Dream Couple

Always wanted to know what kind of woman she is, can the other world’s most arrogant heart will feel anxious.
Inadvertently met her, but she inadvertently lost. Recommended when listening to her, “Maybe one day,” when I realized that there is a feeling called the world’s heartache. Frustrated when people always seem to recall past events, and then stuck a deeper trough, until escape. Heart lost in the dark, being lonely cold invasion, but that might have been still waiting for some maybe never again … …
There is a saying always wanted to say to her, but no one has said so, but in the hearts of the more wrapped by a layer of a layer wrapped around the more stringent, until one day finally summon the courage to be that it has long been unable to penetrate the thick film Jia , left it in my heart cry, and echo, but only he can hear … …
If God is willing to give me a chance, I just asked him to give me one day, just one day, maybe that day
I can be holding her hand, walking in the shade of a small road, to say the phrase has never said so in my heart that sentence. I watched her eyes light up like the sun in every corner of my mind, and her walking in the soft beach, listening to the waves about complaints that the beautiful legend … …
I know it was just a luxury, one can only appear in fantasy fascinating.
Always want some water drip into a language like love living in harmony with the river, that flows to her side in the sky. I know that I love the line in the water of the Mekong, the emotional point, I am doomed to a long queue at the source do hope, a dream of her, in overlooking the downstream side of the river in the emotional … …
“Maybe one day I will love you, maybe one day we are together, maybe one day, so one might, perhaps one day, we forget and if everything will be in the past, as to leave some memories when I look at you eyes, I was waiting for a miracle, maybe one day you will think of me, and maybe one day we all forget. even if everything will be in the past, or should believe that when you open your eyes, can see my heart

Huangshan Taiping Lake Show Lake Villa stay. Taiping Lake fall, like a watery girl, hidden in the light of shyness. Reveals a gentle quiet. Autumn morning, as a skilled girl, I do not know where to find together greatly, faint and transparent tulle, the whole world hidden in their arms. Vague can see the endless mountains, I greedily enjoying the beautiful scenery. Taiping Lake as “Huangshan couple”, “Oriental Geneva” and “water Huangshan,” said the Taiping Lake is connected to Mount Huang the natural link is embedded in the Huangshan and Taiping Lake Jiuhuashan a shining pearl among the, South Jade, the planet’s most pristine green homes.
Taiping Lake at the vastness of wide, narrow at the winding, undulating Chong Luan, cuigang rolling, mountains and water around, microwave, misty, clear green water all year round, color transparent, transparent bottomed shallow shore, were deep at the green as emerald, deep blue at the green was. Taiping Lake blue-green is the main colors, calm when the lake as a mirror, reflecting Castle, clouds sink lake, like a little boat sailing in the glass world.
Taiping quiet quiet, fresh air and pleasant. Facing the lake on a cool breeze blowing, people can not help but feel good, I could not help but walk to the lake, and I came to the lake there are two beautiful girl, the woods are stone table, stone bench, chair, swing have the classical shape of the pavilion, walking on the cobbled paths, was especially easy. I love a mountain of water here, I love plants and trees here. This has a secluded life, I revel in the couple lake. Two girls sit on the swing, is whispering, laughter is very nice, they let me help them swing, I am willing to share it with their happy laughter from the heart. With the increasing Dangqi swing, faster and faster, their long hair floating up, white dress, yellow dress floating in the early morning mist, like two happy wizard. Song floating out from their mouth, light laughter pass out, infected me. See them floating up the figure, listening to their singing, they are now the world’s happiest people. She called both a dream, a man named Yuhan, a director of an advertising company, one is the company’s financial host computer. They are their own car to couple the lake resort and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape.
Meet our board Taiping Lake Cruises, Taiping lake basin wide, Taiping Island in central gold, like water lilies Hanbaoyufang, Fudang Lin Lin in the blue lake, the lake with the island, island in the lake, quiet lakes and mountains You Yuan Yi. Kashima is a monkey monkey, deer and other habitat ideal place, where there are dozens of domesticated Huangshan macaques and sika deer. Gossip gossip island because the island is named. Gossip palace built by the mountain, all-bamboo veneer apparition meantime, confusing, fascinating. Gossip and gossip from the door into the flag, into the island in front of a “peace and harmony,” the arch, with a typical Huizhou style. Long pit Village is a cultural melting of ancient pottery, original style and beautiful natural landscape in one of the attractions, the most ancient hand-Tao Fang plastic, molded us with interest in the ceramic dish and experience the ancient customs.


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