God created beauty


Qiushuiyiren the old saying that the thoughts of people, but now it is moist autumn we seek the realm of beauty.

Break out and see the spring leaf, a leaf withered and Zhiqiu, a drop of water which has a wider world, a drop of liquid in the fold through the muscle at the end of the charm of.

Lohas, music live, there can continue to live music, children have fun in order to create a skin-like innocence. Today I talk about the first truly natural skin care products – fruit from New Zealand Snowberry snow, where I have to admit that the appearance of advocates

Sun is still shining, but the morning wandering around the streets already feel the slightest dry autumn has gradually played. In clothing design, usually follow the principle of balance, since the dress has a long skirt, then the upper body, usually in Bra, suspenders and other cool details of the main.

Autumnal equinox has passed, but the autumn tiger is still entrenched, along with issues left over from summer, skin-care situation is still grim. Because swimming due to dry hair, the sun sunburn nose cheekbones, etc., in such a respite day, he spent some small thoughts within reach of the kitchen, dining table.

Thin as onion skin back the setting sun, which is the Tang Dynasty in the mood; Tousha sultry, this is the most eclectic scene of the film costume. In the spring and summer, Tousha fashion trend this summer started to spread to all major brands of dress, shirts and other items into a single, a fashion trend in the interpretation of a rare temptation.

Smooth shine hair always the charm that we seek one of the elements. In fact, our hair is only a month and a half inches long in length, so our hair care and hair shaping to be quite some effort. So as to avoid damage due to dry to reluctantly cut the trouble.

Is white in spring and summer fighting season, I will not speak a number of whitening products bombarded with ads, just look at their own strong sunshine and cool summer, has started a calm enough. Back to the white origin, we found some beautiful corners tend to make a beautiful summer greatly reduced, so today to swear.

Followed by a return on the topic of spring cowboy element, in addition to T stage of the jeans, also a large number of fashion jeans were overwhelming the introduction of comparison, a large inside with fashion learn more and to wear , while the style and fit ages from young girls, mature lady to .

Rare so practical and comfortable fashion large, thick boots in the early spring with how to dress stylish and well-being appropriate to it? Here to demonstrate to you the best, and gray textured wool socks to wear stacked in the folds of inadvertently showing a person’s artistic temperament. Of course.


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