China Mid-Autumn Festival to Eat Moon Cake

Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese traditional festival, August 15 for the annual Lunar New Year. The second month of August for the fall, in ancient times known as the Mid-autumn, so people called the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also because this day the moon is full circle, symbolizing the reunion, also known as Tuan Yuanjie. Full moon, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival custom, began in the Wei-Jin period.
Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake food devaluation, saying many of its origin. One that the late Yuan Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn moon cake Jiangsu
Taizhou uprising leader of the anti-Yuan Shi-Cheng Zhang (or should we say the emperor’s advisors Liu Bowen) the use of the Mid-Autumn people give each other a round cake on the occasion, entrained in the cake, “August 15 night to kill the Tartars,” the note, we met with the cake in a note, a mass ten, hundred, if that night with about Shouren evil of the “Tartars” (per soldier), after the uprising every family Chibing celebrate the victory, and formally known as Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake round cake. A long history in the later period, even in the last century, many moon cake has also posted on the party of small pieces of paper! Unfortunately, in recent years have seen small pieces of paper produced trace of moon cake, moon cake contains from generation to generation “cultural Password” gone. Another one that is, the early years of Hongwu, general Xu Da capture entrenched remnants of the Yuan Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Beijing, news reached the capital of Nanjing, the Ming emperor ecstatic playing chess, that Chuanyu celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, and had a large uprising against Yuan moon cake reward transmission of information subjects. Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake has since become “legal” food, non food must be made [1]. Moon cake, first originated in the Tang army celebration party food. Gaozu years, the great general Li Jing conquered by the Turks sent a message hidden moon cake victorious, triumphant return on August 15, after the custom of eating moon cake a year. There were business people of Turpan offering cake to the celebration party Tang emperor. Emperor Li Yuan took the gorgeous cake box, took out a round cake, joked that the air moon said: “The cake should be invited Hu toad.” Then the ministers together to eat cake. Song Wuzi Mu’s “dream beam recorded,” a book, already has a “moon cake” is, but the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake to eat a description of the Ming Dynasty’s “West Lake Chi will” only reads: “August 15 that The Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake with civil society in left, take the meaning of reunion. ” To the Qing Dynasty, the record would increase on a moon cake, and made more sophisticated.
Eat moon cake to show “Reunion.” Moon cake, also known as Hu cake, cake house, monthly group, harvest cake, reunion cake, the ancient worship of the Mid-Autumn Moon offerings. According to legend, in ancient China, emperors have the memorial day of spring, autumn months of ritual sacrifice. In the private sector, during Mid-Autumn Festival in August, also about worship or sacrifice on the custom. “On August 15 children round, the Mid-Autumn moon cake and sweet incense,” and this name proverb tells the Mid-Autumn Night custom of eating moon cake urban and rural people. Moon cake festival was originally used to sacrifice Bong Moon, and later it gradually Mid-Autumn Festival and moon cake tasting, as a major symbol of family reunion, slowly, the moon cake festival has become a necessary gift. Moon cake is round, and is given the meaning of the reunion is the next dynasty, Liu Dong, “Royal Plaza features a little,” said: “On August 15 Festival, the festival will be a round fruit cake.” Tian Rucheng “Yu-chi West Lake,” said : “August 15 that the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake with civil Youyi left, take the meaning of reunion.” Shen list in the “Wan Department Notes” in the Ming Dynasty, Beijing also described the flourishing Mid-Autumn moon cake making: Square Minjie “moon cake made with left, size, call the moon cake. City restaurants to the fruit for the filling, clever name, went with a cake by the value of hundreds of money. “ingenuity of confectionery workers refurbished surprisingly, moon cake made all kinds of tricks, Yun-Peng Zhang.” You state Yin Folk “described:” the moon symbol, painted kiln rabbit Taiwan ranks; moon cake, the system on the Silver Shadow toad Zifu pair of toad rabbit Poppins, regret evil Chang-e in stolen drugs; Benru wide cold not return and air workers Yuchu in crimson. “Qing Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake has become a common custom, and production skills is increasing. Qing Yuan Mei, “with Garden Fresh single” Description: “The moon cake pastry, with pine nuts, walnuts, melon seeds and rock sugar, lard filling, eat sweet and fragrant pine Rouni feel, quite different from ordinary.” Moon cake in Beijing Zhimeizhai the system places the front door as the first. View over the country, has formed in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, tidal five kinds of flavor series, and worship around the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon also produced many local folk, such as the South’s “Bu champion”: the moon cake cut into medium and small three blocks, stacked together, the largest on the following for the “champion”; medium in the middle, as the “second place”; the smallest on the top for the “third overall.” Then dice the whole family, who up to digital, is the champion, eating large; followed by second place, third overall, the game is fun. Today, on the next play customs, old has been far from popular. Hosted a full moon, but still popular, people are asked on wine to celebrate the good life, or distant relatives I wish health and happiness, and family “moon and new moon.”
In China is a very ancient custom. According to historical records, as early as the Chou dynasty, the emperors have memorial day equinox, summer solstice, Jide, Autumnal Equinox Festival month, the winter solstice customs heaven. The worship place known as the Day altar, the altar, on the altar, the Temple of Heaven. Situated at the four corners of the direction. Beijing’s sacrifice on the altar is the month where the Ming and Qing emperors. “Book of Rites,” it reads: “Son of Heaven spring Asahi, Qiuxi months. Asahi of North Korea, on the eve of the evening.” On the eve of the evening here, refers to the worship of the moon is the night. This custom is not only for the court and the upper nobility pursued, with the development of society, has gradually affected the private sector.
Author moon
On the full moon festival from custom, the ritual became a serious relaxing pleasure. Mooncake activity around the beginning of civil Wei and Jin Dynasties, but unsuccessfully learning. The Tang Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival, Wan Yue quite popular, and many famous poets have a Wing in January of the poem. Until the time of Song, and formed a full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival activities centered folk festival, officially designated as Mid-Autumn Festival. With the Chinese is different from the Song of the full moon is a sense of things more sad, often wanes, Yu human situation, even if the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the moon’s pure light also conceal the Song sad. But Song, the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is another form that is secular joy of the Mid-Autumn festival: “Mid-Autumn Festival, all shops are selling new wine, your home decorations. Taixie, in homes contend for restaurants Wan Yue, complains heard thousands of miles away, even the ride to play Xiao “(” Tokyo Beautiful Dream “). Song of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a sleepless night, the night market open all night, Wan Yue visitors, until dawn without a break. Worship
Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many activities and games, first to play lantern. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s three major segments, the holidays have to play lights. Of course, the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival is not as large as the Lantern Festival, playing the main light only in the family, children between the. Lantern
Back in the Northern Song Dynasty, “Tales of the Old”, the record in the autumn festival customs, there is’ the “little red” light play into the river rafting activities. Mid-Autumn Lantern play, mostly concentrated in the south. As mentioned above, Foshan Autumn meeting, various kinds of lights have: sesame lamp, shell lamps, light wood shavings, straw lamp, fish scale lamp, hull lights, pumpkin lights and tree lights and other birds, so people praise. In Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places, in the autumn to mid-autumn festival for the tree, the tree will be erected, erected about the meaning of high illuminations. Parents help their children with bamboo paper tied Rabbit lamp, square lamp lights or star fruit, cross-linked in the short pole, and then put on high poles, high-tech up, phototherapy shine, add another for the Mid-Autumn Festival a scene. Many children each game to see who erected high, vertical is much the most exquisite illuminations. There are also lights up day, that is updating, National Cheng Kung University-shaped lamps with paper models, lamp candle, heat the Tang, the lights flying in the air, chasing the introduction of laughter. There are also all kinds of children’s hand-held lantern enjoying the play on the downstream. Area in Nanning, Guangxi, in addition to tie all kinds of bamboo paper lanterns allow children to play, there are very simple grapefruit lights, pumpkin lights, orange lights. The so-called grapefruit light, is hollowed out grapefruit, carve a simple pattern, put the rope inside the candle and tries to light and elegant. Pumpkin, orange lamp is made of the flesh to dig. Although simple, but making simple, very popular, some children also grapefruit drifted into the pool water in light to make the game. Guangxi has a simple user autumn light, light is six bamboo strips tied into a circle, outside the paste white paper, interpolation candles Serve. Hang on in the festival with a festival on at the table, the children can play. Today, many areas of Guangxi and Guangdong, in arranged in the autumn carnivals, bar lights illuminate the system with a large modern illuminations, there are all kinds of plastic made from a new lantern for children to play, but stripped of the beauty of the simplicity of the old illuminations .


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