spectacle, but also from the concept, these wonders are constructed on a defined point of view is undoubtedly the top center of the Han. Therefore, in the “Third Sister Liu”, in the oppression by the landlords and the class must unite against the enemies of these two points is expressed as the Zhuang and Han women have the same fate. Now the image of the majority Han ethnic minority women is not significantly different from the kind of singing and dancing, gentle and demure image of the early ethnic minority women are no longer really make the audience believe that these people were “liberated”.
Shaping the discourse of modern people that they are familiar with a variety of exotic locales and between life there is a huge gap between civilizations, they are always inevitable in a high view of civilization’s attitude to enjoy “strange customs.” Creative modern art one of the methods commonly used, is to emphasize the geographical mystery minority, in order to stimulate the recipient’s sense of curiosity and worship, and then expect to reach the receiver from the sense of the mysterious story behind the guide. Various ethnic minority women face because of their special clothing, headgear and other aspects of decorative and by the time the artists of all ages. In the Mao era in art, the right way in order to lyrical praise of the socialist new China, works in real life, minority women account for a large proportion of the image always. From today’s perspective, the image of women as with both of these “health of working women” and the general sense of “beauty” in nature, so they will include both political science and biological functions. For example, “National Illustrated” cover the second phase in 1976, is a former serf Monba female cadres Cuomu, she was selected as the fourth honor of National People’s Congress, and the image of women with a description of the liberation of the people stand up for Monba the owner. Enlarging our inventory patterns, frequent appearances in which the image of women. Back in China’s national tobacco industry start-up phase, the female characters as enlarging patterns have been common. After the founding of new China, depicting beautiful and charming women of all ethnic groups enlarging the image a lot, such as Li Mei, cigarette girl, mountain girl, Dani, Jiao Li, Miao, sisters, Manluo flower girl Miao, Tujia sister, March third-enlarging; reflected in the folklore of enlarging the image of minority women, such as Third Sister Liu, Ashima and so full of romanticism put people into the world of myth. Issued in 1987, the fourth set of RMB, the use of the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui, Zhuang, Miao, Victoria, mountains and other 14 ethnic images of women, such as the angle II is the Buyi and Korean girls coupons; Wujiao coupons for the Miao and Zhuang women; One per ticket is Dong and Yao sister; Eryuan coupons are Uighur and Yi women; Wu Yuan coupons Tibetan woman. Their distinctive headgear and clothing dress, showing the different national characteristics and style. New China-designed stamps in the national women’s image also appeared, such as the “national style” series in the Dai, Naxi, etc. In the sports lottery, the vast majority of lottery tickets are also to women wearing traditional ethnic costumes appearance, these lottery form a colorful female World. Today’s magazines stalls, dazzling cover girl who always greets, the image of women seems to be the eternal theme occupies most of the location, there are some ethnic minority women. As representatives of ethnic minority women Ashima, and often appear in the image of women Sani TV commercials, music tapes and other travel magazine in the cover. Those in the Water Festival on the graceful, more song and dance of the Dai girls regularly appear in the magazine cover to attract tourists, wearing skirts of Dai girls get wet after the image into the Water-splashing Festival is the most beautiful a landscape, they indulge in the Water-splashing Festival carnival on the image had already been visitors away the.

China’s Stock Market will go rising independent

Americans are really bad, really a troublemaker.
This sentence, presumably a lot of people most want to vent, most want the voice shouted. Because, from the start on Thursday, global stock markets by the U.S. debt and the impact of U.S. stock market, there has been across the board fall. Some of the country’s stock market suspended trading intraday or even a situation. Market was devastated, instant wealth evaporated. Investors not only suffered property damage, damage confidence.
Well, this is accidental phenomenon? This was an unexpected phenomenon? Definitely not. As early as three years ago, Lehman’s collapse, the Americans got on the chariot of the troublemaker. And last week the United States and the Standard & Poor’s debt rating lowered, but this stock market crash of the fuse, it blew not only the U.S. financial problems, more rigid structure of the global economy to adjust the signal.
Over the years, the global economy is basically in the “terrorist” running balance. The United States as the representative of some of the developed economies, living day by borrowing, through the issuance of sovereign bonds, issuance of banknotes to the global resource grab and enjoy the emerging economies to provide products and services, living “parasites” living.
Now, this does not go on to play the financial game, the Americans want to finance through the detonation of a “bomb” approach, through short the market to offset their debts, all creditors to share the cost of U.S. problems. The U.S. financial giants is the use of short selling in the dash between the world’s major markets, disrupting the stock market and foreign exchange markets, as well as other investment markets, to reap ill-gotten gains.
In this case, a sustained global stock market crash is inevitable. Because Americans are still the world’s largest consumers, many countries have to rely on exports to the U.S.; the United States is financial products, derivatives of the most complex countries, many markets have to rely on U.S. dollar pricing and the right to speak. Therefore, the United States of a mess, the dollar happens, the world will naturally chaos.
However, the U.S. now, although as a tyrant, but after all, not all of the world. World’s major economies and international market, there is no need to pay for America’s problems, there is no need to accompany the Americans play it, there is no need to see the Americans face to act, dance with the U.S. stock market.
In China’s case. China is now the world’s second largest economy, is the largest potential consumer, is just more than $ 4000 per capita GDP, investment and consumption demand will both be at a higher level across the country, is from the “world factory” to “World market “into the country. In addition, China’s capitalization rate is still in the initial stage, China’s capital market and also to maintain a certain distance of the world market, has its uniqueness.
More importantly, the Chinese stock market since the financial crisis of 2008 has been adjusted sideways in being, and not the stock market and other markets like the United States as entrenched at historically high levels. In this case, if blindly followed the U.S. stock market continued to fall, then not only may be bargain-hunting foreign capital, the wealth of the people will evaporate, resulting in consumer spending is shrinking, thereby affecting the structural adjustment and economic transformation.
China’s stock market did not need to watch American tune, the conditions out of its own independent market

Chinese Valentine’s Day Tanabata

Seventh lunar month every year this day is a traditional festival of China’s Han Tanabata Festival. Because this is a major player on the activities of young girls, and festivals which is the Qi Qiao-based content, therefore people called this day as “Qi Qiao Festival” or “Girl Day”, “Doll Festival.” Tanabata Festival is a traditional holiday in a most romantic holiday, but also the most attention over the last day of the girls. In this night, women pinning Qi Qiao, pray Gods activities, worship Seven Sisters, pious and solemn ceremony, floral display, female red, all kinds of furniture, small appliances are beautiful, lovable. May 20, 2006, Tanabata Festival is the State Department included the first national non-material cultural heritage. Now has been considered to be “Chinese Valentine’s Day.”
 On a clear summer night sky the stars shine, a vast expanse of the Milky Way like a bridge across the north and south, east and west coasts of the river, each a shining star, across the river, distant relative, that is, Altair and Vega. Tanabata sit cows Vega, folk customs. According to legend, the seventh lunar month every year the night, the sky and the Cowboy Weaver meet when the Magpie Bridge.
   Altair and Vega
 Weaver is a beautiful, intelligent, ingenuity of the fairies, the women will be in this mortal night begging her wisdom and clever art, and ultimately, seeking to give her a happy marriage, so the July seventh day is also known as Qi Qiao Festival. People in the Tanabata legend of the night, looked up to see Vega Galaxy meet, or under the fruit stand overheard two men meet in heaven, then when the feeling of tenderness. Girls in this very romantic evening, the sky’s invigorating to the moon, put seasonal fruits, overturned worship, begs the sky fairy can give them intelligent mind and skillful hands, so that my knitting skillful workers, begging for love, marriage, marriage is more clever with. Marriage for women is a past life, the decision whether or not the marriage is happy, so the world will be countless affectionate men and women in the night, dead of the night were dark times, to pray against the sky their marriage happy.

School Uniform in China

The evening, more particularly early winter evening. Like the sun, like the elderly old age early on moved back to its home. Thrown a black day, successive photographic light lit up. I am from another city came to this strange city. Car station, get off. Childlike face a group of school uniform, also says young boys and girls swarm flying from across a crowded stretch out the door, the whole street is boiling up.
Twitter, frolicking. Some cycling, some walking, a group of high school students, that are written on the door of the big pillars of character to tell me. Some of them pressed the bell banner whistle, all the way to melodious. I was in the crowd surrounded them, the whole body feel alive, like a withered vine Mu the rain, the top of the Thriving as tender Ah. Side by side with the girl three thousand three hundred twenty-two, Gouzhuo arm. The large back of uniforms for her two more thin and emaciated, but the youth has come out aggressively across the uniform transmission.
In their age, we wear uniforms, but also most of the time in school uniform – hypertrophy, most Chinese do not fit the school name printed on the chest, back and shoulder part of the alphabet with the first letter of the school were identified uniforms. The age of sixteen or seventeen, already know smug. Girl wearing a beautiful shirt is sure to make the students aware of the surrounding, the most usual approach is overshadowed by the shirt collar and pulls out a uniform collar, zipper will be pulled low. Sometimes a school will take off his uniform, two sleeves Lanyao a series of clothes on the cover over the buttocks. Inside the shirt will be that skinny but slim skinny body self-righteous show up, walk-specific effort, braids in the back of the head either side of strong shaking.
That time is always by all means to reduce the chance to wear school uniforms. Monday flag-raising, unity of all students to wear school uniforms, tops and pants. Fish in troubled waters have students wear school uniform pants of similar colors and casual, is 800 degrees of myopia of the old heads like prey from the queue and kick out or finished reviewing the flag after the flag stand. Mostly boys, have a male classmate eloquent, literary grace Ye Hao, standing under the flag of a few minutes into his performance, “talk” opportunities, touching, force of justice. Next, still in civilian clothes, still vehemently, touching. Once the composition class is entitled “My ideal,” a girl even wrote her ideal day can not wear this nasty uniforms. The whole class burst.
As long as the weather is not cold, a school, male students will be uniform shirt off, grabbing the collar thrown in the air, his left hand into his mouth, a loud whistle, calling thirty-five friends. Some male students to take the school uniform shirt loose on the handlebars on my bike roaring past.
Has chosen to have all children is not high, chubby girl seemed fond of uniforms, she did not wear uniforms when too little. Walk always Hanxiong hump. I once ventured to ask her why, she said quietly against my ear, “My chest looks much bigger than you, ugly death, fear of you laughing at me, only the uniforms in order to cover this.”
King class of the mischief was a glimpse of the windows from the classroom teacher bent under the desk smoking, quit the class teacher came in he quickly came down the folder hidden in the uniform sleeves, head teacher of a small child sitting next to him that the empty seats children, and smiled at him to say something, then nothing to do with learning, not training him until he began to smoke before the sleeve grant him mercilessly.
Large uniform is “filth” the perfect place. There is even carries two small boys in his school uniform inside the rabbit into the classroom. Uniform is put altogether in the noodles, bread, martial arts novels of Jin Yong Gu Long the best place. Opportunity to plug in the included uniform, the headphone plug from the sleeve through the inside in the ear, with long hair Duzhe, eyes closed, keep up the rhythm of the music and singing along with Zheng Zhi Hua’s “Mariner”, Andy’s singing, “traveled together the day. ”
Then dreams of the ideal, just the stage looking into the fantasy of young female school teacher, she can wear the waist envy wrapped in a line of beautiful clothes, knocking her the envy of the high-heeled shoes. Looking at music class music teacher twenties male wearing stick into the large white knitted sweater holding a guitar singing songs in English do not understand, eyes closed with him intoxicated. One newly married woman teacher, a day for a set of clothes, never re-gentile, more on her classes we are looking forward to the classroom door was opened the moment, all people – boys and girls will be simultaneous high-decibel “wow” sound, the female teacher wearing glasses will blushed, smiled, and took to the podium, the most sleepy troublemaker will concentrate, sit straight.
Wide uniform platform below, there are scientists that dream, the dream of a writer, are ready to youth, there is irrepressible ideas, there are restless heart, when in school uniform always felt old-fashioned, ugly, walking in the street both hastily, complaining of heart, “This body has minor wear daily identity logo apparel.”
I, now, standing in another city street, looking at these cover large shares surge in the youth uniform, like the countless times I have tired of, rush it to flow away time, as desire, commemoration, the pain and frustration. My eyes filled with concern and sadness, and I covered three or four goes a little pan-gloss cosmetics will face. Then throw in a cupboard in the corner of the school uniform was when I was not in Cabo is to clean the room. I am standing in the wind, standing in the dusk, standing on that hit the headlines in the street, suddenly there is something cold over the my face.