The most Fascinating Castle (2)

Matsumoto Castle: Japan’s most enchanting castles. Matsumoto City, formerly known as deep-Chi City. The early Muromachi period, Ashikaga retainers Takauji Ogasawara Chen Shinano were either guard, the building of this city. Matsumoto Castle is a typical Pingcheng. The pill, two of the pills, three of the pills were generally square castle. The castle set in the southwest of the pill, and the lack of the northern part of the pill to be surrounded by two concave, then outside the square surrounded by three of the pill whole.

Brown Castle: Vampire Castle. Brown Castle, also known as the vampire castle, located in Romania, the vampire legend is the world’s number one place to live. The castle was originally the King of Hungary began construction in 1377, this is used to resist the Turkish fortifications. 1382 After the completion of this gradually became a set of military, customs, local administration, the judiciary in a political center. Legends of the world’s number one vampire Guevara West Grand V Lede has long lived here. Brown is known castle because of the vampire story. According to statistics, tourists come here every year about 45 million people. With public enthusiasm for the horror film, many film directors will also be paying attention to the vampire castle with another name of places. Marburg Castle: the world’s largest brick gothic castle. Marburg Castle, also known as the Teutonic Knights Castle in Poland Baomalian Marburg, Germany, the Teutonic Knights who have headquarters, history, Holy Roman Emperor Fadelike once converted to the Christian residents of Prussia as conditions, to allow occupation of the Teutonic Knights of Prussia. Pope George IV further permission of the Teutonic Knights to occupy any territory, as long as the Slavs into a Christian can be. Religious and territorial disputes continue to cause a future ethnic conflicts. As the majestic appearance of the castle is the best symbol of sovereignty declaration, so the decline of the Teutonic Knights after several hundred years, the castle has been the power Marburg coveted goal. Additional non-stop expansion of the occupiers, culminating in Marburg to become the world’s largest brick castle. In the German Empire during the reign of the first of Germany Marburg Castle National Monument. 1997 UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pena Palace: The most romantic classical palace. Portugal Pena Palace is the king, as if located in the Garden of Eden, the surrounding scenery, lush trees, rolling hills several overlapping peaks, cultural landscape and natural scenery blend together. Palace hybridity variety of architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish, Manuel style. This is the nineteenth century the Portuguese Queen Maria II’s husband – Ferdinand of bother to make. It was founded in 1840, completed in 1885, that Ferdinand’s death that year. Living in this region and other dignitaries, the idea of ​​building in the same residence, Sintra European Romantic architecture makes the center, its park and garden style more deeply influenced later generations of landscape design. Pena Palace in 1995 as a World Heritage Site.

 Lion Castle: eighteenth-century Disneyland. In the 18th century, the rulers of William IX of Hesse Marquis William Highland Mountain Park in the construction of a classic old building – “Lion Fort.” It is a romantic neo-Gothic knights castle ruins, with the basic characteristics of the Middle Ages, such as the moat and drawbridge. All the furniture inside the castle medieval rare treasures, such as altar card, glass windows of medieval churches and monasteries, military weapons, bronze statues, games and game tables and so on.


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