My Dream Girl

Long, long time, I have accumulated many, many words to say to you, but I can not tell you in front of your face, only in the dark sight of the night, with just a pen to write all my feelings in the white paper , passing the time until you dream of, holding hands and then I give you, hope you can understand what I implied melancholy heart.
Perhaps you remember the time in junior high school, not the weekend, my favorite with you to your house and watching TV, chat happened the week, or happy, or sad. I like to watch most of your time, you were so true, so kind, so pure! Maybe you do not know, whenever we chat or watch TV together, only I was always distracted, always like to look at your eyes, I do not know why. Maybe just because you have a pair of gentle eyes bright, and may be crystal clear to you that the opacity of the eye in what to look for. I can not give yourself a good reason, muddle, I can only tell myself quietly at heart, with a pair just because you let me sleep through the night without the wizard-like eyes.
At first, I just peek glances from time to time. Fascinating look at a pair of languishing eyes, a blinking, as if the night, shining star, cute, innocent, with the gentle light of the stars slowly as the night I hope. Eyes in the distribution of warm soft-inch Mountain, like a bunch of spring sunshine after the rain, warm, warm, with moderate light quietly melting my frozen still in love; such as a spring of pure heart of the night rain, lingering, delicate, I quietly washing the dust of the heart is full of negative; passing the heart sea, such as a ray of overflowing the wind softly fragrant, warm, quiet light, gently blow away my heart a deep sense of melancholy.
Although I can feel it, when I speak against you, you are like me, looked at me very seriously. I would like to know why you are so seriously with my eyes. Is curious, is looking for, or just for a friendly and respect? Maybe you know, I secretly looked at your eyes, and you silently look into my eyes, but you do not hint, I did not show, just looked at each other silently.
In the depths of my heart, I seriously ask myself, for you, I simply like it, or the innocence of love, I dared not lightly give yourself a clear answer. I can not say just like the simple, but can not say I love you in earnest, but I know in my heart as you occupy the position of others can not be replaced, in my little heart fields has been a quiet part of your sacred purity. I always use my warm bright sun shining, gentle and delicate mouth kissing the rain, with the most sincere and pure love moisture, and warm the heart with the most persistent care of. I hope to in this small heart grow warm on Magnolia, out of red roses, bear the sweetest peach, Barbara left a happy, sprinkle a happy sun, remember all the way to laughter, warm harmony.
Maybe you will not believe this fact, maybe you do not believe this unexpected fact. Because you never care about us from among the silent bond, with no care about me in this.
You looked beautiful and gentle, I have doubted themselves, it just unrequited love, wishful thinking, but also doubted between us will not really have a long silence of fate, so I can not believe they will make you reconsider. Because I do nothing, afraid to tell you softly Xinyu, but not revealed to you a little bit of love, only this feeling, this feeling came over the many piles of pressure in the bottom of my heart, hidden in the deepest heart Department so he quietly waiting, waiting for an opportunity to reveal the truth.
Later, I went to high school, but you go out to work, but we will go home on weekends. And I, every home, the first thing is to ask whether his father home, and the second thing is to ask her mother, did not you go home this week, I always looked at an expected mother and nervous , can not wait to answer the waiting mother, I really hope that my mother told me, you go home. Perhaps the mother has been vaguely aware of what I was thinking, but always with a smile not speak, I can only wait in silence, afraid to show a little bit of urgency. I always want to mention very high, hope the mother said, “come” and helpless smile, “Go!” Every time I hear that you go home, my heart began to surging unrest, no rhythm, ate lunch felt delays, wait for them to not eat it toward your house, wait for blink of an eye you can see the warm smile.
Wait for the weekend, look forward to your home, almost every day of my subject. I clearly understand both their own and can not be elegant and beautiful with you, is I know you do not care about my wishful thinking, but I always refused to give up waiting, refused to let their own defeat. Because I always believe that since God has arranged the meet, and gave joy to our time, he would not give us share fate. Since God gave me a sight to wait, I’ll stick to the wait, until fate mellow, emotional condensation, and then holding your young hands, watching the glow of thousands of miles, the sun shines. I once made the wait, as God gave me a test, no matter how cold and windy, snow how strong, I will adhere to the heart with a rock-solid. I am not afraid of your heart as a rock, solid as a rock even if I will use my soft warm feeling for him is the yield; I am not afraid of you refuse to how fierce the waves, even violently, such as the tiger, I also use a flat broad heart let him calm; not afraid of what the thunder and lightning, thunderstorm, even if the rain-soaked, electric fire roar, I will use my most sincere heart so that he touched.
Maybe in your opinion, I am very ordinary, very ordinary, very dull, but with a kind of language can not be expressed with a foolish and clumsy. However, I believe, I will for you to change yourself. As long as you give me a chance, as long as you wait for me five years. Five years, I can take five years to change themselves, make that stupid stupid I know how to become a real love you, care about you, protect you, give you a real happy person. Five years, maybe you do not want to wait, because even I know how long it is five years. Because I know, five years, I can change, they can change you. I am afraid, afraid of the time, I become more love you, to pay all really, but you can change once you are no longer, perhaps you already belong to someone else; I’m afraid, afraid of that time, you I waited five long years, but I can not afford to let you enjoy the beautiful and peaceful life, not what you want to share happiness.
Five years, very long, can a good innocent people had become perfunctory fall, also allows a person to become evil ugly gentle harmony. Time, in the end is the good pastor, or the evil magician, who do not know!
Five years, I become of how, do not know, did not dare to think about. Maybe I will go into exile, sad to leave this place, because I can not bear you watched someone else do for you wearing a wedding dress, but also reluctant blessing for you; maybe I will hidden in a dark corner of the cold, quiet quiet reflections, memories, repentance, bitter tears, torn any snow, thunderstorms cheap riding, has been secretly opened his tired eyes, look at you wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, but I can only wish for you in silence, pray, let me have the heartbreak of emaciated more thoroughly. Tears do, and hope gone, you gone, leaving only one person I am guarding an obscure silent face, and an airborne heart.
If I do not care to meet you, I would not blame you for me, even bear to see you repent of the eyebrows, tearing eyes. Because I was afraid, afraid you will be more haggard; because I am afraid you will become old; afraid you warm tears will wash all your beautiful, elegant, gentle, kind and smiling; I am more afraid, afraid of my heart unable to scrape together more flat; afraid I have forgotten memories of erosion scars once again the situation; afraid of the cold I will tear my fragile face relentless ruthless plan.
The school gate but often buy some refined jewelry and fine arts and crafts. Every time I see those beautiful jewelry, I always think of you. Although the cost of living is not rich, but I always give you a buy one for you. After you imagine wearing a beautiful, imagine you get my gift, is so warm, so happy. Even I know that you will not be able to change a few small jewelry for my feeling, not accepted.
Sometimes, I think, maybe I drown in this light the hidden emotions, for you to find a real love you can not give you my happiness to people. I am farther away from you, because I did not bother, the more you will get more happiness.
Then later, I changed my thinking, changed their views, changed their way, I give you, give up your love, share your feelings quietly give up deeply buried, because you changed. You become no longer believe in me, change is no longer like to chat with me, change is no longer like to go home. Because I know that you have fallen in love with someone else, more than I am in love with a handsome, more money than my man. Because you change, because you give up, so I continue to adhere to its promise to give up completely, continue to work hard to give up, give up the perfect themselves.
When one day you called to tell me that you want to get married, and suddenly my heart as I fear it, broken and crushed so thorough. You ask I will not participate in the wedding, I did not speak, just listen to your shortness of breath. For a long time, I said, then. Then quietly fell asleep, to the earth as quiet, gentle soul will be fascinated on the lake, let it drift, all the memories and heartache severely buried in the eternal abyss, let it go wail … …
When I indulge with strong cries to wake up, I finally understand that the pursuit of you, I failed, and lost so completely, so nothing was lost, lost was so find any.
Such as needle years, I dare to retain? Muddy road, how can I continue to flee? Broken heart, how can I pick up?
Relentless years, so I did know. Time, in fact, just a simple multiplication, so just double the original value. Three years. Long and short of three years, a simple change for you, also I changed the flat Fanfan.
Although the heart-breaking so well, so unsightly wound, but in my mind, and you still always branded with the shadow of a once gentle and pure, and I hurried retreat of the heart, and still preserved in one of your quiet and peaceful Holy Land.
I know, there is my fond hope, wishful thinking, just let me fall into a deep quagmire, so that the situation falls into the abyss, let your heart be buried in snow and ice of the summit. I never regret, because I know deep in my heart, is still deeply in love with you.
So dislike trouble, words dislike chaos, but I sincerely love will never become airborne. Half a complaint above, untold emotional rain; rolls of bamboo, never finish tears again and again. Freezing in the heart, words on this end. But I still really cared about you, and wish you eternal youth, often with a smile, the roots are not old, wish you happy, forever, life together


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