Taste of home

People always have a home to the world,home is not the same taste, bitter, sweet, happy, joyful, gloomy, and miserable … … taste of home vary from person to person and there are also the colors of the story, what is home? Home of the doubt, dream home,family expectations, family makes the heart seem all tangled haggard and bewildered, where the Red in this gorgeous, but not all people have a gorgeous home, so that the final struggle of all the world target seems to want a nice and brilliant and warm and happy home.
Yesterday a friend sent me a message, she said she seen such a text: a divorced woman with a year-old son lived in a shabby trailer, she did not work, abnormal life impoverished. One day, her tired back, listen to other people asked her son, why do not you and your mom a house? Her son said childlike and cheerful, we have a home, just short of a house, there will be, as long as home!
I looked at it a long time to warm the hearts of the wisdom and stories, the heart suddenly thumping action, yes, some people in there home in, and the house just give it a place to live and do not represent the world in the family house, family in the human heart, then the United States house, no one in this precious element, not a combination of family affection, no love to give the family atmosphere, then the spacious house is only a cold tomb.
Friends said: Ye Hao rented a house, bought a house worth mentioning, not soft and warm at home, but masonry room only. This sentence reminds me of Daorang around a few girls in a room they shared, they are often rented for their own house in the shabby and depressed, do not even want to pack the room, make do with dirty live all day, it seems to wait until With a mind to organize the house and then settle their body home, and this home must be bought the house. One day, they went next door to their room a little boy playing, little boy has just entered their room, back out on his nose, the little boy said, your home dirty, unpleasant smell good ah!
Girls surprise, one of the curious and asked: your home is beautiful? In fact, she was thinking, such a small house can be pretty go? Little boy proud to say: Of course, no matter where my mother regarded the house well dressed, with mother, there is good-looking home.
Girls do not believe, had an excuse to take a look at what the little boy home, let them marvel at the fact that really, the same structure, the same small room, but because the hostess’s carefully decorated, furnished with elegant and bright, warm and effectively, to have people step into a kind of spiritual comfort to enjoy it like a wandering soul where the house? Girls are embarrassed to ask a beautiful little boy’s mother: Sister, you dress up the room so beautiful, you are going to live long? Not gone?
Hostess has a pair of beautiful eyes, she smiled and said: home in my heart it, wherever they may live as long as it as a writer, it is home, the house is someone else, but home is their own Yeah, we went to Where are brought home is not it? Home furniture and the house is not determined, we have no mind their own home.
Girls back to his house, began to clean up the room, their hearts become clear, because in his chest at home, the house is a brick structure of space is to have a rest when tired place, is to freedom of the heart where comfort, even rented, it also gave off their entire function of sleep, it also has to withstand wind and rain up the essence of love, though temporarily not her own, but as long as the heart of the home in their own house always there, regardless of good and bad house, because of these blind people own a home of charm, beautiful flowers around the house dress, every girl’s responsibility, which is to own home life of a simple basic attitude.
I have a friend who had cancer, with disease progression, a man beloved cars sold, does not work, the day she was in the hospital around the turn, differing only in selling the house, and her extreme despair, feel nothing, and soon there is no house, no home, no all miss, she thought of death, she was afraid to face that empty house, a man distressed to say: As long as people, have family in the home is what ? We keep together a family of three is home ah! As long as you live well, even in bed all day, but the home is complete, ah, do not you, to the house where the use?
A friend told me these words, I moved to the extreme, for this man Song of Frank, but also for his family and the three together is the feeling. Yes, ah, for today’s society, most of the nuclear family is a family of three, waiting as long as solidly together, warm each other, love each other, snuggling with each other, encouraging each other to appease, no home is complete? Any of a beautiful home, not a lack of happiness, only the dearest people I’m alive, tangible every day, talk, bustling, even angry quarrel is not understood, it also the home of the true taste ah.
There is also a friend, she wants a dream house. To the house, she sacrificed all, including his son grow up healthy, she has never been more time with his son play for a while, come back to see his son every night and even pathetic huddled in the cold bed, she just a few helpless tears flow , sighed, and then remains the same, his son often asked: Mom, did you not go to work? Mom, I miss you with me for a while! She did not know that her son was afraid to sleep every night of fear, fear of waiting for their parents return from work, but why they are in the hotel work, work late, usually coming about eleven sons dare to sleep, and she said : Baby, you have to learn to strong, you are a man, but also to learn to be independent. Son often heard the words of his mother, a little soul sighed, she did not when the same thing, because she wholeheartedly to give children the best home, and that is the house. When her house last hand, she sighed comfortable, but his son has got autism, coupled with long-term lack of sleep, peace of mind, a pair of bright eyes are destroyed almost the same. Father angrily left the house, a friend in tears all day, guarding the so-called home, no past pride and beautiful face, family scattered, not a dream, the house does not give her a complete joy. She asked, puzzled me: What is home? Why is no one home with a house?
I sigh, silent, compared to her, I do not have career success, not a nice house, but I have a warm home, heart to string together a home with love like a pearl-like luster and Rounuan, at home in the heart beyond the status of all external temptations,and the child is happy and lively in the sunshine at home. I always thought, the best minds of the mother is the child’s home, a mother, there is at home in, so the mother of the child, have a taste of home, the world is not a mother is incompetent, not fame and success is still a good mother , as long as she love to this family, the care given to every corner of the home, because the good maternal tolerance, everyone in the family can enjoy moist love, and this is the home of beautiful moist flavor.
House size does not represent the beauty of family, no house can not say that there is no home, wandering in the struggle outside world, home is waiting for two mature people a happy baby,bed base let love filling the house space, house dust it will be intimate and lively, vibrant atmosphere of a rich family, there is a family style, home of beautiful, smooth house, home of the world, the taste of home is distributed by the natural simplicity of the heart’s love, to life, to enjoy graceful air, timeless joy of life.
Taste of home taste of a more deeply rooted than the house’s thick.


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