Hairstyle is Very Important

Have made a head, there are hair type. Hair and a lot of things in a relationship. Such as age, age in particular must have been associated with a particular hairstyle; such as dynasties, Ming and Qing Dynasties have their own political provisions for the hair; such as age, given the context of the times there will be a particular hairstyle corresponding Contact; such as mood, the time when despair could no hair; on the hair, may be extended to countless stories from our daily can glimpse out in one of the clues.

Very young, I was afraid hair, because hair always feel hard to look after, so, I heard that the family barber, and will be frightened, afraid I have to ugly for some time. Later, they would feel, so the psychological focus is on self-image performance. Focus on self is not wrong, and this focus on a relationship with age. With age, I am less and less attention to their image, that is, changes in hair has become increasingly frequent.

Come home again to see my boy’s hair, quite a lot of emotion. His hair now I suddenly remembered that he is also the scene of this age. Hair is the same, that is, long hair fluttering. Long hair fluttering in the early years of high school and university should be in this age of choice for it, 20-year-old age, always trying to highlight its own personality, highlighting different to themselves and others, while the hair seems to be the best sign. Therefore, in the university campus, you will see colorful hair, hair color or colorful, but this hairstyle is closely related to age, and once after this age, hair will also change.

To near the time of graduation, my hair is just the shape of the. I think the hair is no longer necessary, the most important thing is efficiency. Short hair can not only save time, but also the way in the face when the hair tidy. And you see what work the men have long hair fluttering a few people are right. I think this is over, after all, the people of that age, psychological performance has been, and will not over-focus on their image in the eyes of others mapping. Image changes into the logic of the logic of efficiency.

While many parents are not satisfied with their child’s hair would scold some time, but only a relationship with age, so they passed this age, you want him to keep the hair will not be maintained. So, treat this situation, we do not need to scold it, just nothing more tolerance. Tolerance in such a situation will gradually disappear in your eyes, because time goes by, changes in age will bring changes in hairstyle.

Of course, you look at the hair, will find that with age there is a clear mark. I remember Kris singing “a beacon for the winter,” Liu Huan in singing “ambition to speak for worry,” Mao Amin singing “miss” when it looks like the 1980s. On the screen of that era, men are popular bob, women are popular hair. Therefore, we are very popular hairstyle looks, but this time the hair has a serious stigma. And such popular, spread from the screen to the private sector, numerous people are to follow such a popular hairstyle.

Time in the evolution of hair is also changing. See Guo Feng hair, from curly to straight, Liu Huan Shu Qi from curls to braids to. Of course, there is a trend which is called the trend a role. This in the ladies who is most apparent, from the beginning of the perm, to pull into a straight, to curly hair, to hair, now seems to have no pattern, but the hair for a woman really have learned something from their treatment of hair change can get a glimpse on what is now the trend, a woman’s hair is the easiest to change.

Well now, the people around us basically maintained his stance that hair is a mix, there is no mandatory requirement, there is no political persecution, there is no target limit, this is the most authentic face of hair. Mixed in order to demonstrate polymorphic hair out hundreds of thousands of people to find out the attitude of millions.


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