Ignorant of the Share of Youth

Youth, with a sprout of the heart … …
Originally thought, we would be happy pair; thought, you will always be who I; thought, happiness will cycle between us; thought, from the United States will produce; originally thought, with you, my sky no longer dark … …
Turn off the QQ, tears flow indiscriminately, tears dry, wet, wet and dry. Heartbreak, heartbreak was dished, to catch, but slipped from the fingers, such as an hourglass, I am unable to restore. Sincere love for so long, love of the world is destroyed in one night … … so beautiful fairy tale, but the reality is so painful … … love is like opium, is to enjoy the process, the result is painful. I know that this is so, why stained it, now I can not forget … …
Recalled time and again show in my mind, less pain then the U.S. … … for the first time you see a little honest, the first time you ride in the car sitting in the first field with the path you walk, hand in hand the first time you feel the temperature … … I love you because you touched me countless times! I will sleep, you have to chat with me, until I gradually fall asleep. I will be strong in front of friends and pretend that only you know what I smile hidden behind the injury. I will be inferior, you have inspired me going, gives me confidence. Memories, memories, everything now is the past. Memories, the memories go back … I finally understand time is not happy reincarnation.
Passage of time, erosion of love, also left scars. I was wrong, I should not like to express my thoughts. You have your living space, I should not call you every day. You said: Why call every day, every day there are so many words to speak it? Thus, while most of the time in silence the microphone, but why do you not understand, even silence, I can feel you breathing, even silence, but also give my thoughts plus piece of candy. Silence, silence, silence … … maybe you already forget it! Call every day, my commitment to you, but I do not know when to start, it has transformed into my task, and eventually become our Achilles heel.
That blindfolded, you can not see the world; that cover your ears, you can not hear all of the trouble; that the footsteps stopped, the heart can no longer travel; that we love, we can operate well !
I love you for it at low tide? I want to stay, but I have that qualify? I did not! I eventually became a passing in your life. This love, one-man show so tired! I let go, and you do not I will live better, see you happy, I will happy. You well, so you will be happy. I will always bless you. I saved as a memory of happiness, so must be happy. There are some things that we clearly know is wrong, or to insist that some people, knowing that love may still have to let go. I now believe I have done for our love, the outcome of a game: There is a love called letting go. Then tell you, you will not. But the facts?
Day, and you never find me, I want to own paralysis, hard to sleep, but eyes closed, tears it out, cried and fell asleep … woke up the habit … pick up the phone, heartbreaking … I love, like the same crystal broken. You must be happy! When our love become your past, you can remind me? Forget you, I can not!
Happy end.


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