A cool Autumn days Good Scenery

Blankly at the computer, many say, I do not know where to start, clear thinking, emotional stability is not so, one night, sometimes there will be a little lonely and desolate unknown.
Sometimes, there is always some surprises, like the desire to hear their own voice, will never come easily. However, in a particular moment, was suddenly discovered that an unexpected and scenes, and perhaps also to stimulate the inner soft.
Some people will always inadvertently, into the heart has dried up, sparking little ripples, or actually make their move, and can sense the warmth of that long absence.
Each fall, will have the same view, for example, lofty sky, a blue, clear water clarity, white clouds, chrysanthemum in full bloom, Tan Kwai fragrance, leaves the mountain, by the vast reed, as well as geese fly over the sadness. Those who can not see through the beautiful scenery, but a deeper share of lazy mood, some emotions do not go, it will naturally eruption, when there is no need as young as poetry that worry, a good autumn natural mood infiltration of bone marrow, heart beat bursts.
Homecoming, long years of precipitation, even if it has offer all kinds of feelings, the worth of sentimental, I can finally throw away those fetters of body and mind the dust, with a clean heart washed clean text and fleeting Magnificence, show to show faint smile, those long and graceful charm hidden in the misty night in the swing, rising into bloom again after the heart sounds from the curl, that faint trace strands of tenderness Needless to say, do not ask the people who know will understand the nature , as that accidental phone, as that gentle greeting, moving some things to the mind, are inadvertently revealing, do not deliberately search for, romantic and full of warm hearts can be natural.
Lonely moments, the soul of the text is the best outlet export, used to expose the soul of words, used in the dark in a virtual romance they desire and aesthetic. Perhaps this is the moment, a simple text record precipitation in the heart of the happiness that will be a permanent achievement, walk in the quiet of the night, won the sinking of the heart beating, all need to remember the warm and sealed in the document, as collection a long-lasting memories, you can imagine will be some sort of like minds think alike eternal.
Very quiet night, I seem to face only in the text can bare their true feelings, and only in the text before they can indulge their own freedom of thought. A cup of strong coffee, a few cocktails with a taste of German chocolate, a soft pure music, people could not help but lightly thoughts, reverie in the patch of their own space, imagination and picture your hand, fantasy day, but also be your big warm hand holding, into an unknown paradise, walk terraced rice paddies, to see steady, listen Zen sound wave, away from earth complex, and only love, only love can cast our paradise.
From beginning to end, never think of themselves as a greedy woman, also very self-knowledge, not to expect those who had not his own things, but, living in the Red, there is always see through the human well-being, there is always busy can not be known smoke, I’m just a vulgar woman, or will inevitably be tempted to turbulence, inevitably there will be vain, inevitably there will be pain and worry unfounded. So, I will fantasy, there will be eager to, a lot of beautiful scenery, knowing that they can not see through the tiny, but, I hope your traction, through a deep Red, with love as sand, lines the way a lot of, take a lot of bridge, see a lot of beauty, eat lots of food, love for those who can witness the miracle of all enjoy the place, let me dull life without any regrets and remorse, even though everything is on paper, but I still think After the well-being, perhaps, that life, even if, as a mirage, a dream may be worth pursuing after all, after all, there is someone sleeping in the bottom of my heart, after all, there should be hard to appreciate some beautiful scenery.
Text in the idea of ​​beauty, can not see through, heavy in real life, the more ideas are not allowed to have any illusions, so many, many tangible and intangible forces will destroy the balance of my mind, I have been hard to adjust, and ultimately Or, while tired, happy a while, moved a while, the pain while.
Living in the countryside, you can always dressed in a prime installed, despite my physical and mental capacity of rural house, let the blue sky, mountains, wash my soul, to keep yourself in the quiet countryside, do not expect too much of earthly prosperity, do not expect too much romantic and beautiful, simple and natural language to listen to grass insects, watching the sunrise on road, listening to blossom, despite the change of seasons, seasonal changes affect mood, it also brings a different kind of text to cultivate the mind, while there are different mood changes with the seasons, I was master of his emotions, just as natural as real flowers are blooming.
Some people say I want to come see the Nu River; also been said that you want for a luxury car to the Nu River tourism; naturally, some say, a lonely night, I would think. These, on the actual meaning of what I have? Although I like romantic, but I still eventually have to worldly woman.
If you can, I certainly hope you accompany me to see a steady ride to enjoy the extraordinary warmth of the day, I know, any virtual mirage, are not I live in this country is, and nothing can be more than this day quiet down to earth, I had a simple and pure sinking heart, seems to be calm and accept the earth’s wind and rain, to accept any need to face reality.
Mundane life, but also need to use different measuring days the length of life, thought to measure the length, through many days, had been loved, been hurt before, had been pet, he is subjected to a lot, but I still hope, There are many beautiful soul on earth is not pollution, just as this fall, I do not imagine, how will a good autumn and sad sad sad? I only hope that those who can not see through the landscape is still beautiful as ever, each of our small and humble life can be planted in the soul of a flowering tree, carefully looking flowers leaves green. Even if it must withstand the storm hit, even if the wind must be wandering, but we can still leaves the same as the tragic and joy, thinking back to past numerous dream, together we can still release their energy, so that ordinary life as a short general blossoming flower release.


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