Jiangnan Beauty Girl

Yangtze River Delta, sparkling, gurgling water. Southern women, such as jade face, head, if Lang star. Growth of the south, walking south, I loved this piece of land Amidst the Rain. Over the years, I have been really serious in the written piece of land. I have a desire to want to write about life in the rivers and lakes on the beauty. My wife, my sister is gentle and passionate of the southern woman. I deeply love them. But I still do not know how to describe southern woman. I’m afraid I shallow pen, profane this lucky.
South petite woman, elegant, exquisite scenery. Smooth curve, convex, like southern landscape, elegant elegant; as carved pearl, perfectly clean. No matter where Southern women have distinctive characteristics, fair-skinned, big eyes and crescent. CCTV rising star Dong Qing, Shen Bing, Zhang Quan Ling, people will instantly recognize the southern girl.
South of the woman, described by the literati, Ying Ying fifth, Juanjuan twenty-eight. Childhood, such as flower, like orchids young to have young, with beads hanging dew, like tea before rain. But I think that described by Southern women writers, some powder too angry. Whether twenty-four moon night Yangzhou Bridge, or light acoustic shadow in the Qin Huai River paddle, or Dan Ma makeup of the West Lake, the water powder that is always tired very strong.
Described by Southern women writers, both Suzhou’s beauty on stage Man Wu, pipa all along the Zhaojun or embrace, tears of laughter are not beautiful children. The most acclaimed literary beauty of children, is the Qin Huai River on the “eight brilliant” Guheng Bo, Dong Xiaowan, Bian Yu Jing, Li Xiangjun, Kou white door, Ma Xianglan, Liu, Chen Yuanyuan. They will play stretch blow to sing, write poetry, earned scholar poet, I do not know what is evening, evening. Go eclectic eclectic, but there is not a good home girl, do is smile to make a living selling Yi Men, children look handsome, but as inferior. The story behind, mostly sad … and the legend of the Su Xiaoxiao, Bai Suzhen, Mo, Lovers, although all the beautiful Juan Hui, loyal love, but also some like-worldly air, the distance reality too far … Of course, not all southern women are also men’s eyes water waist snake, charming creature, but also drumming Jinshan Liang Hongyu, Zhang Jian Qiu Jin Xia line … …
I think the most beautiful southern beauty children, not they, even if the Dream in the Jinling twelve shorts, also not considered the most beautiful southern beauty. The more southern charming baby Wu Ji, the most beautiful, should be on the rivers and lakes, dressed in tight blue cloth printed fishing net mother and they tossed flowers, should be water tight sleeves skirt of planting seedling in women and that subtle fragrance surplus sleeves rice flower, sun shade should be taken inside the crystal Sang sister and I took time to cocoon, it should be rain Inclined girl in the tea light and that light fragrance of tea. I thought, perhaps from southern Picking the most beautiful girl woman, beauty day students struggle with Lotus Mei, must scenery and elegant.
South beauty in history was a cultural symbol, her feminine south from the culture, from classical poetry, rendering, and losses from the frustrated author geisha mutual reward mutual pity pity, “with the world people.” let them chilling in the romantic, a total entertainment in poetry and painting. Clear rivers and lakes south, Health issued a Southern woman, gentle enough, southern mountains Hideitsu, always exudes feminine beauty, south of Wu-ning soft language, but also penetrate the female complex, so southern women, and beauty quite rightly become a symbol of her symbols.
People to the south, is full of feeling the wind, clouds, see the forest of, Qu Jian, hear the distant, soothing, an elegant, complex will be immediately covered with warm your heart. All of these are easy to make you think of Miss South Enchanting baby. Thus, the southern beauty of the image, in the author’s mind generated. Therefore, the southern beauty, more than looks, but cultural.
Of course, the southern humid climate, rivers, clouds, drizzly misty rain, light short, often smoke-filled. The old southern woman, they are mostly on board, paddy fields, crafts, rain moisture, washed creamy, natural skin white and delicate. Them away from the Central Plains, by Confucius and Mencius argued less, a pair of natural feet, two feet, with a man casting a net punting, knows the weight of planting, naturally well-developed chest, strong arms, the kind of natural beauty, how to prevent the Central Plains men see and memorable?
South beauty, but also from the four ancient folklore. Butterfly Lovers, White Snake and Xu Xian, fairies, and Dong, Meng Jiang, and this man good. These poignant stories, enjoy the beautiful rendering of the good southern woman, pocketed the tears of sympathy for people across the country, but also generations of superimposed the image of southern beauty.
Although I Nagai south, southern people’s blood flowing, although I love South this land, we love the southern woman, but I must honestly tell you that South is not full of beauty, beauty may be just a culture of southern symbol.
Remember, ah, girl is not beautiful, girl just a legend.


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