For girls

Time flies, time flies, Muran Looking back, I have a close thirties. Although I, like millions of people and future generations of farmers, but I grew up is under the care of their parents growing up, sometimes I wonder why parents would love me in every possible way, in addition to the lively and lovely addition to my nature, I think there is an important reason for this is because I was a boy, I believe many people know the boys in the rural areas represents, what it means, especially those who only son, is treated as a family heirloom. Which gave birth to a boy if the family that they are wreathed in smiles, joy, Which gave birth to the contrary if the girl, but that successive births are girls, that they are mourning family , deeply grieved, and even more serious was also unfortunate to say what the house, complaining, so sometimes I was very sour, in such extreme patriarchal social environment for those girls really are inexplicable injustice.

I remember October 1, 2009 is the most impressive of the day, because that day I realize more clearly that the patriarchal nature of society. I just put the eleven day holiday back home, my mother came out from the kitchen, said to me: “Xiaohua, your cousin gave birth,” I heard the excitement jumped up and said: “It must be a boy now! erupted in their home at ease, and cousin also had a good day, “” she gave birth to a girl, “I had hardly faded mother cut in and said,” The girls? how could a girl? not everyone says that during his lifetime a boy? “I asked my mother a little tone of reproach,” I wonder is, she checked several times to go are the boys, how to born a girl, and alas, your cousin is really hardy ah! they husband’s cousin every day in your useless chatter, students do not come out a boy, I think the future is certainly sad day, “sighed her mother said to me while Wang Chufang side go in the direction. Looked at the mother to leave the back, thinking about the unfortunate cousin, a trace of a sudden my heart sad, really from the heart as a cousin of my sympathy to her face, and I also think a woman is not easy to do, to spend so much The effort gave birth to a child out of family get is just endless chatter, I think boy or girl is actually no difference, as long as your mind open enough, the concept is not obsolete.

Enough through my cousin this example can be seen in our great country of 1.3 billion people, how many women have faced such problems, encountered the same experiences. And how many girls are born to leave their birth parents or just the end of the birth of young lives, how many girls because they are caused by the long life of the psychological shadow. I recently watched a movie, is a masterpiece of the famous director Feng Xiaogang, title called “the Great Tangshan Earthquake,” I feel very good shot the film, the film is too many moving pieces, remember that the most profound is the female masters of film to save his two children that moment, due to circumstances at the time only to save a child, when the ambulance crew asked her if she saved a boy or a girl, she is very sad, very difficult decision, she can not wait to be pressed on the stone people underneath their own, but at the last minute she decided to save the boy. In the crevice of her mother’s sister, heard the phrase: “to save his brother,” she almost desperate, looking at her sad desperate eyes, I am sad, and even tears in his eyes across a bit, in fact, this can not be blame the mother, the mother suffering because of this decision for decades, perhaps thousands of years in China, eternal culture, perhaps in subconscious human thought important than girls do boys, at least they think the boy is procreation, The girl is someone’s wife sooner or later.
In retrospect we have already mentioned several years of national gender equality, but how many people really understand and use it? How many people really understand the true meaning of the words equality it? I think it should be very few! Many rural girls, 15 and 16-year-old started out from work, and mostly because the family had no money, not so much for children to study, only let the boys school, the girls come out to earn money, often hear the experiences of these when I will be very scared, sad, the same life, also gave birth in a mother’s embrace, and why treatment is not the same? I think they deserve our serious consideration the entire Chinese nation, President Hu Jintao National People’s Congress has repeatedly stressed to our minds, which we have done it? We should do it? All of these I think are worthy of us to ponder.
Buddhism tells us: all the world like Flower in the Mirror, in the water, in the end after all, is futile, and life as a meteor, fleeting, why do we always entangled in between men and women do, through the history of the rings We will find the kind of patriarchal era has quietly there anymore, and now we live in the 21st century, this is a time of gender equality, a woman can be a self era, in the heart of this I sincerely appeal to the whole society Do not ignore the girls, let us use their own action to prop up a whole society, girls day, so that they can be healthy and robust growth, let us work together to create a truly harmonious society.


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