I Want to Travel

I want to travel, the idea formed in my mind has been a long time, but for various reasons, but has failed to make the trip! Thinking about travel, heart and full of infinite vision … …
Have an “I want to Guilin” caught my idea of ​​Guilin infinite. Want to travel, want to see beautiful scenery along the way, fresh air and enjoy the travel tranquil mood, to capture the car window fleeting piece of beauty, the hearts of those inexplicable precipitation impetuous, so that the heart relieved, free to fly … …
I want to travel, so the idea in my mind again and again around the corner, and every time the strong! Think of their native place, where their heart and soul of feeling the breeze, gently put down weary heart, so that the beauty of nature and sunshine to the heart to accommodate, along with the afterglow of the hot sun beating heart, flowing one kind of total infinite yearning!
Think, think, tomorrow, pack up and leave, to bring his beloved camera, set foot on the train rumbling westward to Tibet! Because there are too many mysterious allure, a holy mountain, beautiful glacial lake, the majestic Potala Palace, the white hada … … where I want to take the cultural perception that distant Tibet, the core and essence; I think through Zang read through the eyes of the people of the mysterious snowy plateau; I want to lookout for people who practice religious worship, a good feeling that the baptism of the soul and spiritual purification; I want to drink highland barley wine and buttered tea and mellow; I want to find Gesang tis heart … I miss with my camera to capture the good feelings and moments earth moving, record those fascinated fairyland … … Although this is only my dream of Tibet, but there will be a day arrival, when I stood on the vast grassland, said loudly against the blue sky: Tashi Delek!
I would like to see the sea! I sat in the soft sand, despite that with the slightest salty sea breeze blow my hair, in the vicinity, enjoy watching people play, feel their joy and laughter. In the distance, watching the sparkling sea and the sky-line, wide quiet, boundless, magical and spectacular, breathtaking! Sunset gradually to the West, leaving the sky a large beautiful clouds, along with just that little bit of twilight dotted with a spray thrown up. With the water rising, a Unit of cool water to make my every nerve to enjoy the stretch, I heartily enjoy the sea touching, listening to the voice of the sea … …
I want to travel in the winter Ice City – Harbin, one filled with exotic beauty of the city. Bard in the snowy, wearing thick clothes to watch the different styles of sculptures and exquisite snow, stood in a magnificent picture of spectacular pieces in praise of the wisdom of Harbin craftsmen and techniques into their own like a fairy tale world, dreamlike! As the understanding of Harbin, but know little about on TV, but it is my cherished place … …
Friends, there is a chance to travel together with us now! Looking forward to the early arrival of this day!


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