China-US Basketball Game Brawl

Chinese team members the day before the U.S. team in college basketball powerhouse Georgetown game, the two sides and led to gang fights because Dongzuoguoda event, almost all the players involved, the game was eventually forced to stop.

Both sides in this game against a very intense, making game from the outset, fiery, two players have a larger movement, which also foreshadowed the end of the brawl.

When the Section 8 minutes and 27 seconds left when the Bayi team when a player was fouled backboard, Xu Zhong Hao expressed dissatisfaction and tried to push the opponent about the theory, but this small conflict two players were both teammates quickly opened. After 1 minute, Xu Zhong Hao was in an offensive player directly to Georgetown University’s leave it to the ground, his anger towards the coach seats, protested loudly with each other’s coach.

Bayi team then moves gradually become larger, Georgetown University, an attack also suffered a serious foul, the two sides have been at daggers drawn at this time. End of game, two teams compete for rebounds in a time and twisted into a ball, Zhongguang was knocked to the ground, many conflicts brewing the fuse was finally lit, the two players began pushing each other, then turned into gang fights, and bench players who did not exercise restraint, all streaming to the arena brawl.

According to an eyewitness said the two sides into a ball court player in the scuffle, the bench players will have a chair thrown into the central arena, and the game of the audience threw a bottle of mineral water will be Georgetown University team alternate seat , a chaotic scene, the final race was discontinued.


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