My Dream Girl

Long, long time, I have accumulated many, many words to say to you, but I can not tell you in front of your face, only in the dark sight of the night, with just a pen to write all my feelings in the white paper , passing the time until you dream of, holding hands and then I give you, hope you can understand what I implied melancholy heart.
Perhaps you remember the time in junior high school, not the weekend, my favorite with you to your house and watching TV, chat happened the week, or happy, or sad. I like to watch most of your time, you were so true, so kind, so pure! Maybe you do not know, whenever we chat or watch TV together, only I was always distracted, always like to look at your eyes, I do not know why. Maybe just because you have a pair of gentle eyes bright, and may be crystal clear to you that the opacity of the eye in what to look for. I can not give yourself a good reason, muddle, I can only tell myself quietly at heart, with a pair just because you let me sleep through the night without the wizard-like eyes.
At first, I just peek glances from time to time. Fascinating look at a pair of languishing eyes, a blinking, as if the night, shining star, cute, innocent, with the gentle light of the stars slowly as the night I hope. Eyes in the distribution of warm soft-inch Mountain, like a bunch of spring sunshine after the rain, warm, warm, with moderate light quietly melting my frozen still in love; such as a spring of pure heart of the night rain, lingering, delicate, I quietly washing the dust of the heart is full of negative; passing the heart sea, such as a ray of overflowing the wind softly fragrant, warm, quiet light, gently blow away my heart a deep sense of melancholy.
Although I can feel it, when I speak against you, you are like me, looked at me very seriously. I would like to know why you are so seriously with my eyes. Is curious, is looking for, or just for a friendly and respect? Maybe you know, I secretly looked at your eyes, and you silently look into my eyes, but you do not hint, I did not show, just looked at each other silently.
In the depths of my heart, I seriously ask myself, for you, I simply like it, or the innocence of love, I dared not lightly give yourself a clear answer. I can not say just like the simple, but can not say I love you in earnest, but I know in my heart as you occupy the position of others can not be replaced, in my little heart fields has been a quiet part of your sacred purity. I always use my warm bright sun shining, gentle and delicate mouth kissing the rain, with the most sincere and pure love moisture, and warm the heart with the most persistent care of. I hope to in this small heart grow warm on Magnolia, out of red roses, bear the sweetest peach, Barbara left a happy, sprinkle a happy sun, remember all the way to laughter, warm harmony.
Maybe you will not believe this fact, maybe you do not believe this unexpected fact. Because you never care about us from among the silent bond, with no care about me in this.
You looked beautiful and gentle, I have doubted themselves, it just unrequited love, wishful thinking, but also doubted between us will not really have a long silence of fate, so I can not believe they will make you reconsider. Because I do nothing, afraid to tell you softly Xinyu, but not revealed to you a little bit of love, only this feeling, this feeling came over the many piles of pressure in the bottom of my heart, hidden in the deepest heart Department so he quietly waiting, waiting for an opportunity to reveal the truth.
Later, I went to high school, but you go out to work, but we will go home on weekends. And I, every home, the first thing is to ask whether his father home, and the second thing is to ask her mother, did not you go home this week, I always looked at an expected mother and nervous , can not wait to answer the waiting mother, I really hope that my mother told me, you go home. Perhaps the mother has been vaguely aware of what I was thinking, but always with a smile not speak, I can only wait in silence, afraid to show a little bit of urgency. I always want to mention very high, hope the mother said, “come” and helpless smile, “Go!” Every time I hear that you go home, my heart began to surging unrest, no rhythm, ate lunch felt delays, wait for them to not eat it toward your house, wait for blink of an eye you can see the warm smile.
Wait for the weekend, look forward to your home, almost every day of my subject. I clearly understand both their own and can not be elegant and beautiful with you, is I know you do not care about my wishful thinking, but I always refused to give up waiting, refused to let their own defeat. Because I always believe that since God has arranged the meet, and gave joy to our time, he would not give us share fate. Since God gave me a sight to wait, I’ll stick to the wait, until fate mellow, emotional condensation, and then holding your young hands, watching the glow of thousands of miles, the sun shines. I once made the wait, as God gave me a test, no matter how cold and windy, snow how strong, I will adhere to the heart with a rock-solid. I am not afraid of your heart as a rock, solid as a rock even if I will use my soft warm feeling for him is the yield; I am not afraid of you refuse to how fierce the waves, even violently, such as the tiger, I also use a flat broad heart let him calm; not afraid of what the thunder and lightning, thunderstorm, even if the rain-soaked, electric fire roar, I will use my most sincere heart so that he touched.
Maybe in your opinion, I am very ordinary, very ordinary, very dull, but with a kind of language can not be expressed with a foolish and clumsy. However, I believe, I will for you to change yourself. As long as you give me a chance, as long as you wait for me five years. Five years, I can take five years to change themselves, make that stupid stupid I know how to become a real love you, care about you, protect you, give you a real happy person. Five years, maybe you do not want to wait, because even I know how long it is five years. Because I know, five years, I can change, they can change you. I am afraid, afraid of the time, I become more love you, to pay all really, but you can change once you are no longer, perhaps you already belong to someone else; I’m afraid, afraid of that time, you I waited five long years, but I can not afford to let you enjoy the beautiful and peaceful life, not what you want to share happiness.
Five years, very long, can a good innocent people had become perfunctory fall, also allows a person to become evil ugly gentle harmony. Time, in the end is the good pastor, or the evil magician, who do not know!
Five years, I become of how, do not know, did not dare to think about. Maybe I will go into exile, sad to leave this place, because I can not bear you watched someone else do for you wearing a wedding dress, but also reluctant blessing for you; maybe I will hidden in a dark corner of the cold, quiet quiet reflections, memories, repentance, bitter tears, torn any snow, thunderstorms cheap riding, has been secretly opened his tired eyes, look at you wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, but I can only wish for you in silence, pray, let me have the heartbreak of emaciated more thoroughly. Tears do, and hope gone, you gone, leaving only one person I am guarding an obscure silent face, and an airborne heart.
If I do not care to meet you, I would not blame you for me, even bear to see you repent of the eyebrows, tearing eyes. Because I was afraid, afraid you will be more haggard; because I am afraid you will become old; afraid you warm tears will wash all your beautiful, elegant, gentle, kind and smiling; I am more afraid, afraid of my heart unable to scrape together more flat; afraid I have forgotten memories of erosion scars once again the situation; afraid of the cold I will tear my fragile face relentless ruthless plan.
The school gate but often buy some refined jewelry and fine arts and crafts. Every time I see those beautiful jewelry, I always think of you. Although the cost of living is not rich, but I always give you a buy one for you. After you imagine wearing a beautiful, imagine you get my gift, is so warm, so happy. Even I know that you will not be able to change a few small jewelry for my feeling, not accepted.
Sometimes, I think, maybe I drown in this light the hidden emotions, for you to find a real love you can not give you my happiness to people. I am farther away from you, because I did not bother, the more you will get more happiness.
Then later, I changed my thinking, changed their views, changed their way, I give you, give up your love, share your feelings quietly give up deeply buried, because you changed. You become no longer believe in me, change is no longer like to chat with me, change is no longer like to go home. Because I know that you have fallen in love with someone else, more than I am in love with a handsome, more money than my man. Because you change, because you give up, so I continue to adhere to its promise to give up completely, continue to work hard to give up, give up the perfect themselves.
When one day you called to tell me that you want to get married, and suddenly my heart as I fear it, broken and crushed so thorough. You ask I will not participate in the wedding, I did not speak, just listen to your shortness of breath. For a long time, I said, then. Then quietly fell asleep, to the earth as quiet, gentle soul will be fascinated on the lake, let it drift, all the memories and heartache severely buried in the eternal abyss, let it go wail … …
When I indulge with strong cries to wake up, I finally understand that the pursuit of you, I failed, and lost so completely, so nothing was lost, lost was so find any.
Such as needle years, I dare to retain? Muddy road, how can I continue to flee? Broken heart, how can I pick up?
Relentless years, so I did know. Time, in fact, just a simple multiplication, so just double the original value. Three years. Long and short of three years, a simple change for you, also I changed the flat Fanfan.
Although the heart-breaking so well, so unsightly wound, but in my mind, and you still always branded with the shadow of a once gentle and pure, and I hurried retreat of the heart, and still preserved in one of your quiet and peaceful Holy Land.
I know, there is my fond hope, wishful thinking, just let me fall into a deep quagmire, so that the situation falls into the abyss, let your heart be buried in snow and ice of the summit. I never regret, because I know deep in my heart, is still deeply in love with you.
So dislike trouble, words dislike chaos, but I sincerely love will never become airborne. Half a complaint above, untold emotional rain; rolls of bamboo, never finish tears again and again. Freezing in the heart, words on this end. But I still really cared about you, and wish you eternal youth, often with a smile, the roots are not old, wish you happy, forever, life together


The Story of Butterfly Headdress

Choose Golden Week travel is indeed a lot of trouble. Because time is too concentrated, all vehicles are crowded on the road trip, even normal hair can not train arrival time, not to mention the overtime vehicles, let the station were too busy. When complaints are received phone helpless, because of information asymmetry, passengers do not listen to you explain what? When not allowed to just keep complaining, complaining, blame, or even prolonged scolding voice, heard, the face of these complaints I have numb.
Receiving the higher-ups are busy checking over time, received a telephone complaint from the accent side judge, concluded that the other is a very sweet girl voice, speaking tone is very gentle, understanding, when the two sides will determine the identity of each After consulting with the tone of sympathy and said: “Hello, others are holiday play, you are still in their posts, it is tough! is like this, I bought nine forty today’s ticket to Hunan Jianghua until now not see the car over, I would like to consult when the car came, I thought there is a good preparation, I am in a hurry to go home, trouble you, help me ask, will you? “To be honest , since the Golden Week to the present, all complaints received by telephone, can she understand our hard work is really one of the few visitors, feel flattered, I quickly contact the control room side of the vehicle in place of inquiry, dispatch room staff that has been lines with head of Hunan Jianghua communicated, and because there is bus accident on the highway, and today should not come to classes from home and need to transfer to another vehicle, the other company leaders have to say that the fastest nine at night minutes to come to be classes, I heard later inhaled air, and if so would not allow passengers to wait in vain twelve hours these words to convey directly to travelers in general not the problem, the key is then faced with a understanding of visitors and there are urgent, and I mouth a little bit embarrassed to tell the truth, so undermining the screen in her heart that had just left a good impression. Like a pure white blank paper, do not want to free themselves of the glorious image of the graffiti unraveling. But the good nature I would not tell lies to trick the girl touched me, had to face, the moment I do not know how to do? A moment later, she called me up and asked the car to not? Could not hide, I had to tell the truth: “Miss, I am sorry, because this way the vehicle to a car accident in Shenzhen, classes can not be rushed over in time, other companies can only be the fastest to arrive at nine o’clock at night, if conversion circuit and no other adjacent seats, so I really am sorry, if you want your refund, then went to the service desk full refund, I hope you can understand! “finished the call, I long out breath, waiting time the complaint or other stormy verbal abuse, the other paused, still stable, said calmly: “It does have the difficulty that you have, I can get an accurate departure time is sufficient, trouble you, in fact, I am anxious to get home is intended to get married best friend when the bridesmaid, and I can not lose the trust of her, as long as today to take on the train, arrived home before twelve o’clock tomorrow’s wedding scene on the line, you can give them a busy schedule is not met the prime travelers provide the most accurate information, I Hen Zhizu up. I have a small request, that is what changes the request before you have notified me know, I have a good preparation, or, not at home tomorrow in time trouble. Thank you sincerely! hot days, to pay attention to the body, good-bye! “a wonderful blend of listening to each other’s words and always for the sake of the kindness of others to tell the truth, I really do not know how the thank her, innocently standing there pondering over what she said, unknowingly warmth quickly spread throughout the body, and then I silently remember her phone number, cell phone saved her name, I deliberately enter a “person I admire most “, the communication process that her surname Xu, after graduating from the University of candidates in the assistant manager of a large company to do, is truly an amazing woman. I was her sincere understanding and a deeply moving, always inquire about the shuttle when Hunan Jianghua arrived, lest she miss travel time.
Minutes to 7:00, when the duty to call the dispatch room of the car I said Hua Jiang has advanced to the line, and I a very anxious, because I said to Miss Xu who is only nine o’clock arrived, she had home, her company did not know how far from the station, if the drive does not come from how to treat her, so I quickly called her, she said she has been on the grid waiting for the bus, I ran over Hunan Jianghua the grid, where I saw many passengers on the train is crowded, because there are railings blocking my, I still can not move forward step by step, were anxious to see a girl wearing a pink dress in green answer the phone, Gone with the Wind In the back of the head of the extraordinarily bright red bow, I initially concluded that people should be looking for her on the phone I am full of deep feeling: “Miss, please take a look behind you to, I was standing behind you. “I saw her right hand holding a cell phone while on the bus, behind the side to watch, when she saw I also answered after, convinced that I have been to contact her, the moment that brilliant smile in bloom, that smile has been written on his face, like a spring, peach blossom, as delicate and charming scene, truly beautiful. Owing to time constraints, she can not express what I personally can only waved each other, a short moment, leaving the memory forever since time immemorial.
The car starts slowly, then floating in the back of the head of the red bow is always retained in my mind.

Summer is gone Autumn has Come

Summer quietly away, like a bad mood as I quietly away from me, in exchange for the next season, in exchange for the arrival of a good mood, do not know share the feelings? Will not have the time next season, but also quietly away from me?
I have been constantly recall, this summer I have done, is a lot of time wasted in an insignificant person, or in exchange for a period of time with these warm memories?
Standing outside the window and saw a distant tree, the tree leaves have started yellowing, like a broken kite in the wind and the most in the fall, but I used to, how in the deserted night can not sleep . During that feelings of frustration, I do not know why so quick to cheer up, maybe something is tired, perhaps I underestimate the importance of feelings? Ha, in short, I bid farewell to those unhappy past, back to the hip and beautiful personal world.
Have been accustomed to a person’s life, the silence like the wind, like rain melancholy. Like the simple life, not worry about the first line, it does not matter, I often say on their own, I was missing something, but I did not lose everything, including my friend, and the desire to live for tomorrow.
I want to record in words, good, beautiful. All recorded, after slowly aftertaste. Some time ago in life, so that turbulence in the soft, makes me feel so happy, so happy! Jing Xiaxin failed for so long, good write something, hesitated for a long, long time, the final decision or space here to log updates.
Sometimes, when too much regret, no longer think it is a shame. Life is not perfect things, if not downright sad the same. I think this summer will soon be over, it is time to forget the unhappy past.
Sometimes, looking at the plants on the windowsill, could not help but have a desire, I yearned to own a plant can be as arbitrary as the growth, but it is absolutely impossible, because no one can condone such I No one will say to me, you enjoy your branches spread it, no matter how ugly the flowers out, how ugly bear fruit, I am willing to accept … … to you
Depressed, in fact, the preceding days, I have been very depressed. When such feelings, when accumulated to a certain extent, this will be converted into another kind of emotional feelings, it becomes inexplicable sadness and irritability. Now, I have a brand new state of mind, began his new life, do not know why? Still here, still forget, I never expect who know me, in fact, even I do not know myself, how can you can understand me?
Really good fast summer has gone, the autumn wind blowing gently in an early morning start, the feeling is so cool, the moment, I realized that the fall schedule is really coming!

Ignorant of the Share of Youth

Youth, with a sprout of the heart … …
Originally thought, we would be happy pair; thought, you will always be who I; thought, happiness will cycle between us; thought, from the United States will produce; originally thought, with you, my sky no longer dark … …
Turn off the QQ, tears flow indiscriminately, tears dry, wet, wet and dry. Heartbreak, heartbreak was dished, to catch, but slipped from the fingers, such as an hourglass, I am unable to restore. Sincere love for so long, love of the world is destroyed in one night … … so beautiful fairy tale, but the reality is so painful … … love is like opium, is to enjoy the process, the result is painful. I know that this is so, why stained it, now I can not forget … …
Recalled time and again show in my mind, less pain then the U.S. … … for the first time you see a little honest, the first time you ride in the car sitting in the first field with the path you walk, hand in hand the first time you feel the temperature … … I love you because you touched me countless times! I will sleep, you have to chat with me, until I gradually fall asleep. I will be strong in front of friends and pretend that only you know what I smile hidden behind the injury. I will be inferior, you have inspired me going, gives me confidence. Memories, memories, everything now is the past. Memories, the memories go back … I finally understand time is not happy reincarnation.
Passage of time, erosion of love, also left scars. I was wrong, I should not like to express my thoughts. You have your living space, I should not call you every day. You said: Why call every day, every day there are so many words to speak it? Thus, while most of the time in silence the microphone, but why do you not understand, even silence, I can feel you breathing, even silence, but also give my thoughts plus piece of candy. Silence, silence, silence … … maybe you already forget it! Call every day, my commitment to you, but I do not know when to start, it has transformed into my task, and eventually become our Achilles heel.
That blindfolded, you can not see the world; that cover your ears, you can not hear all of the trouble; that the footsteps stopped, the heart can no longer travel; that we love, we can operate well !
I love you for it at low tide? I want to stay, but I have that qualify? I did not! I eventually became a passing in your life. This love, one-man show so tired! I let go, and you do not I will live better, see you happy, I will happy. You well, so you will be happy. I will always bless you. I saved as a memory of happiness, so must be happy. There are some things that we clearly know is wrong, or to insist that some people, knowing that love may still have to let go. I now believe I have done for our love, the outcome of a game: There is a love called letting go. Then tell you, you will not. But the facts?
Day, and you never find me, I want to own paralysis, hard to sleep, but eyes closed, tears it out, cried and fell asleep … woke up the habit … pick up the phone, heartbreaking … I love, like the same crystal broken. You must be happy! When our love become your past, you can remind me? Forget you, I can not!
Happy end.

God created beauty


Qiushuiyiren the old saying that the thoughts of people, but now it is moist autumn we seek the realm of beauty.

Break out and see the spring leaf, a leaf withered and Zhiqiu, a drop of water which has a wider world, a drop of liquid in the fold through the muscle at the end of the charm of.

Lohas, music live, there can continue to live music, children have fun in order to create a skin-like innocence. Today I talk about the first truly natural skin care products – fruit from New Zealand Snowberry snow, where I have to admit that the appearance of advocates

Sun is still shining, but the morning wandering around the streets already feel the slightest dry autumn has gradually played. In clothing design, usually follow the principle of balance, since the dress has a long skirt, then the upper body, usually in Bra, suspenders and other cool details of the main.

Autumnal equinox has passed, but the autumn tiger is still entrenched, along with issues left over from summer, skin-care situation is still grim. Because swimming due to dry hair, the sun sunburn nose cheekbones, etc., in such a respite day, he spent some small thoughts within reach of the kitchen, dining table.

Thin as onion skin back the setting sun, which is the Tang Dynasty in the mood; Tousha sultry, this is the most eclectic scene of the film costume. In the spring and summer, Tousha fashion trend this summer started to spread to all major brands of dress, shirts and other items into a single, a fashion trend in the interpretation of a rare temptation.

Smooth shine hair always the charm that we seek one of the elements. In fact, our hair is only a month and a half inches long in length, so our hair care and hair shaping to be quite some effort. So as to avoid damage due to dry to reluctantly cut the trouble.

Is white in spring and summer fighting season, I will not speak a number of whitening products bombarded with ads, just look at their own strong sunshine and cool summer, has started a calm enough. Back to the white origin, we found some beautiful corners tend to make a beautiful summer greatly reduced, so today to swear.

Followed by a return on the topic of spring cowboy element, in addition to T stage of the jeans, also a large number of fashion jeans were overwhelming the introduction of comparison, a large inside with fashion learn more and to wear , while the style and fit ages from young girls, mature lady to .

Rare so practical and comfortable fashion large, thick boots in the early spring with how to dress stylish and well-being appropriate to it? Here to demonstrate to you the best, and gray textured wool socks to wear stacked in the folds of inadvertently showing a person’s artistic temperament. Of course.

Hairstyle is Very Important

Have made a head, there are hair type. Hair and a lot of things in a relationship. Such as age, age in particular must have been associated with a particular hairstyle; such as dynasties, Ming and Qing Dynasties have their own political provisions for the hair; such as age, given the context of the times there will be a particular hairstyle corresponding Contact; such as mood, the time when despair could no hair; on the hair, may be extended to countless stories from our daily can glimpse out in one of the clues.

Very young, I was afraid hair, because hair always feel hard to look after, so, I heard that the family barber, and will be frightened, afraid I have to ugly for some time. Later, they would feel, so the psychological focus is on self-image performance. Focus on self is not wrong, and this focus on a relationship with age. With age, I am less and less attention to their image, that is, changes in hair has become increasingly frequent.

Come home again to see my boy’s hair, quite a lot of emotion. His hair now I suddenly remembered that he is also the scene of this age. Hair is the same, that is, long hair fluttering. Long hair fluttering in the early years of high school and university should be in this age of choice for it, 20-year-old age, always trying to highlight its own personality, highlighting different to themselves and others, while the hair seems to be the best sign. Therefore, in the university campus, you will see colorful hair, hair color or colorful, but this hairstyle is closely related to age, and once after this age, hair will also change.

To near the time of graduation, my hair is just the shape of the. I think the hair is no longer necessary, the most important thing is efficiency. Short hair can not only save time, but also the way in the face when the hair tidy. And you see what work the men have long hair fluttering a few people are right. I think this is over, after all, the people of that age, psychological performance has been, and will not over-focus on their image in the eyes of others mapping. Image changes into the logic of the logic of efficiency.

While many parents are not satisfied with their child’s hair would scold some time, but only a relationship with age, so they passed this age, you want him to keep the hair will not be maintained. So, treat this situation, we do not need to scold it, just nothing more tolerance. Tolerance in such a situation will gradually disappear in your eyes, because time goes by, changes in age will bring changes in hairstyle.

Of course, you look at the hair, will find that with age there is a clear mark. I remember Kris singing “a beacon for the winter,” Liu Huan in singing “ambition to speak for worry,” Mao Amin singing “miss” when it looks like the 1980s. On the screen of that era, men are popular bob, women are popular hair. Therefore, we are very popular hairstyle looks, but this time the hair has a serious stigma. And such popular, spread from the screen to the private sector, numerous people are to follow such a popular hairstyle.

Time in the evolution of hair is also changing. See Guo Feng hair, from curly to straight, Liu Huan Shu Qi from curls to braids to. Of course, there is a trend which is called the trend a role. This in the ladies who is most apparent, from the beginning of the perm, to pull into a straight, to curly hair, to hair, now seems to have no pattern, but the hair for a woman really have learned something from their treatment of hair change can get a glimpse on what is now the trend, a woman’s hair is the easiest to change.

Well now, the people around us basically maintained his stance that hair is a mix, there is no mandatory requirement, there is no political persecution, there is no target limit, this is the most authentic face of hair. Mixed in order to demonstrate polymorphic hair out hundreds of thousands of people to find out the attitude of millions.

Jiangnan Beauty Girl

Yangtze River Delta, sparkling, gurgling water. Southern women, such as jade face, head, if Lang star. Growth of the south, walking south, I loved this piece of land Amidst the Rain. Over the years, I have been really serious in the written piece of land. I have a desire to want to write about life in the rivers and lakes on the beauty. My wife, my sister is gentle and passionate of the southern woman. I deeply love them. But I still do not know how to describe southern woman. I’m afraid I shallow pen, profane this lucky.
South petite woman, elegant, exquisite scenery. Smooth curve, convex, like southern landscape, elegant elegant; as carved pearl, perfectly clean. No matter where Southern women have distinctive characteristics, fair-skinned, big eyes and crescent. CCTV rising star Dong Qing, Shen Bing, Zhang Quan Ling, people will instantly recognize the southern girl.
South of the woman, described by the literati, Ying Ying fifth, Juanjuan twenty-eight. Childhood, such as flower, like orchids young to have young, with beads hanging dew, like tea before rain. But I think that described by Southern women writers, some powder too angry. Whether twenty-four moon night Yangzhou Bridge, or light acoustic shadow in the Qin Huai River paddle, or Dan Ma makeup of the West Lake, the water powder that is always tired very strong.
Described by Southern women writers, both Suzhou’s beauty on stage Man Wu, pipa all along the Zhaojun or embrace, tears of laughter are not beautiful children. The most acclaimed literary beauty of children, is the Qin Huai River on the “eight brilliant” Guheng Bo, Dong Xiaowan, Bian Yu Jing, Li Xiangjun, Kou white door, Ma Xianglan, Liu, Chen Yuanyuan. They will play stretch blow to sing, write poetry, earned scholar poet, I do not know what is evening, evening. Go eclectic eclectic, but there is not a good home girl, do is smile to make a living selling Yi Men, children look handsome, but as inferior. The story behind, mostly sad … and the legend of the Su Xiaoxiao, Bai Suzhen, Mo, Lovers, although all the beautiful Juan Hui, loyal love, but also some like-worldly air, the distance reality too far … Of course, not all southern women are also men’s eyes water waist snake, charming creature, but also drumming Jinshan Liang Hongyu, Zhang Jian Qiu Jin Xia line … …
I think the most beautiful southern beauty children, not they, even if the Dream in the Jinling twelve shorts, also not considered the most beautiful southern beauty. The more southern charming baby Wu Ji, the most beautiful, should be on the rivers and lakes, dressed in tight blue cloth printed fishing net mother and they tossed flowers, should be water tight sleeves skirt of planting seedling in women and that subtle fragrance surplus sleeves rice flower, sun shade should be taken inside the crystal Sang sister and I took time to cocoon, it should be rain Inclined girl in the tea light and that light fragrance of tea. I thought, perhaps from southern Picking the most beautiful girl woman, beauty day students struggle with Lotus Mei, must scenery and elegant.
South beauty in history was a cultural symbol, her feminine south from the culture, from classical poetry, rendering, and losses from the frustrated author geisha mutual reward mutual pity pity, “with the world people.” let them chilling in the romantic, a total entertainment in poetry and painting. Clear rivers and lakes south, Health issued a Southern woman, gentle enough, southern mountains Hideitsu, always exudes feminine beauty, south of Wu-ning soft language, but also penetrate the female complex, so southern women, and beauty quite rightly become a symbol of her symbols.
People to the south, is full of feeling the wind, clouds, see the forest of, Qu Jian, hear the distant, soothing, an elegant, complex will be immediately covered with warm your heart. All of these are easy to make you think of Miss South Enchanting baby. Thus, the southern beauty of the image, in the author’s mind generated. Therefore, the southern beauty, more than looks, but cultural.
Of course, the southern humid climate, rivers, clouds, drizzly misty rain, light short, often smoke-filled. The old southern woman, they are mostly on board, paddy fields, crafts, rain moisture, washed creamy, natural skin white and delicate. Them away from the Central Plains, by Confucius and Mencius argued less, a pair of natural feet, two feet, with a man casting a net punting, knows the weight of planting, naturally well-developed chest, strong arms, the kind of natural beauty, how to prevent the Central Plains men see and memorable?
South beauty, but also from the four ancient folklore. Butterfly Lovers, White Snake and Xu Xian, fairies, and Dong, Meng Jiang, and this man good. These poignant stories, enjoy the beautiful rendering of the good southern woman, pocketed the tears of sympathy for people across the country, but also generations of superimposed the image of southern beauty.
Although I Nagai south, southern people’s blood flowing, although I love South this land, we love the southern woman, but I must honestly tell you that South is not full of beauty, beauty may be just a culture of southern symbol.
Remember, ah, girl is not beautiful, girl just a legend.