Legendary Story of Exotic Jewelry

Gems and hard to put into words the royal family seem to have some kind of contact, national royal crown jewelry is almost always used with a variety of precious stones, precious stones reflect the royal family is considered the most distinguished. Not only that, a symbol of royal dignity in the gem, but also inherited the legendary king room emotions.

Two generations of the princess engagement ring

Oval sapphire cabochon, surrounded by trimmed with white diamonds, sapphire ring While this was the classic late British Princess Diana’s engagement ring, but also one of the British royal family heirlooms. Today, it has been worn on a quasi-princess Kate’s hands. It is said that around 18 kt While sapphire ring, as well as a series of story: Many people think that, when Princess Diana engagement ring selection, the pick of the biggest stars, but in fact, her selection is not their favorite maximum. Diana is like sapphire, sapphire can be set off because of her eyes. Diana’s engagement, the ring worth £ 28,500. After her death, Prince William and Harry selection of artifacts as a souvenir, the prince chose sapphire ring, while Prince William is a selection of Cartier watches. Now, Prince Harry is very pleased to be able to ring as her brother’s engagement ring, now it’s valuation reached 25 million pounds.

British royal family members are not only used to pass stones, but also like the usefulness of meta gem. For example, King Edward XI was on a sapphire ring, and now shines in the Queen’s “Empire of the crown” on. In addition, the crown set with two strings of pearls still, it was Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded in 1587 when wearing the necklace. In addition, Prince Philip presented to the British Queen Elizabeth II an engagement ring, from when the mother of Prince Philip – the Crown Princess Andrew of Greece.

According to statistics, the British royal family is the world’s most famous gem family, with 22,599 precious stones and jewels. Some of these treasures come from India and South Africa, search, and some countries by the year some of the weak contribution to the royal family.

In 1905, the British colonists in South Africa found a diamond weighing 3106 kt of ore, and decided to dedicate the King Edward VII. Later, the block processing is Zhekejuzuan total output volume of 1063.65 kt of diamonds, all owned by the British royal family all. Among them, the largest diamond named “Cullinan 1”, the “Star of Africa”, re 530.02 kt. The second largest was named “Cullinan 2”, weight 317.4 kt. Now the egg sized “Star of Africa” ​​is set in the King’s right to battle the top. The size of pigeon eggs “Cullinan 2” is set in the British royal family’s “Imperial Crown” on.

Iran’s royal gem pots

In the basement of the Central Bank of Iran, museum treasures in the collection of ancient Iran, diamond jewelry and gold jewelry. The most conspicuous place in the Treasure Hall, placed the set with 26,000 diamonds and precious stones of the throne of Nadir. In 1926, Reza Shah the king and the coronation in 1967 when they used the throne.

Bright “light sea” diamonds and “Mountain of Light” diamond was the world’s largest diamonds, two well-known, formerly India’s Mughal dynasty. “Sea of ​​Light” is light peach, a 182-carats, is now on display at the Central Bank of Iran’s treasure shop. “Mountain of Light” with India in 1304 found that the original weight of 191 kt, the rest of 108.93 kt after grinding process. After changing hands several times, now all of the British royal family.

Most of Iran’s treasure museum treasures are the royal family of Iran since the 16th century, amassed, and countless great jewelry particles, only with pots, boxes full bloom, and many have not had time to polish. For ease of storage, some of the treasures to be embedded in the crown, sword, dagger, cup covered dishes and a variety of crafts. Year Nasaierding dissipate into the atmosphere for the preservation of the King’s royal gem, had ordered craftsmen to create a globe and several top jewelry diamond-studded crown. Pahlavi was crowned king and queen of them wear the crown, set with 3380 diamonds, five emeralds, sapphires and 386 two pearls, called treasures.

Witness the legendary family and love

National royal crown inlaid with precious stones almost all. Bao Shi Wangguan embedded relief of the Swedish royal family treasure handed down, it was Napoleon’s first wife is Josephine all, of the Swedish royal wedding when Princess who will wear the crown. Danish Queen to wear the crown of emeralds and the entire mosaic jewelry, from the king’s crown on the part of the interception down, this jewelry is not allowed to leave from the Danish territory. Spain’s Queen Victoria’s crown, sometimes with green gems, sometimes inlaid with pearls. After her death, left his daughter Mary to the crown – Princess Christina, Princess and later gave his nephew the King of Spain Juan Carlos.

A symbol of royal gems valued at the same time, also witnessed a variety of legendary royal: Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor to Wallis Simpson to give up his throne. Their wedding ring is 19.77 karats of emeralds, says: “We are ours now (we belong to each other).” The Crown Prince of Greece in Switzerland to Palma Princess Mary Worth – Total marry him yet, well-known in the ring with a sapphire and diamond heart-shaped cut, which fully reflects his personal style.



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